Jan’s Body

Jan was one of my ex, she was a sporty girl, and a slim figure. It was a blessing to have her, and sure enough, a lot of guys were after her too. I was at her house one day after school, chilling and watching her drama. Sex was a common thing and we both had to do it at least once when we’re in private.

It was close to 9pm on that day and we were feeling each other up in her dim room, lit by the only light coming from her TV. She had these tan lines from swimming, and it was such a turn on, to know that your little girl had been swimming in her bikini, making the rest of the guys jealous with horniness.

I slowly pulled her FBT shorts down her legs and off her. She was in her little black set of panties, holding myself up above her, I lifted her t-shirt up and the black bra complimented her panties. I couldn’t help but tug her bra down to lick her cute little nipples, hearing her moans and requests for more. My fingers replaced my teeth and tongue to fondle her nipples while my lips kept her mouth busy. Her hips were trying to ‘hit’ my dick, our lips were sealed together, tangled in a fierce tongue fight.

Jan: ‘Hmm.. I love you. Keep going k? I want to go crazy with you today.’

I knelt backwards and licked down her body, from her neck, onto her perky nipples, down her navel, across her belly button and into her panties. She already had her undies at her ankles, ready for my tongue that knows no rest. Taking her clean shaved pussy lips, I kissed them and tongued them like her mouth. Flipping on her clit and running the tip of my tongue along her slit.

She would hold my head and pushed my mouth against her hole, trying to get my tongue as deep as possible of her hole. Her juices will be so thin and sweet I wouldn’t mind licking them up. Each time, I will not fail to take some time to explore her pussy. Underneath the flaps and clit, touching them and watching how she would respond to them. It was different from just having intercourse, we would make it as enjoyable as possible.

As I was facing her pussy, I slid two of my fingers into her hole and thrust in and out face, preparing her pussy for the last boss. Her moans were music to my ears, with a little sobs here and there. The whole thing was getting warmer and hotter. Her hands were finding their way into my pants, stroking me while I finger her. The mutual masturbation lasted for about ten minutes before she decided that I was too tired to continue. She held my cheeks, looked into my eyes and said.

Jan: ‘Little boy, you seem too tired to continue. Let me work out and ride you for a while k? Then after that we do something I like.’

Me: ‘Haha. Yahh! I’m tired. Make me happy.’

Lying on my back, she came on top of me and slid herself over my super hard dick. I missed her pussy so much, two weeks of NS. What more could I ask for? She started riding me, in an up down motion. She was the only girl I knew who could control her vaginal muscles. She would squeeze them together while coming down and pushing my dick through the tight hole.

Jan: ‘Omg, your dick is getting bigger leh. I think NS’ training works for your below too.’

She rode me for as long as I could hold it in before suggesting to change to her favourite position. I’ve actually been using an iPhone app (sex positions by Clotapp) to get more poses for our love making sessions. The position she liked most was the one seated, she would sit up and I would do the same, facing her, and having sex while we hugged each other tightly.

Jan: ‘I loved it when we do this together. Shoot inside me k? I’m still on the pills.’

Me: ‘I want to try a new position with you next time. Hehe. Make you work out more.’

It was a position we both liked. Kissing, hugging, fondling each others’ body, and fucking. All in one. We could lean back and support our bodies with our arms when we are tired. Hehe. We would take turns to control the pace and everytime we had sex, it would last for a good thirty minutes.

We finally finished in her position and I came into her. All two weeks of cum, pumped into her, and it would flow out in excess every time, since her pussy was too small for my huge load.

How I wish I could show you her pictures here [:

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