Morning Workout

I woke up at 5.30am even on a Saturday. It was quite early and having nothing to do, I went online to wait till 7.30am, the time Isabelle and I planned to meet. It had been two weeks since I last met her. I knew Isabelle during poly, and she was in the same course with me. It was that rainy day that we met at one of the stairs and started conversing. I can’t really remember what happened but we were both feeling down and ended up making out just right there.

Anyway, we met at her house at 7.30am, when her parents went out to work. She didn’t live far from me, just two bus stops down the road and I was there, at her doorstep.

*knocking lightly on her door*

She opened the door slightly and hid behind it all the time, of course, I had to see what was she wearing once I entered. She had this little white towel wrapped around her, it was so short that it was either to cover her small breasts, or her kitty. We called her pussy kitty as it would sound a little less vulgar. Her breasts wasn’t big, but the towel was pushing them together so tightly that a little valley was created between them.

Me: ‘Hmm.. Isa feeling so naughty early in the morning?’

Isabelle: ‘Haha. You too! Look at what’s this?’

*she pointed to my bulge, I took her finger and pressed on it*

Me: ‘It’s awake for you.’

Isabelle: ‘Eeeee.. haha.. My parents will be back in the noon. Let’s play till then? I missed you.’

I couldn’t waste anymore time, it was merely three and a half hour away from the return of her folks. I dropped my bag and piggy-back her to her bedroom, which she directed while behind me. Standing beside her bed, I fling her upwards and onto it. She simply lay on the bed, arms and legs wide open, and the towel was a tug away.

I stripped to my bathing suit and my dick was so hard for her. I jumped into her arms and kissed her, while my dick went between her thighs and rubbed on her moist kitty. There wasn’t any penetration, but I don’t see why it will not happen. As one of her hand pressed hard on my back to keep my body close to hers, her other hand went down her belly button and she grabbed my dick.

At first, I thought she wanted to hold it, making sure it didn’t go in. But I was so glad I was wrong, she slipped it into her wet but not flooded kitty and clamped her legs over my waist.

Isabelle: ‘Can you push it in? Please give it to me. I can’t take it anymore.’

She said it in an ever sexy panting horny tone that I couldn’t say no.

Me: ‘Yes I’ll give it to you, enjoy it k?’

Right away, my hips started pounding, sliding my hard dick in and out of her. There was slurping sounds, there was juices being flicked out of her pussy, my bare dick had her white cum all over, it was as though I had cummed. Every time I took a pause to control my cum, she would squeeze me with her vaginal muscles and it would make me forget about resting and keep me going.

It didn’t take long for her to cum twice and it was my turn soon. I forced my hips to go faster than ever and her hands was just pushing against my hips, trying to slow me down. At the same time, her legs were around me, pulling me towards her. I totally didn’t had to really push or pull, her hands and legs were doing most of the speed control.

Nonetheless, her tight hole was forcing my dick to fire, it was like a air-pressure water gun. Every pump from the last minute was unbearable, I was holding it in as she continued her rage. Finally, I felt all the pipes in my dick readying and I pulled it out of her now-dripping-wet hole.

Me: ‘Open your mouth, quick! I’m cumming now.’

I knelt in front of her while she perked her head up with a pillow at the bed’s head rest. Putting my dick into her mouth, she took her hand and jerked me while she licked my dick head, occasionally sucking it gently.

Within seconds, I blew my load and she paused. I could feel a gentle suction as my dick poured every single bit of cum into her. It was five day’s worth, and she didn’t know about it. After I was done, I pulled it out and she tilted her head upwards while she swallowed. It wasn’t down in one gulp, it was down in two.

Isabelle: ‘Wahh! So much ah! Why you didn’t tell me? When did you last masturbate?’

She wiped her mouth as she slapped me gently on my thighs.

Me: ‘Haha. I was in the army mah. Five days didn’t masturbate lo. How? Breakfast nice?’

Isabelle took my dick and stroked it, pushing the remaining juices out of the shaft, before licking it up. She did it for about three times to make sure I was cleaned up. We made out for a while more before I took out the pink dildo with studded crystals to make her happy.

Me: ‘My turn now. And I’m going to make you crazy this time.’

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