Booking Out – Danielle

I called Danielle once I got off the bus at Pasir Ris.

Me: ‘Hello Danielle.’

Danielle: ‘Hey hi! Where are you now?’

Me: ‘I’m at Pasir Ris now. Hmm.. Is there anyone at your house now? I need someplace to change my clothes.’

Danielle: ‘Nope! There is no one home now, my mum is flying again. You want to come ah? But my place is messy.’

Me: ‘Haha. Not like I’ve never been there before.’

Danielle: ‘Okay! I’ll see you soon then. Will text you my address.’

Me: ‘Alright. I love you.’

Danielle: ‘Uhh.. okay. Bye!’

I board a cab and went to her place.

*Ding Dong*

Danielle opened the door and pulled me in. Quickly, I placed my bags and took my top off since it’s very hot wearing the uniform. She hugged me and I removed my boots before seating on her sofa bed. Hugging her close to me, I whispered into her ears.

Me: ‘Did you missed me?’

Her face was facing away from me then, like how she turned away the first time I met her at her place.

Danielle: ‘Yahh.’

My hands were already running under her shirt, and slowly up to her breasts. She wasn’t wearing any bra then, seems totally prepared for me. She turned her face towards me and kissed while my fingers rolled her nipples in a circular pinch. Her nipples were hard, but she weren’t showing a lot of her horniness.

Slowly, her body got warmer and is also turning towards me. I slid my hand across her tummy and into her pants, as expected, there was no panties as well, and was already wet.

Danielle: ‘Would you pleasure me today? I don’t feel all that happy.’

Me: ‘Yupp. Of course I will.’

Sliding my hand lower into her shorts, her moans started to get softer as she anticipates what I would do. Slipping my middle finger into her love hole.

Danielle: ‘Ahh.. Hmm..’

The moans kept my fingers working, rubbing, fingering, pinching her clit, flipping it left and right. She was really in seventh heavens. With her eyes closed, her legs were trembling, and chest rising and sinking fast, from the pleasure she was receiving. Lying as comfortably as she could, I lifted her shirt up and suckle on her nipples gently, and twirling the tip of my tongue around. Her moans were soothing, like a baby’s breathing.

Slowly, her pussy tightens and a wave of juice came into my hand. Her legs clamped onto my hand until she was done, and released it.

Danielle: ‘Your turn now!’

She propped me onto the sofa, on my back while she sat between my legs, ready to give me a really slow and effective handjob. Taking a tube of lubricant, she squeezed some out onto her palm. Rubbed her hands together and covered my dick with it. She began to stroke my dick in a gently and massaging motion, pushing her way up, and down, occasionally giving it a gentle rub on the head.

It lasted for a good fifteen minutes, with no rush. I was of course feeling really good to have someone keeping me horny.

Danielle: ‘I help you shoot now k? Then we wash up. I think you have to go home le. It’s late already.’

Me: ‘I could accompany you for a while more after I wash up.’

Danielle: ‘Really? Okay!’

She increased her speed and covered the full length of my shaft. Slurping sounds, semi-dried lubricant kept my dick real hard and stiff. Within minutes of her hyper speed, my load came and shot high up into the air. She managed to catch most of it on her hands and none got onto me. She’s good in this.

Giving it a few more strokes, she got the insides of my shaft cleaned out of sperms as well. Going into the toilet with her, she sat on the bowl and washed her wet pussy. Having done that, she came around to my back and washed my little brother, in a arousing strokes.

We were done soon enough and we went back to her sofa for a little more cuddling before I went home, to my lalaland.

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