Sweet Little Girl

Eileen and I arranged to meet outside Lucky Plaza after her work on Saturday. She gave me a call at around 4.50pm and asked if I was there already. How could I not be there? Standing at a petite 156cm, she wasn’t that plump at all. I’ve seen her picture. Cute tiny little package. I was excited to meet her.

She appeared out of the glass doors in a pink blouse and a short skirt. I bet she must have made all the guys in her office really hard. Her blouse was a little transparent, revealing her black bra with a X strap. Her skirt was a demin one, black and about 3 inches short of the knee.

Luckily I was wearing a pair of jeans tighter for me, my bulge was  getting quite uncomfortable in my pants. No doubt we met for the first time, she didn’t quite hate my looks and agreed to hold my hand as we went around. We did everything a couple in love.

It was soon close to eight at night and she agreed to let me send her home. We took a bus from town to her place, it was a long ride, but we were lucky to be on a double-decker with only a few passengers in front of us.

Me: ‘Umm.. Eileen.. Can I kiss you?’

Eileen: ‘Don’t know?’

Me: ‘Haha. Hmm.. close your eyes?’

And she did without any hesitation. I made my move and ran both my hands up her neck, turning her face towards me. Sealing my dry lips on her wet lip gloss, I pushed my tongue between her lips, gently licking them, making them wet. She didn’t resist and I continued licking her beautiful lips.

We didn’t stop and slowly, the french kiss got more intimate. Her body turned slightly towards me and both her hands were sliding up and down my thighs. Well, so were my hands. I brought both of my hands away from her neck and did the same, running my hands up and down her blouse, but mine was a little different =)

My hands slid under her skirt without her realising and kept moving my fingers in and out, getting deeper and deeper with each push. Her body was getting warmed, and her hands were squeezing my thighs tighter.

Without concern for anything, I went all the way to her pussy. On one touch, I could tell she wasn’t wearing any panties, and was wet too. She opened her legs automatically while I started to probe around her pussy. I knew how to make her high, I knew how to make her want more. With my palm facing up under her skirt, I used my index and fourth finger to pushed her pussy lips aside and teased her clit with my middle finger.

Her moans were getting louder and our lips tightened despite the occasional glances from other couples. My fingers tire from rubbing her, but there was one thing that kept me going. Not sure if she did it intentionally, she unzipped my pants and whipped out my already-suffocating dick.

With her inexperienced hands, she jerked me off as she climaxed and went high. I was also getting high from getting a handjob from the innocent little girl. We went on until we were about four bus stops away. My hard dick was still quite some time away from ejaculation, I pushed my middle finger into her and went deep and fast. Her whole body almost collapsed but her hand remained tight around me.

It wasn’t her first time to be fingered, but first time to be done by someone else. Suddenly, her body went fast after her pussy squeezed my finger so tightly, almost pushing it out of her hole. My dick was at the peak of explosion, I nudged her head towards my pee hole and she lowered her head to wrap her little lips around it.

Half a second later, my vessels got started and pumped loads of fresh warm cum into her mouth. She kept sucking it like a baby while drinking it down at the same time. My fingers weren’t off her yet, but I could tell she couldn’t take it anymore.

As I forced my last drop out of my shaft, she licked it dry and placed my still-hard dick back into my jeans before zipping it up. I alighted the bus with her and walked her home, but not forgetting to give her a kiss. Our hands kept feeling around each other no matter where we were.

The wild fun we had was memorable, it wasn’t the first time I did this, my ex did it too, but this round with Eileen was the best. How could I ever forget you?

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