Day: Monday
Date: 5 October 2009
Time: 7pm
Location: Her house

Her pussy was already very wet, and her juices haven’t stop flowing since the last orgasm. As I saw the little stream flowing, I tried using my mouth to suck as much juice as I could and just as I intended for, she got all horny again.

I spread her legs open and positioned my dick with a condom over, in front of her tight love hole. I pushed the tip of dick in and let my hips did the rest of the penetration. Once the started moving, her moan was louder than I’ve ever heard, probably because of the teasing I did earlier.

She wrapped her legs tightly around my hips and helped me thrust deep into her. Her pussy was so small that I could feel the end of her pussy. Wanting to make her feel good, I did not slow down until her tight pussy tightened and became super wet. She was having an orgasm but wanted me to continue pumping her.

I kept my pace and made sure she took the full length in her. Her body trembled and twitched at every thrust I gave it to her, after close to another 10 minutes of pumping she was knocked out.

I didn’t know what to do then and had my dick still in her. I took a rest and went to give her a pussy licking until she regained concious. She loved the feeling of fainting in pleasure and asked for another round.

I turned her around to doggy style and plunged my dick into her overflowing hole. No matter how many times we’ve done this, her hole is always tight. We moved in sync and she was just there clenching her pillow and bedsheets tightly. Her pussy didn’t get any drier as we continued and even dripped onto her bedsheets, making the patch bigger.

She didn’t care then and just want me to go faster and not stop. Given the speed at that time, I couldn’t quite keep up and starts to find it hard to hold it in either. Giving her the signal that I was cumming. She turned and sat on the bed, removing the condom ¬†clumsily and took my dick into her mouth. She didn’t quite know how to suck and this made the whole experience refreshing and I fired my load into her mouth.

She swallowed it all and got back to the doggy position. I wasn’t even hard yet. I put on a new condom and tried masturbating to get it up faster. She was already fingering herself with her pussy in front of me.

I got a little harder and I pushed my dick into her again. This time, I went fast and hard since I just unloaded and needed a longer time to cum again. The slapping sounds of my balls on her pussy was constant and we kept in sync. Without giving me any rest, she pushed my dick out of her pussy and pushed me on the bed.

With my dick standing high up, she went over my dick and took my dick in. And now, I am the one lying down while she does the work.

After making me shoot another load, she did stop and fall onto my body. My dick was still in her and my cum was overloading the condom and flowing out. I just hugged her and we fell into deep sleep.

She woke up first and sat on my dick. Moving her pussy up and down, my dick was awakened and I had to stop her to change a condom before continuing. Her parents were at Sentosa Cove and like usual, her boyfriend was feeling lazy to come out. So I had to satisfy her without making her feel bad.

I came thrice during the whole period at her house. It was at night when her boyfriend asked her out for dinner. We washed up and walked out to J8 before going our separate ways.

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