Playing with Cousins

My sister and I went to an uncle’s house to stay for a few days while he goes for a trip with his wife. As they are planning to go as a couple, their sixteen years old daughter and thirteen years old son stayed home. We were tasked to take care of them.

As they are going away for a week, my sister and I brought some books and our laptops over. The fun started on the first night, after out cousins went to bed, my sister suggested that have our own fun in the guest bedroom.

We got undressed and onto the bed and started fooling around, making out and petting heavily. She got very wet and horny in minutes and we were soon naked under the blankets.

As I got on top of her, she spread her legs to accommodate my entry. Slowly, my hips went lower and plugged my dick into her wet hole, lips still pasted on hers to muffle her moaning.

Sister: ‘Hey, wait. Look at the door. I think Sara is looking at us.’

I turned and stole a quick glance, Sara is a beautiful sixteen year old girl, body as slim and seductive as her use-to-be model mum. Dressed in a translucent night gown, her tube bra and lacy panties made me go harder while still inside my sister.

Xavier, their only son, had a pretty boy look, and appears to be way mature for his age. My sister had thoughts running through her mind already, and I can tell it’s something dirty and dangerous.

Sister: ‘Brother, you go and play with Sara k? While I go check on her brother.’

Me: ‘Haha. Okay. I’ll see you later. Don’t bully him ah.’

I pulled my hard dick out of my sister and got dressed under the sheets, while sister pulled another blanket to wrap herself up with, before walking out with me towards the door.

They quickly scrambled back to their rooms. And my sister and I knew exactly where to go.

On the count of three, we creaked open their doors and disappeared into their rooms. Sara’s room had a queen size bed, and lots of cute little decorations hanging overhead.

Me: ‘Sara? Are you asleep? I saw you peeping into my room earlier.’

Sara replied without moving: ‘Yeah. How can you do that with jie jie? It’s not even right.’

Me: ‘We just wanted to make each other happy. It’s safer than doing it with outside people. We trust each other. Do you have a boyfriend?’

Sara: ‘No I don’t have. But jie jie and you looks really happy doing it, even though you know it’s wrong?’

Me: ‘Haha. Yupp. We love each other. So it’s okay. Does Sara wants to try? Let kor kor make you feel good. I promise you no sex and it won’t hurt at all, and it will definitely feel better than doing it yourself. You just have to lay still on the bed. Okay?’

By then, Sara already got distracted with what she would go through as she tries to contain her excitement. Fetish? Fantasies?

Sara: ‘Uhh.. Okay I guess. Just lie down and do nothing?’

Me: ‘Yupp. Keep your eyes closed, and relax. Let kor kor do the work.’

Sara lay on her bed and closed her eyes, with her legs perked up and a little wide apart. Her lacy pink panties made my hard on so painful I had to remove my shorts, leaving only me with my underwear and a huge bulge.

As lightly as possible, I ran my hand up her smooth legs and stopped at her pussy area. I pressed my fingers outside her panties for a while as my other hand went up her night dress, to her perky hard nipples, pinching and twisting them.

Her panties got warmer and damp, furthermore, her hips started moving upwards, wanting my fingers to press harder onto her pussy.

I slid my fingers under her panties and pushed them aside. Then proceeded to rub her clit, and ran my middle finger along her slit.

Me: ‘Can I push my finger inside you?’

Sara: ‘Huh? I haven’t had sex before, I think my hymen haven’t broke yet. Can don’t?’

I was more turned on than ever after her statement. Not wanting to hurt her, I played with her clit and gave her some of the wildest orgasms she ever had.

While she was recovering from the pleasure, I pulled her panties off and lowered my head between her legs. Licking her like a kitty, her pussy juice was flowing non-stop from the simulation.

As her mind goes into a trance, I sat behind her with my dick in position, ready to take her virginity and show her the other side of pleasure.

I slipped on a condom and not sure to be happy or not, her legs went around my waist and pulled me closer. My dick was millimetres away from touching her pussy.

Sara: ‘Can you continue to make me feel good? Don’t stop. Please?’

I gently pushed my rubber shielded dick into her wet hole and expected some kind of resistance but there was none. I kept going deeper and her legs just got stronger pulling my hips as my dick went deeper into her.

With a forceful thrust, my dick went all the way into her hole. She hugged me tightly and looked into my eyes very seriously.

Sara: ‘You put it in ah?’

Me: ‘Yes I did. Does it hurt?’

Sara said shyly: ‘It hurt a little. But it feels good. Can continue? Be very gentle k? It’s my first time.’

I pumped my dick in and out of her at a slow pace, but made sure it went all the way inside her.

As her hips started to respond in rhythm with my thrusts, I went faster and harder, making her moans audible through the house. Her pussy got super tight and she convulsed a little while cumming really hard.

I could feel my load coming and whispered into her ears, ‘Hey Sara, I’m cumming soon. Would you like to have a taste of it?’

I knew I could cum into the rubber, but I didn’t want to waste a week of cum in a silly rubber. I wanted to give her the cum she earned with her pussy for the first time.

Sara: ‘Can. You made me very happy. I want to make you happy too.’

I pulled my dick out of her sore pussy and yanked the rubber away. She sat up on the bed and took my dick into her mouth, licking and sucking it like a lollipop.

Me: ‘I’m cumming now. Put it into your mouth, don’t spill any k?’

She sealed her pretty pink lips around my pee hole and sucked a little. Spurts of cum exited my shaft and into her mouth. Probably for the first time, she didn’t know what to do with the cum in her mouth, she drank it as I shot the whole load.

It felt really satisfying to cum in a girl’s mouth whom virginity I took just moments ago. We hugged each other to bed that night and had another round of crazy sex before she leaves for her classes. I could tell she was addicted.

What about her brother? My sister apparently tire him out so badly that he overslept for his lessons. I had a great time listening to her telling me the details though.

Xavier was thirteen, and my sister was the first girl he had sex with. And experienced a whole lot of other things, blowjob, handjob and etc. He was also addicted and kept going on for the night. He was doing his best at the fifth round but he could no longer get it up.

As amusing as it was, we had a great time sharing. Hmm.. While the two kids are out, my sister and I shall go get busy.

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