Booking Out – Rinnie

It was 8pm when I reached Singapore. My phone vibrated and Rinnie was calling me, how could I not pick her phone up.

Rinnie screamed: ‘You are booking out today right?!’

Me: ‘Yeah. Why? Haha. Missed me?’

Rinnie: ‘Umm! You want to meet? Like at Paya Lebar MRT. Let’s go out together.’

Me: ‘Huh? I’m in my uniform. Cannot do anything in public.’

Rinnie: ‘Haha. In the toilet leh? I am feeling a bit naughty.’

Me: ‘Ohh.. Haha. I guess toilet will be fine. Okay. Let’s meet at Paya Lebar MRT then.’

We reconciled and walked towards City Plaza, where we had our first sexcapade. We went to the carpark toilet and she was in her pink dress! I pulled her shoulder strap down and her sexy laced underwear made me harder than ever. Pinning me against the wall, she squatted down in front of me and undid my army pants as quickly as she could. My hard dick sprang out of my boxers and she immediately started sucking on it.

Me: ‘Rinnie, are you alright? You’re scaring me. You’re like so wild today.’

Rinnie: ‘I’m alright, just that I missed you a lot, your smell, your finger your hands, your everything. I want you badly.’

Me: ‘Me too. Wants you badly. Ahhh! Keep going k? Don’t slow down, don’t stop. I want to give it all to you.’

She kept going and tell you guys, her mouth is the best. Her suction would be perfect to make me cum hard but not too hard, so I could keep going. Lots of saliva and my precum makes up the lubricant for her to suck fast. Since I was standing up, I couldn’t do much to arouse her.

Me: ‘Rinnie, I’m going to shoot le!’

Immediately, she paused and grabbed my dick tightly while she sat on her dress covering the toilet cover.

Me: ‘Huh? What happened?’

Rinnie: ‘I want to feel you inside me. I want it to go inside me.’

Me: ‘Are you sure? You can get pregnant leh.’

Rinnie: ‘Yupp I’m sure. I am having my menses, unless you are afraid of blood luh.’

Me: ‘Nope! In it goes then. Rawr’

I pushed my dick into her wet hole and baby, she was really wet even without being touched. This is how horny she is. Clamping her legs close, she made sure she was tight and I felt good. Pumping faster, my head was spinning, from the horniness and her tight hole.

We weren’t really moaning though, we kissed throughout and it was quite muffled. A little shakes here and there in the cubicles, but we were really enjoying ourselves. Slowing down to control so we could go longer, and she would help me hold it in by relaxing her pussy.

She shaved it clean, and there wasn’t any smell. Kissing her, squeezing her boobs, she was more than I could ask for.

Rinnie: ‘Are you cumming soon?’

Me: ‘If you want me to. I can.’

Rinnie: ‘A while more k? And then you can start to go faster and cum.’

I maintained my speed while she lay back and relaxed, rubbing her clit while I pounded her.

Me: ‘I’m cumming soon le.’

Rinnie took a deep breath and said: ‘Okay!’

Increasing my speed, our meat slapped against each other and my dick was already fully loaded.

Me: ‘Ummmmm!’ Combined with heavy breathing and clenching virginal muscles, Rinnie know I have started pumping my juice into her love hole. She pulled me close and tightly, wrapping her legs around my hips as I continued shooting every drop into her. She wanted more, my dick was getting hard again without rest.

I continued pushing deep into her and thrusting so hard that the cubicle is shaking. Without rest, I wanted to give her more. Her pussy was already overflowing with juices, making it super easy to go very fast. Wasting no time, round 2 has begun and I didn’t stop nor slow down since the first fire.

Holding my face in front of her, her legs pushed me deep into her again and kissed me hard. Her vagina walls were so tight and there was this suction that made me blow my second load into her. We froze in that position for as long as her pussy is squeezing my dick dry of sperms.

Rinnie: ‘Sorry! I couldn’t let you go. You make me feel too high.’

Me: ‘It’s okay! Really. I liked it this way.’

Rinnie sat on the toilet seat and pushed my sperms out. It was easy, cause there was a lot. Looking at me, I gave her a kiss, and she held me by my wrists.

Putting her mouth over my dick, she swirled her tongue around to clean it, and also to suck it a little to make sure nothing stays behind. Fifty minutes of intensive sex. Emptied two weeks of proteins and sperms. It was all worth it, doing with someone I love. We got dressed and went for a meal at KFC before going our separate ways home. Oh! the cubicles walls in the male toilet is shaking as well.

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