(Alt.) End to Scary Thoughts

Alternate ending to Scary Thoughts

Wanqi spent whatever time she was left with to think through and decided that she could not let this continue. She knew she had to end this before it got any worse. Dialing 999 after Darren dropped the line, she made a report and the police was quick to help her plan a trap to nab Darren. Tuesday was here and Wanqi was seated around her mobile phone with a few policemen and women.

Darren: ‘Hello?’
Wanqi: ‘Yahh?’
Darren: ‘We’ll be meeting today at Chinatown MRT. 3pm. Wear something like last week. No panties.’

Wanqi gave a sob and cut the line. It was intentional, and the last Darren would hear. With a few policewomen, she changed into something suggestive and wore no panties. She was then escorted in a ‘hired’ taxi to drop her at the meeting point. Everything was set up nicely, to apprehend Darren red-handed.

They met as planned, and went to Mcdonald’s to have a meal before leaving. Darren didn’t notice anything different, still feeling her all over as they walked into the hotel. Wanqi knew she was protected, there were faces from the police force that she could make out.

Checking into the hotel, a couple was checking into the room beside them but Darren paid no attention. Once into the room, Darren pinned her onto the bed and forced himself on her.

Darren: ‘Struggle all you want. No one will help you. And if you dare to scream.. you know what will happen.’

His threats were useless now. She screamed and the doors crashed open.


He got off her quickly and the police did their work. Right before he was pulled out of the room, Wanqi delivered a kneel jab to his baby-maker.

It was over, she knew the nightmare has ended. Did it really ended? Or did someone else have her photos and videos?

Darren was of course charged with what he got himself into.

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