Maid then

I was fourteen when my parents started to bring Sofi home more often. She was the domestic helper at my grandparents’ place. She was employed by my parents, but they figured my folks needed her more. Sofi would spend her weekends here when my parents weren’t at home to take care of me.

But as my grandparents’ slowly find her a bother instead of help, she was called back to spend everyday helping out with cleaning and chores in my crowded house.

It was one rainy stormy night when Sofi was on the phone till about 10pm. She was good in her work, no outside affairs like others, and the only place she called was home. As usual, she went into my room to check if I was asleep but I wasn’t. In fact, I was masturbating under my blankets when she walked in. Seeing that my blanket wasn’t really covering my feet, she went and pull the blanket downwards.

I was peeking at her through my eyelids. She had this average figure that attracts. She don’t have a model-figure, but she works out and keeps herself fit. I was at the age of exploration and whenever she bends over in front or back facing me, I would try to catch a glimpse of her nipples or imagine me behind her, plunging my dick into the unknowns.

This part was unusual though, her hand slowly lifted the blanket up and I had to push my softened little brother back into my pants, my pants wasn’t even buttoned. She uncovered my waist area and pulled my pants down.

Sofi whispered: ‘Kor kor, you awake?’

Me trying to reply in a ‘just-awake’ tone: ‘Yes Sofi? You need help?’

Sofi: ‘Can Sofi make you feel good? You just lie down.’

I was already exposed to stories of maids being horny and seducing their employers. Maids getting pregnant, maids getting raped. It was all common, but for her, a sweet young lady earning for her family, to suggest this, I couldn’t say no to helping her out.

Me: ‘Okay. Sofi, do what you want, but don’t hurt me k?’

Sofi: ‘I won’t hurt you. Just relax. Make you feel very good one.’

She took my little bro and stroked it up and down. I knew it was getting bigger as  Sofi’s hand held it with more fingers.

Sofi: ‘Kor kor, feels good? Cannot tell M’dm okay?’

Me: ‘Hehe. Feels good. No one will know. Cannot do for di di okay?’ 

Sofi: ‘Haha. Okay. Just for kor kor.’

Now I know how nice is it to be masturbated by someone else. The unfamiliar hand trying to make you cum, it wasn’t as fast as using your own hands, but it felt good, really good.

It was after about five minutes before she stopped. She climbed onto my bed and sat above me. Of course I was a little shocked, but I knew what was she doing. She wanted to ride me, and no, I didn’t have any condoms at that age.

Sofi: ‘Kor kor, you know how to put on condom? Or you want Sofi to put it for you?’

From what I know, my maid was about 23 years old when she joined my family, it was her one year anniversary around that point in time she toyed with my innocence and virginity.

Me: ‘Can Sofi put it on for me? I don’t know how to put on.’

Sofi rolled the apple scented rubber over my dick and prepared to push herself back towards the dick. Her hands went between her legs while she squatted over me. Holding my dick in her hand, she rode on top of me and I was totally blank with pleasure.

Of course I didn’t know how to take control. She just rode me and I could usually last very long when I masturbated. Her pussy was tight, but it wasn’t too tight to make me cum soon. I lasted as long as possible until she was tired.

Sofi: ‘Kor kor, you help me feel good five times. Now you want Sofi to help you shoot?’

Me: ‘Want.’

She dismounted from me and knelt beside my bed. Still stroking my dick in her hands, she nudged me to turn my body towards her.

Sofi: ‘Come kor kor, turn over.’

She immediately shoved her face into my dick, I guess it wasn’t very huge then. She kept going and sucking and gagging. Her saliva was practically dripping onto the floor. Suddenly I had a thought.

Me: ‘Sofi! Wait.’

Sofi: ‘Huh? Aiyo, you scared me. What you want?’

Me: ‘Can I see and touch your below?’

Sofi: ‘See? Now so dark, cannot on lights. But can let you touch. Want?’

She got on top of me and into 69. I spent a whole thirty minutes exploring her hole while she moaned and blow me off. I was exploring her inside out, digging my fingers everywhere, pinching here and flicking there. Every new spot, I would try to make her squeal and moan. And she did for most of it. Her juices were dripping all over my shirt, that I had to take it off halfway and continue with fingering her.

It was then I learnt about the clit, cumming, squirting and the g-spot. She took the whole load into her mouth without resisting as I didn’t even tell her I was shooting. She swallowed it and slept beside me till the next morning, doing some heavy petting under the blankets.

I wasn’t traumatised by her at all. She left me memories so good that I wished she was still here with me. She went back to Indonesia while I was sixteen, much too old for someone to still take care of me.

For your information, we had sex almost every night since the first time we tried it. Of course, every night when it’s possible with AND without my parents. Argh.. I miss Sofi.

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