Day: Wednesday
Date: 28 October 2009
Time: 7pm
Location: Her house

Sitting beside her on the couch, I had full view into her tank top. Her nipples were so close to be seen, in her bra. I asked if I could use her laptop to check something and she said, ‘Help yourself’.

Once I entered her room, I sat on her bed and switched on the webcam recording feature on her Vaio. I shouted, ‘Ehh! How do you use this ah?’ She came into the room and looked at the screen. I rolled her swivel chair to her back and pulled her onto my lap.

My hands went up her top from her stomach and massaged her cute little breasts, fondling her nipples with my fingers. With one hand on her nipples, I lifted up her legs to rest on the armrest of the chair. I managed loosened the catch on her shorts and wriggle my way into her panties.

The warm moist feel below made me swiped some juice off her pussy and tasted it. Her face was in full view of the camera, which I have already minimised so she wouldn’t find out. With the excuse of waiting for an important email, I turned the laptop to the bed and nudged her towards it.

She made me lie on the bed before pulling my shorts and panties down and giving it a good suck. Without taking a pause, she made me cum into her mouth and swallowed it to save time.

I lie her down and pulled her shorts and panties the same way she did. Position my hips at hers, I pushed my harden dick into her slippery and tight pussy. She pulled my close to her body and hugged me tightly while I started to move my hips.

In out in out, the slurping wet sound that follows didn’t make anyone of us any tired. The whole love-making got more intense as I paced myself faster but calmer so I would make her feel good for a longer time.

She gestured for me to pull her up so she could do me in a cowgirl’s style. She rode me non-stop for close to 10 minutes, grinding and bouncing hard and deep on my dick. As I say I was cumming, she bounced even hard and replied, ‘Me too!’. I came hard into her and her tight pussy got even tighter and wetter.

During the whole orgasm together, I moved my hips upwards to keep her bouncing while I pushed my seeds deep into her. She collapsed onto my sweating body and fell asleep, with my dick in her pussy.

After a 30 minutes of dozing off and waking up periodically, I was awakened by her pussy moving again. She woke up and started to move instinctively. I turned my body around to place her on the bed while I lie on her and moved only my hips.

Her face was flushed with pleasure and soft short moans kept me pumping till she had enough – and really wanted to sleep. I went to her laptop once she fell asleep and quickly upload the video and some of her pictures I saw onto my server.

I didn’t leave after that, I went back to join her and hugged her to make sure she is really comfortable.

It is very surprising how this relationship could go so far on friendship. I suppose this doesn’t happen to everyone, but if you tried, maybe the chance will come.

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