All Wet

Elaine was all wet when I met her at her void deck.

Elaine: ‘Hurry, let’s go to the stairs.’

I knew which stairs were she talking about, it seems that she can’t forget the feeling of having a hard dick inside her. As cute as she is, she called my dick ‘lolli’. Hehe. Cute and innocent sounding too.

We ran up the steps to the end and started kissing passionately without even putting our bags down.

Elaine: ‘Viby is still in me.’

She was wearing a skirt, and a tee shirt. Nothing fanciful, since she just came out of house, using ‘taking things from friend who lives nearby as an excuse.’ As soon as I reached under her skirt to feel for the vibrator, she spread her legs wide enough for me to slide my finger into her, and to pull the orange bullet out. It slipped out easily, since she was already so wet, without panties.

It was the first time I felt it, juices were dripping from her slit, the bullet acted as a cork, holding all her wetness in. She was moaning for more when I pulled it out, my finger didn’t just rested. I started pushing my index and middle finger into her, going fast that the slurping sounds didn’t take long to be heard.

Elaine: ‘Jasper, I want lolli in me. Can? I want you to make me happy.’

Me: ‘Yes of course you get lolli, I promised to do anything you say.’

Unzipping my pants, I pulled my dick out and sat on the topmost steps. Lying backwards, her legs went over my hips and squatted down slowly, holding lolli with her right hand, guiding it right in.

Elaine: ‘Ahhhhhh! I love you!’

Her hips started grinding me, there was no condom, and I was so horny that made me worry. I quickly pulled the Strepsils metal box that I kept the condoms in and tore one open.

Me: ‘Elaine! Wait wait, I put on the condom first k? This condom got texture on it, see if you feel better using it.’

She got the condom from me, lifted herself of my dick and changed to a kneeling position over me. Pressing on the tip of the rubber, she rolled the tube down my already-lubricated shaft, all the way to my balls. Making sure she did it right, she looked at me while I smiled at her, giving her a nod to go on.

She leaned herself backwards and over my lolli head, resuming her ride and grind. It was mind-blowing. Her pussy was tight and hot, I would say hotter than my shaft. Everytime she rested, her vagina walls were wrapping me tightly, pushing my shaft upwards, towards the peehole.

Sex on the stairs was so intense I had to stop her many times, approximately every ten minutes interval to hold my cum in. Cowgirl wasn’t the only position we tried though. Changing to doggie style, I had her kneel on my slippers while she faced the bottom of the stairs, making sure to hear anything if someone comes.

Her meaty ass was slapping my hips so rhythmically that I couldn’t last more than fifteen before I had to unload. I paused while she kept pushing herself backwards against me, wanting more.

Me: ‘Elaine, I’m going to shoot le. Can I shoot in your mouth?’

Elaine: ‘Okay!’

She quickly turned around, pulled my condom off my dick and sucked on it, gently, slowly, just the way I liked it. Within minutes, I signalled her and came hard into her mouth. She didn’t wait for everything to come out, she started drinking as I shot, loads after loads into her. As I emptied my balls, she used her hands to push everything out, from a massage on my balls, to squeezing the shaft upwards, wasting no drops.

Elaine: ‘Where is the energy drink? Quick quick.’

She took the pack from my bag and tore it opened before taking a mouthful from it.

Elaine: ‘Hmm!’

We kissed and she transferred the drink into me. As we emptied the packet, my dick was awakening from her stroking. She pulled me forward to sit on the topmost few steps of the stairs and laid me down on my back. Returning to the cowgirl position, she sat on my thighs while wrapping another rubber over the lollipop.

Elaine: ‘Okay? Hehe. This time, I want you to cum in me.’

She waddled forward and sat on my dick, more accurately, more tight than ever. Her ride this time was fast, and I was energetic too. Sitting upwards, I hugged her while moving my hips up and down, bouncing her along my meat stick. The load wasn’t coming anytime soon, but my dick was getting harder by the moment.

Elaine: ‘Ahhhhhh! Hmmmmm…. I’m cumming, I cumming! Wait wait.’

Her pussy wrapped tightly around my dick and she hugged me super tightly. I wanted to go on, and I did. Hugging her in return, I moved my hips forward and backward, slamming her pussy against my balls. Her moans went into sobbing as pleasure overtook her, pushing her to craziness and ecstasy.

Me: ‘I’m going to cum too, can I shoot inside you?’

Elaine: ‘Yes yes. I’m cumming too.’

We increased our speed and I kept on pushing deeper into her as I blew my load into the rubber. Her pussy tightened and squeezed every drop out, we paused there, for a good five minutes. The lolli was limp before we realised and my sperms filled up most part of the condom. We rested for a while before dressing ourselves.

It was fun, doing with Elaine in a public staircase. I think I’m addicted to Elaine now, her soft wet pussy, on a slim body that every guy wants their girlfriends to have, what more could I ask for. 5 days of cum, all into her. Meow~

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