New to Pleasure

Mandy was an orphan, she didn’t had her parents when she was born, nor any siblings. She stayed with a shifu and other female orphans of her age. They were as close as sisters, and most had their own lives.

Mandy stopped schooling at secondary two because of financial difficulties. There wasn’t anyone else who cared about her, most of her sisters were still schooling, and some even had boyfriends. Mandy was an innocent little girl who stayed home all day, prohibited from going out. TV, computer, and books were all she had. She had no¬†clue about¬†masturbation or pleasure at all.

She was a little sister to me, she talked to me about how some of the older sisters bully her, and how she was ordered around by her shifu. Due to the lack of freedom, she didn’t quite know what to do with her life, constantly feeling sad and unwanted. I would talk and text her once in a while, and it was then I asked if she was interested in nude modeling for this site.

I’ve never seen Mandy before, but the statistics she gave sounded alright. She agreed without hesitation and even tried to asked for permission from her shifu to meet me.

We finally met at Bedok MRT and we made our way to Hotel 81 Chinatown. We had our lunch and prepared ourselves for the shoot. Her body was tiny, unlike other 18 year olds. I’ve also notified her that I will be shaving her pussy for her, so that the photos would look better.

She took off her clothes and went into the toilet, covering her small breasts and pussy with her arms and hand. I positioned her on top of the toilet cover and spread her legs wide. I then ‘Veet’ her hairs and waited to wash them off. The whole process took about fifteen minutes, but it was worth the wait. A nicely shaved pussy, pink and untouched lay in front of my camera.

For the next picture, I positioned her on the bed and covered her lower body with the blanket. I went under the blanket and started snapping away. Her fingers were across her pussy lips, spreading them apart for the camera.

Me: ‘Mei, let your fingers go, I’ll help you position.’

Mandy: ‘Ok.’

I put the camera down and spreaded her pussy lips for her. Still under the blanket, I placed my head between her legs and licked.

Mandy: ‘Ahhh.. Kor,

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