School Uniform

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Carine was in school uniform, consisting of  a skirt so short that if you looked just a little lower, you would see her butt line. Her outfit was no different from the ones in Japanese Adult Videos. All the guys’ eyes were on her whenever she walked past, even the teachers. Any male teacher who spoke to her either looks like they are hitting on her, or ‘dominating’ her. And any female teacher who spoke to her seems like they are jealous of the attention she’s getting.

It wasn’t all that bad about her attire if only she had her bra and panties on. There wasn’t any shorts below her, and almost everyone in her class couldn’t focus at all. She would use her jacket to cover her upper thighs and cross her legs. And you can immediately see all the horny guys dropping stuffs on the floor to catch a glimpse of what’s under her skirt.

School wasn’t that long that day and Carine was on her way home. It was then she saw two of her secondary three Malay juniors. It wasn’t too hard to spot a school girl in tempting skirt length, and they walked towards her, scanning her top to bottom as they close in.

They had a little chat and during the whole time, Carine was playing with her phone, while seated between the two guys. Of course, once in a while, they would try to peek down her top and catch something.

Boy1: ‘Hey Carine, you want to smoke? We’re going up. Come along lah.’

Carine didn’t think too much about it and went up the block. They went all the way up to the tenth floor where it leads to the eleventh floor, which has to be climbed up by stairs. It was the highest level in the block and no one would go up there.

The two guys who were with her asked her to go up first and they followed behind, checking out her pantyless ass.

Boy2: ‘You didn’t wear bra and panties?’
Carine: ‘You guys saw it huh? Please don’t tell anyone k? I don’t want to get detention again.’
Boy1: ‘Why don’t you wear? Won’t you feel like something is missing?’
Carine: ‘I don’t feel comfortable wearing bra. And panties… I like the way guys look when they realise I am not wearing panties. *giggles*’
Boy1: ‘Can show us your upskirt again?’

Carine was already in the mood to tease them again. She lifted her skirt up and place it down, just enough to make them satisfied. After the whole thing, the two boys took their cigarettes out and puffed away.

Part 1 | Part 2

A collaboration with Adventure Girl.

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