Patched and More

Day: Wednesday
Date: 21 October 2009
Time: 6pm
Location: NYP Block S stairwell, my house

I finally got in check with my emotions, controlling my choices so I won’t get angry over them. And Peiling even initiated to a conversation yesterday.

I went for a movie and left her to be with her project and friends, whatever made her happy. She called me at 5pm and asked where I were. Well, just in school doing my FYP.

She said she wanted to come down and meet, so I said okay, maybe after 6pm. She reached at around 5.50pm and waited me for a while outside my room. Once we’re released, she wanted to talk to me about our relationship, salvaging it.

We walked to the staircase where I always had my quiet moments to talk to her through the phone and such. Few people walk that stairs, one or two within an hour or so. We put our bags down by the railing and sat down on the first few steps to talk.

After about 30mins of talk, we ended up hugging each other and crying. I got myself a second chance, and she felt sorry too.

I pulled her up and onto the platform before the steps to kiss. Our kiss got intimate and our hands started to get naughty. She slipped her hands under my shirt to feel my skin and I did the same too. She sure smells and feel good.

She was wearing a simple shorts and tee and me in a bermudas and shirt. Being in school and in such a location, I could only massage her pussy through her clothes and she massaged mine too.

We had this intense kissing and teasing for a few minutes before we couldn’t take it anymore and left for my house.

We entered and went to my bedroom immediately. Lying on the bed, we had turns being on top and kissing. Soon enough, our clothes were gone, leaving us in our undergarments. We felt really close and took turns getting each other off over and over again. She sucked and jerked me off and I rubbed her pussy lips and clitoris with the use of vibrator too.

She kept me cumming non-stop and taking every load in her mouth. She had to spit it out everytime though. To return the favour I kept her wet and in a continuous orgasm mood.

As before, she loved it when I used my dick’s bulge (with FBTs) to press against the vibrator in her panties on her clit, she could still hug me tight for every orgasm and kiss. I totally respect her decision not to have sex. I liked it when she’s just servicing me happily though, I’m just contented with that.

No long after we fell asleep in our undergarments and when we woke up, my mum was watching TV in the living room.

As this is not the first time she could guess what we’re doing, we got dressed and walked out as though nothing happened to watch a little TV and left. I’m glad we patched, and strengthen my trust, which I always had an issue with.

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