There was this trip to Desaru, Malaysia for an astrology experience. It was quite a journey to go as there were only 14 of us, and many things to carry. The whole group consists of two lecturers and 12 students. It was my poly days when I had this chance to travel. We stayed in this resort to two in a room. Shane was with me, but his girlfriend was also on the trip. Somehow, they forced me to...


Day: Saturday Date: 21 November 2009 Time: 5pm Location: Sentosa Cove She wanted me to bring me to her holiday house to relax and have an escape. I went home after choir and packed some clothes along. She came along and had her black polka dots bag too. Dressed in a pink babydoll dress, I could imagine her naked just by looking at her shoulders. Upon reaching, we unpacked our stuffs. Of course, I...


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