Guard Duty

I was doing my guard duty with Elias. We were quite bored but didn’t want to sit around a few shifts just sitting around. As this is the week with a lot of new recruits, we decided to ‘patrol’ around Scropion company which had one platoon, about 20-30 girls recruit.

The  newcomers would be confined for one weekend. And this is the weekend they had to stay in. We walked around and spotted a few on the ground floor, refilling their bottles and walking back up to their bunks.

Girl: ‘Hey, what are you guys doing ah? I always see a few groups of you once in a while.’

Elias: ‘Yeahh. We’re doing guard duty. A few of us will be selected to patrol an area. Then change shift every 2 hours. You girls are new here?’

Girl: ‘Yupp. Hmm.. are you guys free to do anything you want on a patrol?’

Me: ‘Umm.. yes we are. Haha. Why? You want to hear about how BMT is?’

Girl: ‘You sure you can do anything you want? If so I’ll ask if you guys can come up to my bunk.’

We assured them and went up to level 3, where we got into a nice smelling bunk and started telling them of our exercises. The ghost stories were really cool and we managed to get a few of their contacts. After about twenty minutes, most of them went back to do what they were doing and Elias and I prepared to resume our duty.

Girl: ‘Jasper!’

What could she want from me? Right then, another girl shouted Elias’ name and he walked back to her.

Girl1: ‘Hey, just now I didn’t get to introduce myself. My name is Jia Ling and are you still free now?’

Me: ‘Yea, we have a few more minutes before I had to get back. What can I do for you?’

Jialing immediately pulled me into their toilets and into one of those shower cubicles, there wasn’t any need to remove anything, she unbuttoned my No. 4 pants and clumsily got my dick out. I wasn’t really hard then but Elias was just a few cubicles next to mine.

She squatted on the floor and stroked me while giving me the ‘come-fuck-me’ face. She had a pony tail, and was in her oversized admin tee. Her face was quite like any other girls you see along town on a weekday night, sweet with no imperfections.

Suddenly, she stood up and pulled her top off, revealing a sexy night gown, transparent and lacy. What more could I do other than to harden my dick? I pushed her head towards my dick after she hung her tee on the hook at the cubicle door.

With skills, she licked and sucked them like a pro. After about five minutes, I nudged her to stand up and felt her pussy. It was dripping with her juice, this would show how much she needs something to help her get off. I carried her while she faced me and she guided my meat into her hole while I pressed her against the cold walls.

Jialing: ‘Fuck me.. please. I can’t take seven days of no masturbation.’

I bounced her up and down my dick, and it was the moment when I got weaker and started slipping off her body. The penetration was deeper and harder, it kept me going and I almost cummed inside her. With one push, I lifted her up and off my dick.

She bent over and cupped her mouth over my dick and gave it a blowjob, fast and high suction. My little brother couldn’t take it and burst into her mouth, white creamy protein juice.

Me: ‘Jialing, you okay? Sorry leh. Didn’t give you enough notice, you were too good.’

Jialing: ‘Hmm.. Yupp. *she swallowed and continued* Your cum actually tasted good leh. Can tell you eat healthily here. And its a lot too!’

I asked her about masturbation and she said she was a virgin before me, and always wanted to feel a dick inside her. She decided to give it to me since I somehow attracted her. In return, I promised I would be with her for as long as NS will last. After that, we will decide again.

Elias and I finished our guard duty, keeping what happened quiet. Hehe. Our little surprise even though we didn’t book out with the majority on Friday. We could only bookout on Saturday ]:

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