Jiamin Jiamin

It has been some time since I last saw Jiamin online on Skype. We use to have this one night fun where we would meet at the park behind Ang Mo Kio MRT station at night – late at night. We would chat whenever we see each other online. It’s not really frequent that we meet, I think that’s what makes our night life exciting.

It was close to 1am when I was going to turn off my laptop, I saw her status turning to ‘Skype Me’ and I was more than happy to stay up for her. We chatted for a long time since we haven’t really kept in touch from the moment I joined the Army. Having been so quiet for months, I wouldn’t expect anything from her, just happy to see her familiar display picture online.

Jiamin: ‘You want to meet now? I want to see how much you’ve changed?’

Me: ‘Me? Changed? Haha. You want to meet now? At the same place?’

Jiamin: ‘Yupp. Same place. 2am? I just reached home. Wants to shower and smell nice for you. Hehe.’

I quickly slip on a top and stayed near the laptop for any updates from her. She took the whole thirty minutes to shower and finally a message popped up.

Jiamin: ‘I’m leaving my house now. See you soon.’

We didn’t had each other’s number to start with. Because we live so near to our own place, we don’t bring our cells most of the times too, unless we’re really expecting an urgent call.

I left house and brisk walked to the park, near to the ‘summit’ and on this wooden bench looking like a log. It was a long ten minutes wait, but it was so exciting to finally see her and get to feel her. She appeared in a black tube and black cotton skirt, almost camoflaging herself to the darkness.

Me: ‘Woah. Black beauty huh? Haha. Eeee.. braless. Hehe. The way I like it.’

Jiamin: ‘Haha. Of course I remember the way you liked it. And you? Ready to take off your shorts?’

I was wearing my favourite pair of Levis underwear, the comfort and the unique design is why I kept wearing the same design, different colours at times of course. I was down to my undies and she was already feeling up my legs.

The position we were in was pretty much safe. Low trees, lamps around there were not switched on, it was away from the sight of HDB perverts and passerby, since it was a path to nowhere at the top of the park. It has been this way the first time we scouted for a place to play. Nothing much changed though.

She lie on my legs and turned her body toward my dick, taking my stick out of my underwear and gave it a naughty little lick. She then put the whole mushroom into her mouth and sucked it like a little baby. There wasn’t any moans from me, but she knew how I was feeling. My body was in a series of jerks and shivers and funny reactions from the different way her tongue teased me.

My hands slowly auto-pilot to her skirt and disappear between her legs, wriggling my fingers into her g-string, it was my turn to use my middle finger to tease her clit, pressing them hard and rolling it between my index and thumb.

Jiamin: ‘Ahhh!’

She couldn’t control herself and let off a loud and sensual moan. It was cute seeing her in pleasure and yet couldn’t really express herself. Her body’s reaction was no difference from mine. But her mouth wasn’t really focusing on my dick anymore. Her hands were busy with keeping my fingers deep inside her, guiding me with the speed.

With her legs suddenly closing and clamping onto my hands, I felt her pussy tightened and juices released. She lay still for a good two minutes before looking up at my face, still lying on my thighs.

Jiamin: ‘Your arms are stronger le. Fingers too. Hehe. I like you, boy.’

Me: ‘Hmm.. You want to stop here? Or to continue finding out where else got stronger?’

She got up and prepared to sit on me. I was in a sitting position on the bench, legs shoulder-width apart and her legs were wide apart. Gently, she held onto my shaft and slowly sat down, guiding the meat into the can. Right after she totally rested herself on me, she turned and looked at me quite shockingly.

Jiamin: ‘Umm.. I think you’ve gotten bigger leh. I haven’t had sex with anyone since I last met you. It was bigger that I last imagined.’

Me: ‘It’s your call. You can go as fast as you want. Haha. Try the upgrades to the old ride.’

Jiamin: ‘Oh my god. I sure go crazy this time de. You ready?’

Me: ‘Always.’

She started riding and uncontrollable yelps and moans were escaping through her mouth. She placed her hands behind her, onto my thighs and kept going. Slapping my hips hard with hers, she had to get all of it into her, she needed more.

Realising that her moans were getting louder, I covered her mouth and pulled her to my body, leaning on the backrest of the bench.

Me: ‘Cover your mouth, I’ll do the work now. You just bounce, naughty girl.’

I took over her pleasure job. Supporting myself by putting both hands behind me, I lifted myself up and down. Making sure her body’s movement is the opposite of mine. I push it in, and she takes it in. I pull it out, she slides it out.

It was really discreet sex. One girl bouncing up and down on a guy. We took turns doing the work and as I felt my balls loading and getting ready, I asked her to take over while my hands run under her tube and massage her firm 34C breasts. It wasn’t huge or small, I suppose it’s to my liking.

She kept going non-stop on my now-super-hard dick. Her speed just kept going up and so is her volume of the moans.

Me: ‘I’m cumming soon. Can I still shoot inside you? Hehe. I miss the feeling of my dick being sucked dry by your cute little hole.’

Jiamin: ‘Oh yes you can, I want you to fill me up. I want all the cum you saved during NS. Blow it all inside me.’

We were both breathless as we conversed. It didn’t last any longer than three minutes after she answered. I unloaded my twelve days of sperms into her, while her pussy did the magic of sucking while I try to pull it out. Somehow, she would create this vaccum below her and try to pull me back into her. It was totally out of the world, this is why I missed sex with her.

Jamin: ‘You really shoot all your cum into me ah? Haha. My tummy feels warm now. Hehe. I missed this feeling, super love it a lot. Oh.. just to let you know, I’m not on pills leh.’

We were happily cuddling when I got a shock. Although I wouldn’t mind marrying her, but I still had to pretend I was shock.

Me: ‘Huh? Really ah? Don’t scare me leh. Oh my god.. how many kids you want?’

Jamin: ‘Idiot leh you! Just joking only lah. Still on pills, waiting for a chance to meet you again. See, your cum is flowing out le.’

She used the little keychain light and pointed it at her pussy, while she rested her feet at the edge of the bench, spreading wide for my eyes. It was my white creamy cum dripping out, onto the floor. She then took her index finger, went inside to scoop a fingerful of cum and did a ‘finger-licking good’.

She then took my hand, sucked on one and placed it on her clit, which my fingers of course, started to fondle it.

Me: ‘Haha. I like this naughty girl.’

Jamin wrapped her fingers around my worn out little bird, jerked it slowly and said: ‘I like this naughty boy!’

We cleaned up as much as we could and left for home. To me, it was a special relationship. We do not ask more than what we need to know, we only have Skype as a contact medium, no mobile number, no photos. Just pure mutual sexisfaction.

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