After Band

It was close to 6pm when band ended. Elaine and I were tasked to keep the rest of the smaller instruments while the rest of the band took their leave. With the band store room keys in my hand, I couldn’t help but let my mind wander.

Me: ‘Elaine, there is no one else around le. Want to play a bit before we go home?’

Elaine: ‘Haha. Naughty boy, okay. Inside here ah?’

Me: ‘Yupp, can lock mah. And soundproof somemore. You can scream all you want.’

She entered the room before me and I twisted the lock. Turning back, she was already unbuttoning her school uniform. Without wasting anytime, I unbuttoned my pants but she stopped me in time.

Elaine: ‘Jasper, just pull your underwear down inside your pants, I want to play in school uniform.’

I pulled my underwear low enough for my dick to pop out of the zip, and she took her shorts off under her skirt, along with her panties too. Hugging her tightly in my arms, we had a fierce tongue fight and my hands were roaming inside her unbuttoned shirt, caressing her tiny breasts.

Lowering my head, I licked and sucked on her tiny nipples, trying to take her breasts into my mouth.

Elaine: ‘You trying to make my breasts bigger ah? Suck so hard? Haha. Silly boy.’

She pressed me against a wall, and slowly squatted down, spreading her legs to lower herself. Pushing her skirt to the side, I could see her shaved pussy. She had a tanned body, but the bikini line kept her privates fair. Her usual blowjob package began and I leaned on the wall, sealing my pee hole with a pouted lips, her gentle sucking sent a shiver into my spine.

My legs weren’t prepared to take this, pushing her head towards my bush, her lips remained tightly wrapped around my meat. She started masturbating herself with one hand and held my cock in position with another. Having her saliva covered around my meat, she simply bent over and used a chair to support herself.

Me: ‘Put in already ah? Haha. Horny little girl.’

Elaine: ‘Quick lah. Haha. Can’t take it le, you still deprive me.’

Having no condom with me, I stuck my dick into her, pushing my way in as she relaxed herself. Not being able to do this with her for quite some time, I paused for about ten seconds to feel her insides, squishing me tightly. Giving her a surprise, I moved my hips suddenly and quickly, pounding her hard, giving her no rest. Her body was collapsing to the floor, but her hands were still holding on to the chair.

Elaine: ‘Wait wait, give me a rest, too much le! You keep going I will go crazy de!’

Me: ‘I want to make you go crazy. Just enjoy k?’

Elaine gave a ‘hmm’ and I continued, at this kind of speed, I couldn’t hold it in for long too, she had been deprived for a good long week.

Elaine, Me: ‘I’m cumming!’

Coincidentally, we shouted out together and I pulled my dick quickly out of her, while she replaced my dick with her fingers. She turned around and knelt in front of me, sucking me hard in and out, while she cummed from her fingering. My load exploded into her mouth, mixed with her pussy juice, which is has now made a little stain on the carpet of the store room.

Like how she always did it, she swallowed and  cleaned my dick with her mouth, sucking, licking every inch of it. Using her panties to clean her pussy, she rubbed my dick a few times  before putting it on. I adjusted my clothes as well, we left the room tired and full of sweat.

Elaine: ‘Shhhh… our little secret k?’

It was a fun band practice. And a very unforgettable and addictive one. Elaine.. you naughty girl.

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