Can I See?

Ms. Koh: ‘Hey John, I haven’t seen you in a long time. How have you been?’

Ms. Koh was Philip’s hot mum, whom was widowed from a passing husband whose past she never spoke of. The two young boys had been in the same primary and secondary school. They had been spending more time at Philip’s place since the house was newly renovated. His mum would cook nice meals which helped the two to focus.

One of the usual days, something unusual happened. The two of them made their way to Philip’s house again and Ms. Koh had whipped up a scrumptious meal, somehow too much for a lunch but the both of them ate up anyway. No long later, Philip feel very tired and went to bed, imagining it to be the humid weather plus heavy lunch.

John on the other hand, was wide awake and despite having the hots for his best friend’s mum, he had never told anyone. As she returned from tucking Philip in, John had been watching her every move, doing the dishes in her long mid-thigh length t-shirt. Her shorts or panties seemed non-existent no matter how high her shirt raised.

Ms. Koh: ‘John, were you staring at me earlier?’

John: ‘Sorry Ms. Koh. I couldn’t help myself. You’re so.. ‘

Ms. Koh: ‘So..?’

John: ‘Beautiful.’

It made her blushed badly, with flashbacks from her husband’s 9 inches of manhood turning her horny. She vividly remembered what he said the last time they had sex.

That was what he said and it stayed in her mind for the years he was gone. Sadly, her son’s impression of her was the most important, to be a role model and discipline. Therefore she doesn’t masturbate nor let herself go wild. Now that a friend, John is here, and her own son deep asleep, it’s could be the time for some fun after so many years.

Ms. Koh: ‘Come with me. And call me Nerissa when no one is around. I’m not that old anyway.’

She led John to her bedroom which was filled with a light fragrance, similar to her body. Stopping him in front of the bed, she sat crossed legged in front and put her wet beige colour panties in his view. John subsequently lost control of his thoughts and slowly filled his underwear full.

Nerissa: ‘Can I have a look?’

All John could do was stay stunned and let her unbuckle the clip before unzipping his pants. She then pulled his underwear down to his ankles and the length was close, close to the 9 inches her husband had. And it smelled yummy too, filled with youth, sex and rage. Without waiting, she consumed his lust and went down on him like a hungry slut, cock-starved for years.

John wasn’t just standing here and enjoying either. He pulled her top off and the 36D melons bounced like water balloons. Soft, and addictive. His hands just kept fondling her boobs, as he knew fantasies doesn’t just come true like that. His nimble fingers were making her squirm and wriggle, while increasing her speed and suction.

John: ‘Nerissa!’

She stopped immediately and allowed him to rest, but not shrink. Hands kept running up and down his long smooth shaft and fingers twirling around the pee hole.

Nerissa: ‘Rest first. There’s more fun coming up.’

Her smiles calmed John who was lying tiredly on the bed too, slowly falling into a daze. Then just as his eyes shut, a set of warm thighs went over his hips and a wet abyss sucked him right into the tightness, like the freshest shelled oyster moving itself, with a tinge of lemon over it. Woohoo~

John didn’t need to do anything, and Nerissa liked it that way. She was literally the slave to her deceased hubby and it couldn’t turn her on more as she was treated with less than humane respect. She rocked away on him, thinking of how he would fill her up with the thick warm cum, which wouldn’t be too bad to make an intelligent baby right?

As the first wave of the long awaited orgasm came, a strong jet of juice just sprayed onto his abs, John couldn’t take the sudden surprise and hugged Nerissa while his shaft started pumping all his love seeds into her. High, was the only word to describe, she didn’t mind that the young man didn’t lasted as long as she wanted, but the timing couldn’t be more perfect. As the emptiness deprived her, the gush of seeds warmed her up and satisfied her, to a point she wished he would want to do it with her again, although it’s wrong.

John? His dick was covered in cum and her juices after she got up from him. Still in a daze, he had no qualms about what just happened. After Nerissa cleaned herself up, she returned and licked him clean of any bodily fluid, before wiping him down – like her master.

Nerissa: ‘John.. Would you like to do it again next time?’

John was a little flabbergasted and nodded in eagerness. What the hell just happened?

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