Day: Saturday
Date: 21 November 2009
Time: 5pm
Location: Sentosa Cove

She wanted me to bring me to her holiday house to relax and have an escape. I went home after choir and packed some clothes along. She came along and had her black polka dots bag too. Dressed in a pink babydoll dress, I could imagine her naked just by looking at her shoulders.

Upon reaching, we unpacked our stuffs. Of course, I wondered what did she tell her boyfriend. Seems like she told him she will be spending her weekends here with her family. And talk about timing, her parents are going overseas during that period too.

I went to her bedroom after unpacking and fell onto the bed on my stomach. It was a long bus ride to here. She then hopped onto my back and gave me a massage on the shoulders, asking if I still have energy. I turned around to face her and she spread her legs so I could turn around.

She moved a little forward to my tummy and sat on my bulging pants. I sat up and hugged her, carrying her, pressing her pussy area against my bulge for a massage. I threw her naughtily onto the bed and we striped to our bathing suits.

We turned on the air-con to the coolest and cuddled under the blankets. My left thigh was between her legs and I could feel her slightly wet hair. It was ticklish but tempting. I slide down under the blanket and licked her pussy with much hunger.

She was clenching the blankets and clamping my head with her thighs. I almost choked when she pressed my mouth onto her pussy as she was cumming. After my tongue got tired licking her, my whole mouth was covered in her juice.

Feeling breathless, I came out of the blankets and laid beside her to catch my breath. Without saying anything, she turned towards me and gave me a warm hug. We fell asleep until two hours later, I was awakened by my dick hardening with her hand moving up and down my dick. I turned my head and she asked, ‘起来了。。。你还要吗?’ and gave me a peck on my lips.

It was already dusk when we went to the living room to watch TV, naked. There, she put a condom on for me and sat on my dick, facing the TV. As she was bouncing away, she still had the mood to laugh at what was on screen.

Feeling really weird, I then stopped her, turned her around to face me, stood up, carried and placed her on the sofa I was sitting on. I pumped her from the front so she could still watch TV.

We had sex non-stop in her room after the show, switching around missionary, doggy and cowgirl. We always rested for no more than 20 minutes and went for the next round. After 6 condoms, we’re tired but enjoyed each others’ company. We fell asleep only at 10am and woke up at 2pm to wash, pack up and leave.

No doubt it was fun and worry-free, I sure hope she don’t feel too guilty.

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