Staying Home

Shandy: ‘Jasper, I can’t take it anymore. I’m just masturbating myself. I want you, I want to feel your fingers inside me. I want you to push your hard dick inside me. I want to do the measurement again, to see if your dick grew longer. Can we meet? Like now? I’ll cab down.’

I met Shandy during one of my bookout. I was shopping alone at Novena and got to know her at one of the sports shop. She was sort of looking for a specific energy gel and I helped her. Attracted by her slender body, I couldn’t resist but asked her for her number.

After that, we walked around the mall together before ending up in the toilet, having a wild time inside. Working out with intense session of foreplay. Blowjob, cunnilingus, fingering, handjob and rubbing my dick between her pussy lips. There wasn’t any penetration, but our bodies knew we would have to do it the next time we met.

Since then, we had been texting a lot and eventually having phone sex every night while I am in camp. And before we realised, it was Friday night and I just reached home.

Me: ‘Hmm.. Meet now? Maybe we can meet at Bishan Park, they are renovating and at this hour, I think there are no more workers now. We can do what you want there.’

Shandy cabbed down from Yishun and picked me up before making our way into the now-renovating park. We managed to sneak into the worksite and found a little shelter that is still supported by columns but covered with a cloth.

Me: ‘Hmm.. What do you want to do now you naughty girl?’

She pulled my FBT knee-length shorts down and off, lowered my Levis underwear and sucked while seated on one of the support. I could tell that she was really horny and going all out to make me as hard as possible. Licking every part of my shaft, she coated my stick with her saliva and was still going. Having a mix of licking and sucking, it was her deep throat that left me addicted.

She had a body so slender that you could still hold on to her, but lean enough to put 100% of her energy into satisfying me. Her body got wetter as we pespired. About ten minutes of a heavenly blowjob, she held onto the support above her head and spread her legs.

Shandy: ‘Do what you want to me.’

I stood in front of her opened legs and pushed my rubber-lined dick into her. She hung freely while I slid my dick in and out of her while standing. It was not long before she had to change to another position.

With her arms tired, I placed her on her fours and went into doggie style. Slapping her ass with my hips, I made sure my dick was all the way into her. Deep and hard into her wet hole. She could control her vagina muscles well, and that help me hold it in for as long as I could.

It was super exciting there, as we cannot see who might be watching us. We fucked like there is no tomorrow and made each other so crazy that we just kept going. As much as we try to be quiet, she couldn’t help herself but give out little yelps as I surprise her with strong sudden thrusts.

The fun part would be to keep making each other high after every orgasm. She had a harder time as I would get soft. But nonetheless, she could handle it with her good stamina and we fucked around the worksite. Occasionally using the support beams there as sex furniture.

At about 11pm, we were so tired that we had to rest. We sat around and had a short chat about our lives. After a short ten minutes, I flagged a cab for her and went home. Our kinky smses continued and I’m sure we’re going to meet again soon.

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