Night Adventure

Vivian woke up in the middle of the night feeling super horny, it was stronger than usual since she haven’t masturbated for some nights. She was trying to see how long she would last before her mind gives in to her body. Feeling super in need, random thoughts came into her mind, she changed from her translucent night dress to a oversized t-shirt, and pair of pink panty.

She then opened her cupboard of little scerets and pulled out a wireless vibrator, installed a fresh set of batteries and slipped it into her undie. Taking her cute little hello kitty pouch and some money, she placed the remote control inside the pouch and went out of the house.

Vivian needed something with excitement to satisfy herself. She took the lift down her block and went to the 7-11 a three minutes walk away. Stepping into the store, the male cashier immediately turned and glanced at her.

Her top was a white shirt a little transparent that at the tip of the breasts, a little dark area of nipple ‘peek’ could be seen. She had nice brown nipples that can get really pointy when turned on, and she knew they were hardening. She walked in further and got herself a cup noodles and a bottle of water. Right before she walked to the counter to make payment, she reached into her pouch and turned the vibrator to the max.

Payment was made with a delay as the cashier, aged around 37 was a little distracted with this cute teenager in front of him. It was obvious she was teasing him and it was right then she felt a stream of juice flowing out of her wet panties and down her legs.

She sat down in front of the huge glass panes where the tall tables and chairs were, for the customers who wanted to eat in. Her mind wasn’t on eating at all, it was on the few people passing by once in a while who would stare at her, and slowly down her body to her legs.

This teen who was around her age was walking from her far left and he was quite a pretty boy, big charming eyes, fit lean body. She could tell he was from the army and he was pretty ranked, from his army style bag that she had one too similar.

His eyes met her and she gave him a little smile, staying cool, he smiled back and entered the store, making the cashier a little jealous. He sat beside Vivian and said, ‘Hi, you’re alone?’

Vivian: ‘Yeah, quite bored and hungry, so I came down for a bite. You?’

Guy: ‘My name is Harris, I’m heading to camp now. They needed me. I have some time if you need company.’

Vivian did not have any mood to finish her noodles, she discarded whatever was left and left the store with Harris. They stopped at a playground and sat down in a slide, tube-shaped, to shield themselves from onlookers seeing whatever might happen next.

Vivian could not take his pretty lips and hugged him, digging her tongue deep into hers. Harris knew what to do, one look and you know he can get any girls he wanted, his hands were around both her bare breasts, squeezing them and pinching the hard nipples, making her moans echo down the slide.

Harris moved his hands between her legs and pressed the vibrator harder onto her pussy once he realised what was Vivian doing. Being controlled and pleasured at the same time, Vivian tried to focus on undoing Harris’ army pants and belt. His dick immediately sprang into her hands once she pulled his Levis underwear down.

Her hand wrapped around his dick and stroked while Harris replaced the vibrator with his hand in her panties. His strong middle finger would go on on turbo without rest, making Vivian’s body shake and shiver in ecstasy. One press and he knew he was handling a little horny virgin. He wasn’t there to take anyone’s virginity, he knew he was getting Vivian off, a girl who needs a man to relieve her.

She grabbed Harris’ wrist as she came for the seventh time, easing his fingers on her sore and painful pussy. She was happy, high, crazy, all mixed. She wanted Harris to be happy and satisfied too, and her mouth was one hole she could spare.

Sliding down the slide a bit, she adjusted her clothes and placed the wireless vibrator back into her undie. She turned it on slow and sucked and moaned on his hard rod. He lay down on his back and relaxed while Vivian used her lips and mouth and throat to give him a sensual blowjob. She got the right suction in less than five strokes and Harris was enjoying it all right.

She took her time and it wasn’t even tiring to her, the vibrator and mindblowing pussy rub was all it takes to Vivian to charge up for anything. It wasn’t after twenty minutes before Harris said something, ‘Vivian, I need to be on my way, would you like me to shoot?’

Vivian: ‘Of course you must, into my mouth.’

She said it with a satisfied smile. She increased her speed and began to go deeper down on his shaft, gagging a few times, but her hand was on his balls, massaging as his body starts to twitch.

Harris: ‘I’m cumming.’

His shaft started pushing loads and loads of fresh white cum into her tiny mouth, filling it up as she held it steady and breaths. After about twenty seconds, he signalled her that he was done and she sucked it lightly as she pulled away from his dickhead.

Vivian: ‘Mmmm.. ‘

Vivian swallowed andcontinued pressing along his dick, squeezing, licking and cleaning up his nice pink dick before pulling his underwear back up.

Harris was happy too, he held her face with his hands and gave her a deep kiss on her lips, then another one on her forehead, whispering, ‘Thank you’. He stood up pulled Vivian up before heading his way.

Vivian walked home and went back to sleep in the same wet undies, and vibrator turned on the whole night. It was a night Vivian will never forget. There wasn’t any exchange of anything, just a physical satisfaction that two bodies of the opposite sex needed.

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