Tender Touches

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Without warning, I slid my fingers between Vanilla’s which was dangling from her arms on the armrest in the theatre. Barely sixteen, her height of 162cm and long flowing hair up to her waist was her main attraction. But the best part had yet to come, a sense of shyness and ‘confused’ personality would made her likeable by many. Unlike most girls who had many relationships by her age, the only guy whom she had loved turned out to be just using her love to satisfy his measly desires.

We had met to know each other before starting with her photoshoots of kinky themes. Well, things were much dangerous since she was under 18 years of age and I had to balance decency, with sexiness. Those poses weren’t hard to direct as she had done modelling before and the occurrence of upskirts or low cut dresses were common. ‘That’s what guys like to see right?’ Once, she asked. What more could she not do? Haha.

My hands didn’t just stayed holding hers, and moved onto her lap. Vanilla was wearing this short mini dress yet being so brave and nonchalant about her upskirt being seen. As my fingers twirled on her thighs, the female friend whom she brought along was trying hard to ignore her peripheral vision. Skiing my fingers up her soft legs, her sweater came off her shoulders and went onto her hemline, covering the little touches I made.

Going between her legs, I quickly made a pass of the tiny bullet toy from my free hand, turning it on while pressing on her clit area over her panties. Somehow, the extended manicured nails digging into my arm felt kinky and translated as a hint to keep going. The movie ended with her looking shyly everywhere and me having a good time feeling how wet she got.

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The three of us walked around Ang Mo Kio before Vanilla and I decided to go to my favourite spot at a carpark around Novena, which was after sending her friend on her way home. As she waves goodbye from the bus windows, our fingers interlocked and we took the quickest transport to our destination.

Once the area was cleared of people and security guards, I took out my camera and bent her over the railing, shooting the little girl’s perfect ass with a cute lacy brief. Her dress required no lifting to expose her underwear, imagine her just bending over to show enough everything. Slowly, she pulled one of her shoulder straps off and let her dress drop onto the tiled flooring.

Standing proudly just in a tube top and the panties, Vanilla ordered me to turn around and as she was done, I turned and she wore a cute boyshorts on, one decent enough to be walking around in.

Vanilla: ‘It won’t seem so obvious even if people walked in suddenly right?’

I nodded and leaned over to her, planting a light but firm kiss on her lips. Her hands held my waist tightly but I knew she definitely needed more support for what was about to come. Bringing her to a wall, I made sure she had something to lean against if her body gone weak, which would definitely happen.

Following our contained lusty French kissing, I had lowered her tube a little and feasted on her tiny nipples, making her moan on her own (she only moaned for her ex simply because he liked it). And as my tongue got quicker and sucking got stronger, her hugging of my head on her nipples got tighter too. Wasn’t this a good time to be using that toy she liked?

Frantically working my mouth and hands, I managed to take the vibrator out and it went on her shorts again, driving her wilder and wetter. Suddenly, a jet of liquid shot into her shorts and streamed down her legs while her body went into a short fit, causing her body to slump lifeless in my arms. I did stay worried for about ten minutes till she woke up and felt too weak to even sit up.

My fingers fondled with her nipples and pussy for a while more before getting dressed proper and sent her home on a cab. She does need to reach home at 6pm and we made sure both of us had a good time, both mentally and physically. A few photos, an hour plus of making out and petting. Not too bad eh? It was the first time she met with someone online, and I hope to be the best and last one she decided to meet. Which guy doesn’t want to be EVERY girls’ last? :P

Vanilla was definitely a girl to die for, and despite her curiosity about sex and intimacy, she was no way a slut nor an easy girl. Just a little adventurous, hungry for experience (in a few areas) and owned a simple unbiased view on almost everything. She should totally be put on an ‘endagered’ species list for her rarity, if there was even such a list for people. Intending to save her virginity for someone special, no one (though she only had one ex) had been physical with her, except her upper part of her body. Vanilla discovered the fun of pleasure, but not yet at the expense of the convenience guys whom were just interested to lay their hands on her.

Guys, we should keep the naive girls naive, gullible untouched, and the innocent clean. There’s the smart, flirty, teasing girls that deserves our effort and challenges to earn and keep right? As much as blur, silly, confused young girls sounds fun to play and easy to get, it wouldn’t be ethical nor humane to be preying on minds unprepared or unguarded against the real world. Sure, easy sex seems totally irresistible. So, are you a horny bastard, or a skilful Casanova?

Part 1 | Part 2

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