GirlPOV> I Gave In

Day: Sunday
Date: 4 October 2009
Time: 10am
Location: My house

I was taking the bus home from Bras Basah. I was there to collect a book I’ve reserved for someone else. On the bus 133, there was 3 other people sitting in front of me. Seated 2 rows from the back, I could get a good view of anyone boarding. Then, at the Bugis stop, I saw this guy who looked kind of funky.

I always had the hots of funky guys. He gave me a glance and seated the same row, but across the aisle. Going out early, I didn’t wear more than a one piece dress which I grew out of. This piece made me feel a little insecure with the skirt ending about a palm and a half length above my knees.

As more people boarded the bus, I sat beside him and he couldn’t stop glancing at my legs which I have did so much to maintain. I typed an sms, ‘Boy, you’re so hot I couldn’t keep my eyes off you’ and placed it in front of him. He looked and said, ‘Hi’.

We talked about where he went and how old is he.. 17. It was a huge turn on for me to try someone 3 years younger than me. I asked if he could alight with me and he said he wouldn’t mind. I got off at the stop after Thomson and he followed me to my place.

I could tell that he was happy and shy at the same time. I suppose I am the one in control now. I opened the door to my house and he walked in, not knowing to sit or what to do.

I asked him to have a seat while I went to put my stuff in my room, and a micro vibrator in my panties. I walked in front of him and lifted up my dress to reveal my panties. Feeling naughty, I put my hand into my panties and turned on the vibrator.

I immediately trembled and sat down, due to the vibrator and the thought of thinking of him being hard for me. I went in front of him and took off his shorts and pulled his undies down. I sit him back down and wrapped around my hands around his dick.

I put some saliva onto his dick and spread it all over.

I squeezed gently and moved my hand in an up down action. Asking if it was his first time, he said yes. Now, what’s left in my mind is to give him the best handjob and make him only enjoy mine.

I placed my thumb below his dick pointing upwards and teasing it while jerking him off. He could not last long and said he was going to cum soon. I stopped jerking him and massaged using my fingers. He calmed down and I started slow again.

Placing my hand in front of his mouth, he gave me some saliva to keep it lubricated. I pumped him again speeding up and he shot his huge load straight up and onto this dick and all over my hands.

He quickly apologised and looked like he felt real bad for making a mess. I shook my head and went to tease the tip of his dick which his reaction was to grab the cushions tightly. It was such a timing that he shot when I had my orgasm too.

I massaged his whole shaft until it was up again, covered with his cum and our saliva. I made this time lasted longer until he had to ask shy to please let him release. I made him cum hard again but didn’t stop my hands until he finished shooting and going into a little spasm and getting hard again.

My pussy was really wet then but I had no intention to going further than a handjob. I went to my room to slipped a bullet vibrator into my pussy. Going back to the living room, I took off my bra under my dress in front of him, making him hard again. I made sure he could see my nipples through the collar though.

I went for his third round again, and he just sat on the sofa enjoying with his eyes in my dress. Being really naughty and adventurous, I sort of ruin the guy’s perception of handjob by giving him 7 rounds without rest.

I had to admit I had more than 7 orgasms though. He had to remove his clothes to wash his dick as it was covered with so much cum. I sent him off after he cleaned the sofa, without even exchanging much less a name.

My panties was soaked by the time he left and I immediately had to get off again thinking of his orgasmic face. Hehe.

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