After I took off my pants and undergarment, I went out to the living room and dragged her by her hair to my room. I held her hair and choked her, talking straight into her face.

‘You hurt me, this is what you get. I’ve already warned you not to make me desperate.’

I pulled her by her hair and threw her onto the bed. I pinned her hands down with mine, kept her legs spread with my calf on her thighs and used a scissors to take her panties away. She obediently did as I said because I was very angry at that point in time and armed with a scissors.

The cellphone placed in front of us was already recording every action down, from the moment I pulled her in.

I took the vibrator on the table where the camera was and turned it on before placing it on her pussy. I did so just for the sake of making her a little wet, so she could get the punishment easier. She struggled and even so, her pussy got wet and started juicing.

I positioned my dick in front of her pussy and looked at her. She realised what was happening, and begged me not to put it in and would agree with anything else. It was too late then, as much as I pity her, I wanted to get my revenge.

I put the dick head into her pussy and slide it in bit by bit. She was really crying for help but the closed windows muffled her out. As I pushed my dick into her hymen, she went berserk and struggled in pain.

With my dick covered in her juice and blood, I continued pumping away while watching her pitiful expression, still begging me to stop.

‘No way I’m going to stop. You made me do this, I’ve tried giving you so many chances, but you took it all away. I’m going to shoot into you!’

Upon hearing that, she struggled harder but wasn’t successful in her current state. I continued pumping and when I was about to cum, I paused and asked her,

‘What do you think you can offer me now NOT to shoot in you?’

She whispered ‘anything’ just sobbed away. Suddenly, it all seems silly and I released my grip on her. She curled up on the bed and cried. Covered in blood, bruises on her hands and thighs, I knew I was in deep shit. And so was she.

I took my cellphone out and removed the memory card, put it in my bag. I sat beside her until she stopped crying to packed her stuff and left. I quickly switched on my laptop to upload the video into my secured server.

Five minutes later, an unknown number called. It was her mum, demanding to see me in an angry tone. I went downstairs to see her mum shouting, and her in the car. I entered the vehicle and requested for permission to speak.

A simple phrase and she had to think twice. ‘I’ve uploaded the video onto the internet. I can still bring it down, I can still do something about it.’

Thinking of her poor daughter, her tone changed and asked me for a way to remove the videos. There wasn’t anything else I could asked for. So I said, ‘You have nothing I want’ and got off the car.

I went to upload the video onto my server, and made back-ups just to play safe. For the next 3 days, her parents came to my house and asked me for a solution outside court. I passed them a copy, and demanded she meet me. If I am arrested for doing that, I would spread the video the same.

We met, we quarrelled and we broke, but she couldn’t run too far away from her rape video.

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