Day: Wednesday
Date: 21 October 2009
Time: 3pm
Location: My house

As I watch her sleep on my bed, everything felt calm and slow. She was in her tank top and skirt today. Seated at the end of the bed, I just looked at her. Despite the hard on caused by her cameltoe through the white cotton panties, I didn’t want to interrupt her sleep.

Peiling had to reach school at 9am, have lessons till one and have lunch with her friends after. After lunch, she went to meet me at Bishan Library to do some research before coming to my place to do work.

The fact that I cannot sleep as peacefully as she triggered many happy and sad moments we’ve been through. Things hasn’t been going very smoothly then. She slept for a whole one hour and I sat there for exactly as long as she is in her dreams. Slowly turning around, she turned and looked at me. I just smiled and crawled towards her.

Positioning myself above her, I kissed her lips gently and looked at her. Never I have seen her so refreshed and willing to pay so much attention to me. I bent over to kiss her again and slid my knee under her skirt, against her pussy.

With our lips still sealed, she took a long breath through her nose and relaxed. Leaning over to the other knee beside her hips, I gently pushed the knee that was in between her legs, forward onto her pussy, rotating it on her sensitives.

She closed her eyes in pleasure and her kisses got more passionate. Her tongue went in and out of my mouth, making slurping sounds with our mixed saliva. The intense kissing lasted for a few minutes while my knee made occasionally motion on her pussy. After a while, she lifted my head up with both her hands, giving me a seductive look.

Slowly, I ran my hands down her shoulders to her waist and stopped at the bottom of her tank. With my hands holding her waist, my hands moved north, pulling her shirt along and revealing her belly button. She looked at me innocently without saying anything, signalling to get me horny and going.

I lifted her shirt higher and soon, her black strapless bra is in full view. I placed my hands above her head and went down to give her a peck. She wrapped her arms around my neck and whispered, ‘Can you help me unbuckle my bra?’

Pulling herself up by my neck, I supported myself with one hand and loosened her bra with my other. She released her grip on my neck and fall back onto the bed. Her B sized breasts were in front of me, I brought my mouth to her left breast and gave the nipple a gently suck. Covering her nipple with my mouth, my tongue started twirling around the soft brown nipples.

Alternating between both side, my hand and mouth did not rest at all. Her nipples were soon hard in my mouth and I could tell she wanted more. ‘You want to go get the vibrator?’ I reached into my bag beside the bed and took out her favourite pink vibrator.

I sat back down on my ankle, knelt in front of her. My hands disappeared into her skirt in a spider crawling motion, giving her a little tickle. I pulled her panties down a little lower and placed the vibrator bullet in position inside her panties.

I leaned forward and made she my bulge through my pants is on the vibrator before turning it on. She hugged me tight and pressed my body onto her. Wanting more of me, she lifted my shirt and took it off. Our warm body was stuck together while making crazy kisses.

Going into a frenzy of non-stop orgasms given to her by the vibrator, her moans and twitching of her body did not stop for a moment and she enjoyed every too. I do asked her if she wants a break but she just shook her head, reserving all her voice for moaning.

Soon enough, she gave my back a pat and I slowly the speed down to give my attention to her. She looked down at my pants and stretched her hands which hardly reached my belt and tried to took it off.

I helped her took my belt off and only left my FBTs on. She pulled my body down by my shoulders and hugged me closely. ‘Can you turn it on again?’ I listened to her and gave her another round of continuous orgasms.

She closed her eyes, stopped her tongue action, but kept me hugged. She fell asleep and I know I have to give her a break too. I turned the vibrator off and went to lie beside her. She turned towards me and gave me a hug a wife would give a husband.

It was today, that I had a thought clear in my mind when I started tempting her into this. I choose not to ask her to help me get off. I just want her to relax and enjoy. She had been troubled by projects and our relationship.

She woke up at 8pm and I sent her home without any requests or questions, knowing she has a lot of work to do. Hoping she felt relaxed after our session.

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