GirlPOV> First Time

Day: Sunday
Date: 4 October 2009
Time: 12pm
Location: His house

We are together some time now, being two years older, he is someone who can respect my decision about ‘sex after marriage’ and of course, despite having ‘no-sex’ restrictions, we had our fair share of kinky experiences.

We went to his house after some shopping at Junction 8. Once I entered his house, I could feel my pussy warming up and my heartbeat going faster. It was always playtime whenever I’m at his house.

After taking off my slippers, I went straight into his room and laid on the bed. He came on top of me and kissed me. Everytime I went out with him, I would dress myself appropriately for others, and sexily for him. And what do I mean?

I wore a tube bra, and a Puma jacket over it. He was the only one who knew what I wore inside. I never unzipped low enough for others to realise I was only wearing a bra.

For my bottom, I wore a short denim skirt with black cotton panties, I always felt comfortable wearing it and knew he loved to feel it too. Soft and comfy.

With him on top of me, I spread my arms out and allowed him to unzip my sweater and pull my bra down. He then lie on my stomach area to give my nipple at good licking. It was heavenly, the stimulation goes straight into my head. The tingling feeling went on even after he stopped.

His naughty hands ran up my skirt and took my panties off. He looked a little surprised at my newly shaved pussy. I seldom shave it as I somehow think that it’s there for a purpose and when I do shave I didn’t shave it really clean as I was afraid of cutting myself. He didn’t mind and went on to play my clit with his tongue, I could feel his wet, soft, slimy tongue attacking my clit and trying to enter my love hole.

He knew where my soft spots were and used them against me. That’s why I always helped him out.

I had my jacket open and bra down the whole time, and without my panties too. I liked the feeling of no panties and bra but with my clothes on. It’s stimulating for the horny side of me.

Once he started licking my pussy, I couldn’t stop him. It felt like I was going crazy in ecstasy but my body wants it. I held him by the side of his head as he gave me the final flick to my wildest orgasm. He stopped and admired the juice flowing like a stream onto his bedsheets. It took me close to 1 minute to stop, relax, cool down, whatever, it just felt too overwhelming.

I asked him to sit at the ledge of the bed to give him a surprise, blowjob – for the first time. Before this, the furthest I would go to getting him off is giving him a handjob, but was feeling really adventurous today.

He removed his pants and underwear, sat on the ledge of his bed and I sat in front of his dick, on the floor. I held his butt and moved him closer to the ledge so I could put my whole head between his legs.

I took his dick in my hand, gave it a small lick for taste test and it tasted a little salty. I didn’t mind and put it into my mouth. I played with it with my tongue for some time, not knowing what to do next. Sensing that I was lost doing the same thing for quite some moment, he held me behind my head and pushed my head forward and backwards, taking more of his dick in and out..

Suddenly, it got into me that the same ‘in out’ action is linked with the hands’ ‘up down’ action. I closed my lips around his dick and made sure my teeth didn’t touch his meat. My mouth took it in and out slowly, trying to pace my breathing with the sucking.

My left hand was holding the lower area of his shaft and unconsciously, my right hand went to my pussy. I spread my legs opened and started masturbating. Now I know doing it make things a little easier.

After a while, he stopped me and said he is going to cum if I continued. I went back to the bed and lie down. So he asked if I wanted to help him out. ‘Yupp, I want to’ and I asked one question that made him really excited and horny. ‘Do you have a condom?’, immediately he ran to this bag and took one out.

I offered to put it on for him with his assistance. After getting it ready, I laid back and opened my legs wide. He climbed on top of me in a push up position, knees on the bed and slowly inserted his dick. I think he read a lot just for this moment.

Every time he went in, it would go about 1cm deeper, it went well till 3-4cm in. It reached one point where no matter how many times he slide in and out, I will feel pain. I pulled him closer, hugged him and whispered, ‘Try again. It’s a little painful, but I can 忍.’ He pushed it in and I felt a slight pain, I was tearing and accidentally clawed his back. He didn’t mind and even asked if I felt okay to go on.I wiped my tears away and nodded my head.

He started moving in and out of my pussy, covered with a little blood, and the varying speed made me cum twice. Soon, the pleasure numbed the pain and I was enjoying it will a little ache. For a first time, my pussy was really tight and he was moaning along with me too.

Not long after he came in the condom and wanted to go to the toilet to clean me up. I held him by his hand when he was getting out of bed and asked, if he wanted to try doggy and he said, ‘Next time can? I want you to get better first.’

I nodded my head gladly in agreement. He led me to the toilet and washed me up, unknowingly giving me another orgasm while rubbing my pussy and jets of water hitting my clit.

We got dressed and I fell into a deep sleep only to be awakened by his tongue action on my pussy. He got me hot and helped me came once before cleaning me up and sending me home.

He was happy, I was happy. I was only 16 and he was 18 then. FML.

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