Beer and Me

I was out alone drinking at the coffeeshop opposite my block, 209. It was close to 1am when I went down and a girl whom doesn’t seem older than me. Of course, it didn’t seem right for her to be working there if she was really just around my age.

She approached me and took my order. To start the conversation, I asked for which company was she working for.

Girl: ‘Haha. Want to support me ah? Carlsberg lo.’

Me: ‘Ya lo. Want me to support or not?’

I was quite sure to order Carlsberg already, but I wanted to know more about her. After she returned with my bottles, I invited her to sit down with me since there wasn’t any customers that needed help. There was a few other harmless uncles around though.

She was dressed in a standard green and white Carlsberg attire. Her skirt wasn’t that short since she wasn’t that tall either.

Me: ‘How old are you? You don’t look old enough for this job.’

Girl: ‘Aiyo, why everyone also ask me that question de? Haha. I’m 20.’

Me: ‘Haha. Wah, so young working as beer auntie ah? My name is Jasper, yours?’

Girl: ‘What auntie?! Haha. Earn extra money lo. Anyway I stay this block only. My name is Eliss. But hor, I rarely see guys your age drinking here. Drunk uncle?!’

She was a lively girl to begin with, long blonde hair. I found out that she was studying in NYP. We chatted right till she ended work and the coffeeshop closed. We talked about everything under the sun and she even started drinking with me.

It quickly turned 3am and she got very tired. Being the guy with evil intention, I offered help and she accepted it, allowing me to send her home. Her house was empty, and she came from a broken family. Parents divorced and mum unable to get a job. Luckily she was independent to study hard and get lots of bursaries and scholarships.

I placed her on her bed and sat beside her, still talking to her. Silently, i lay beside her and placed my arms around her slim waist. She turned to her side and continued to remain in a semi-awake mode. I used the hand which was around her waist to glide her black undies down her legs as gently as possible not to wake her up, and to my surprise, she was in such a deep sleep that she noticed.

I quickly whipped out my hard rod and rubbed it up and down her slit while lying behind her. Her love hole was slowly getting wetter, and soft sweet moans can be heard. I was ready to get all hot and sweaty with her.

My rod slowly entered her well lubricated hole and it went in very smoothly, even though her legs were only slightly apart, held open by her pillow. It was a tight, wet and mind numbing sensation, I couldn’t help but remain inside her for a good few minutes. Soon, I began pushing my dick in and out while holding her waist close to my chest. The only reaction her body had was producing more love juice and louder moans.

It wasn’t all that glorious to prey on a drunk pretty girl, but my dick was so packed with excitement of her awaking suddenly and catching me. My sperms were soon at the peak of release. With a few more thrust, I pulled my dick out and pumped everything onto her undies, making sure I wiped my dick clean with her black spandex panties.

Without wasting any time, I gently pulled her panties back up, giving her a rub along her clit to smear my cum all over her wet and sore slit. Of course, I continued lying beside her and groping her sweet boobs to sleep.

We woke up at seven and she did not pursue me about last night although she knew what happened. Her mood was in fact better than the previous night as we made out again before she went to school, and I made my way home.

Eliss: ‘Hey hey! Before I forget, can you give me your number? Maybe we can meet and drink again.’

Me: ‘Yeah. Actually, I’d rather you not take this job and let me take care of you. Haha. Here is my number. We’ll meet again de.’

Eliss: ‘Haha. Of course we will. I definitely want to see you. I enjoyed last night.’

She gave me a little naughty =P before I turned away to go home. How could I ever forget her cute little face? She might just have gotten my heart.

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