Tender Touches 2

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The three of us made our way on a cab to the cosy corner my ex and I used to play at. Without concern if Strawberry was watching, I pulled Vanilla by her waist and planted a subtle lip kiss. Closing her eyes shyly, I peeled her lower chin downwards and her tongue met mine. The light pokes slowly kept her tongue in mine and our hands started losing control as well.

Me: ‘Umm.. Strawberry? ‘
Vanilla: ‘Stawberry, take this.’

Innocently, handing her best friend the vibrator seemed alright and Strawberry received it with a :p expression too. Taking her seat on the steps opposite the wall we were leaning on. Watching her unzipping her layered skirt, the vibrator disappeared into her panties and started her series of light high-pitched moans.

Vanilla and I resumed our playful hands and I pulled her dress straps away, letting her mini fall onto her waist. Tugging her tube bra lower, I bent down as well and gave those two peaks a good lick, with free nibbles too. As Vanilla started moaning louder, Strawberry couldn’t resist but kept her eyes on our every move, trying to match her tempo with us.

Out of a sudden, I felt her hand on my groin, feeling the bulge enlarge in her grip. My hand then quickly flew down south and began to rub her clit through her thin panties, feeling the groves on her lacy underwear. The wetness gathered faster than expected was soon forming a thin strand of stream down her legs onto her slippers. Wanting to deliver an orgasm as a meeting gift, my middle finger hastened and her legs gave way, resting in a squatting position. It was even easier to feel her clit as her pussy lips parted, within minutes, her body shivered and fell seating on the floor. The stream of juice from her panties flowed onto the floor like pee but smelled better.

Strawberry and I helped picked her up placed her comfortably in a corner to regain her consciousness. It was quite a weird moment as Strawberry and I sat side by side at her pleasure seat.

Strawberry: ‘Umm.. Can I see it? It’s looks uncomfortable anyway.’

What? With Vanilla right there?

But it wouldn’t be wrong too, since Vanilla wasn’t prepared for such a sight either. I pulled my waistband down and my little brother popped out without assistance. And all I could remember was a long *awww*. Her eyes lit up and her hand came closer.

Strawberry: ‘May I?’

I gave a slight nod and her eyes glued to mine as she held it lightly in her hands. After a few seconds, her hand went away and stripped the panties off herself. Covering my dick with it, the warmness and the slippery juices made me twitch in excitement. After enough lubricant was caught on it, her hand resumed the masturbation.

Of course I didn’t leave her alone to satisfy me. My fingers took over her toy and continued rubbing it all over her clit and pussy, making her turn to moan. The two of us went into a short competition to see who would last longer. Well, guys only have one shot right? Hers came first. A loud scream and her speed increases, sending my wave of soldiers onto the cold heartless concert floor, spewing some onto her hands.

After Strawberry cleaned up, Vanilla was still out cold, but was feeling warmer already.

Me: ‘Give her a kiss.’

She smiled and leaned over squatting, kissing on her Vanilla’s lips, and proceeded to stick a little tongue in. Coming to slowly, Vanilla’s lips parted and started exchanging a very warm tongue ‘cuddle’. Their fingers went into each others’ panties and touched in whatever they felt best touching themselves in.

It was damn hot to watch two girls make out and even get each other off. But I had my shot at them and it was more than enough. I’m sure we’ll meet again. Right girls?

Part 1 | Part 2

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