There was this trip to Desaru, Malaysia for an astrology experience. It was quite a journey to go as there were only 14 of us, and many things to carry. The whole group consists of two lecturers and 12 students. It was my poly days when I had this chance to travel.

We stayed in this resort to two in a room. Shane was with me, but his girlfriend was also on the trip. Somehow, they forced me to join this girl, Huiting, in her room. It was super awkward. We had to keep it from the lecturers as a favour to Shane and his girl.

The first night was the toughest one, but it all turned out quite differently from what I imagined. Both of us having to face this problem for the first time, we were super conservative about it. We knew each other, but was like super polite with who goes first into shower or changing of clothes or sleeping or even going anywhere.

Huiting: ‘Ehh Jasper. Sorry leh. Have to put you through this.’

Me: ‘Aiyo, not your fault too lah. Shane lah. Horny couple. Haha. Hope tonight will be a good night for both of us ba. At least rest enough for tomorrow.’

Huiting: ‘Yupp. Hope you won’t mind if I snore ah. I do do that once in a while.’

Me: ‘Haha. I wouldn’t mind. Let’s sleep now alright?’

It was close to 11pm and I went to switched the lights off. We were sleeping in one queen-sized bed. It was this way because our lecturers planned for guy-guy girl-girl accomodation. Anyway, we were already in this mess.

In the middle of the night just when I was about to go into deeper sleep, I felt movements across the bed and thoughts of spirits of course came into my mind. Wanting to find out if Huiting was the one moving, I spoke to her without turning my head.

Me: ‘Umm.. Huiting ah. Is that you?’

Huiting: ‘HUH?! You’re not asleep yet ah? It’s close to 2am le leh.’

Me: ‘Wahh. Heng is you ah. You also.’

The shuffling continued and I turned my body (fully clothed) towards her. Her arms suddenly swarmed through the blanket and onto my chest. I was shock, but I know it could lead to something more.

Me: ‘Huiting, you okay or not?’

I placed my arms around her neck and brought her onto my chest. While lying on it, she hugged me really tight and her body suddenly warmed up.

Huiting: ‘Umm.. I want to tell you this through Janice, but somehow, she joined Shane upstairs and we are now in this.’

I was puzzled, but wanted her to go on. By the way, Janice was Shane’s girlfriend.

Me: ‘Go on.’

Huiting: ‘I liked you since we were together in our third year. Being in the same group as you makes me feel safe. Like you can do everything. Although most of the module grades not too good lah. Haha.’

Hearing this, I pulled her closer and pressed her head against my chest. She was a pleasant girl. Long highlighted hair, clear brown eyes, her outfit was always simple, t-shirts and shorts or jeans to school. Nothing revealing or flaunting. Sweet little girl, every phrase and action she makes will make any guys’ heart melt.

Me: ‘I don’t want to disappoint you, but I have no intention of being with anyone right now, until after NS. Yeah. Sorry.’

Huiting: ‘Hey Jasper, I’m not hinting to be your girlfriend. I just want you to know. Tonight is more than what I asked for, to be with you.’

Her hand travelled down my stomach, into my pants and underwear – direct. There wasn’t any blockage or obstacles, her hand was already on my dick, massaing it to get it real big and pumped.

Me: ‘Huh? Are you sure about this?’

She pressed her body on mine and I could feel her hard nipples on mine. With a nod, she planted her lips on mine, making sure I couldn’t make a sound while she toyed my helpless little brother. Her hand in my pants were stroking me gently, yet tightly enough not to make me cum.

The orange flavoured shampoo she used was in my face, her hair blocked out most of the light and we were just kissing crazily in the darkness. My hands were at her back, already unhooked her tube bra and removing it. She was wearing the type where you can unhook and remove without pulling it over her head.

She lifted herself up into sort of a push-up position so I could ‘torture’ her helpless nipples too. Having a funny position in mind, I pushed her to her side and did a 69 while lying down, facing the side.

My head was lying on her thigh, while she lay on mine, jerking and sucking me off. My tongue was exploring her shaved pussy (that explains the long time she took in the showers) and so were my fingers. She had two guys before, and so wasn’t a virgin, but it didn’t matter then.

I fingered her to tears and tiredness while she tried hard to focus on helping me blow my load, which I didn’t before she got too tired. She was enjoying it, a little too much that her body couldn’t take it. There was no sex, just lots of licking and fingering.

Huiting: ‘I’m damn tired le lo. How come you can keep going one? Omg omg, I’m cumming againnnn!’

We stayed up for close to another two hours and finally collapsed, after she took three of my loads down her throat. In her tiredness, she would still smear my cum all over and let it dry. Keeping my love seeds inside her.

Occasionally, we would wake up in the middle of the night and go for another round. Finally when it was morning, we woke up more exhausted than the night before.

Me: ‘Huiting, will you regret last night?’

Huiting: ‘Nope! Never.’

Huiting whispered: ‘I was surprise you didn’t asked me for sex.’

Me: ‘Hmm.. it didn’t occur to me ba. Haha. Silly hor?’

Huiting: ‘Nope! Not silly at all. I guess that attracts me to you even more.’

We had our breakfast and ended the day of star gazing and just moonlighting. I bet you guys can guess what night activities we had when the lights were out.

Note from HuitingThk u 4 e nites during our Desaru trip. I cldnt 4get hw much fun we had, how crazy u made  me. It was u whom I was addicted 2. Only u. I will wait 4 u, until u r rdy. No matter hw long it will take. No other guys will cum between us. I promise.

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