Bride’s Maid

Angie was the bride’s maid for her sister who was getting married. And in her family, all the girls had model-level bodies. Probably because of their parents who married because of genetic compatibility. Having to wake up early the next day to help with preparations, Angie brought her gown and lots of other stuffs along, mostly make up and underwear.

Xavier was Angie’s eldest sister’s good friend, and this time, he would be the best man. Wanting to surprise the groom, she had invited Xavier to stay over for the night and to help out the next day too, after all, it would be better to have a guy at their command.

As the night falls, Xavier made his way into the guest room which was prepared for him, and being familiar with the family, he could treat it as his own house and help himself out. Angie just finished shower and was walking back into her room (she had a room but she doesn’t sleep in that house), she found herself admiring Xavier’s well-toned body, lean with muscles.

Suddenly, Xavier turned around and caught her off guard, in a panic, she ran and hit herself on her head before fainting. After a good long twenty minutes rest, Angie woke up to find herself in the guest room, Xavier rubbing a hard boil egg on her forehead.

Xavier: ‘You okay? Haha. I can’t help but laugh. What happened?’

His face was right above hers, and her heart suddenly sped up and she could feel her body getting warmer.

Angie replied in the sweetest voice she ever used, ‘Uhh… I slipped and fell. Nothing luh. I’m going back to my own bed le.’

By then, Xavier’s bulge was too obvious to be ignored, he needed to ease himself. Pressing his hands onto Angie’s recovering body, she soon realised what was happening. Doors locked, windows closed. Everyone else was out trying to salvage the torn wedding gown issue. It was the perfect moment to do anything he wanted.

Xavier: ‘Angie, just relax. I’ll try not to hurt you too much.’

Angie was getting into a real panic this time, her legs were pinned by his strong calves, and in his kneeling position, he could pry her legs open. With just a towel between them, Angie shouldn’t have stopped to watch him. Her mind went blank and just struggled a little, as fear overtook her.

He forced her lips onto hers and pushed his tongue in. Slurping around like a pangolin, he proceeded downwards. Angie was lying motionless, lost and confused, her mind was blanked out. Xavier wasted no time getting what he needed. Moving his dick swiftly towards her pussy, virgin or not, it didn’t mattered. He plunged his way in and started fucking her, without respect or consideration of how she felt.

The tightness and wetness kept him going, to Xavier, it’s a sign for more. Her legs were wide open, so were her eyes and feeble arms. Lifeless doll, that’s what Xavier is fucking. With a powerful thrust of his hip, a loud slap was heard as his hip hit hers. Immediately, she screamed and was back alive. His subsequent pounding was at that force and moaning and screams echoed throughout the whole house.

Hell lasted for a whole thirty minutes before Xavier needed to release. At his verge, he held Angie’s mouth open by squeezing her cheeks together and stuffing his meat into her mouth. Continuing to fuck her mouth, he blew his load into her mouth, pressing and squeezing every single drop from his shaft.

After he was done, he pulled his boxers up with a grin. ‘Thanks Angie.’ was all he could say.

*Baam!* The door slammed behind him while she lay half-dead, cum overflowing onto the bed. In shock.

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