Night to Remember

Jacelyn: ‘You sure it’s safe here?’

Me: ‘Yupp. I know this place. Don’t worry k?’

We walked hand in hand into the polytechnic at Yio Chu Kang which was the closest education institute in our vincity. Schools are always good for fun, since it would be deserted by night, the whole campus would be yours – and the security guards’. Not surprised by how my old admin card still work, the walk along the familiar campus did suggest many more interesting places that might be open.

Finally, we reached one of the handicapped toilet at the far end of the campus. All I could think of doing was to give her a tight hug, which I did. Her warm breath breathing down my neck ,arms around my waist and fingers toying with my pants, eager to get them off.

Jacelyn: ‘We meet finally.’

Our eyes tased a little before our mouths just attracted onto each other like magnets, exchanging saliva with each push of our tongues between the sex-filled lips. The kisses didn’t last very long from what I remembered, before I pulled away her shirt and pants, while she removed mine too.

In front of me was a pair of D cups for a 15 year old girl. Who could be luckier than me? My head went between her boobs and started playing with her nipples and making her moan into the echoey little room. Within minutes, her hands guided mine to her panties and the clit stroke started wild and fast.

Almost seconds later, her legs buckled and crumbled onto me while intense shivers took over her. The moans from her dimmed quick and Jacelyn took her seat on the toilet, still recovering from the climax.

Me: ‘You cummed real hard huh?’

Jacelyn: ‘Uhh.. It was my first time cumming.’

I was flattered and definitely knew she could get addicted easily. All the times she touched herself, she couldn’t cum, and when we met, the first orgasm came fast and furious. Touching a dick for the first time, she held it while bringing it up and down for a little orientation. Since it was porn that educated her, hands-on experience was important too.

Slowly opening her mouth, Jacelyn made sure to catch my horny face when she took it in her mouth. Her tickle on my pee hole let lose a groan into the cubicle. The rest of her journey up and down was a heavenly one, with her tongue sliding across under the shaft, the lips pressing tightly around the skin.

Soon, her hands reached for mine and rested on her head. Did this little horny girl asked for a deep throat? She did mentioned it before. Standing closer to her mouth, I grabbed her head and pulled closer each stroke. Gagging her mouth non-stop, excess saliva were dripping onto her thighs. With the pressure building up in my balls, it was just a matter of seconds or minutes.

Me: ‘I’m cumming!’

Pulling her face into my dick, the thick waves of sperm poured down her throat without any chance of her resisting. For a few moments, Jacelyn breathed hard through her nose while I emptied all my love into her. After pulling my soaked dick out of her, she swallowed a few times and received my kisses of appreciation.

We did what we met to do and sent her home before I went my way. Hehe. Did you guys have lots of fun reading too?

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