Booking Out – Elaine

Elaine was waiting for me at Pasir Ris interchange. Immediately, I saw her but she couldn’t really recognise me.

Me: ‘Hi Elaine!’

Elaine: ‘Ehh! Hi! All of you were like wearing the same uniform and everything luh. Can’t recognise you.’

Me: ‘Haha. Yeahh.. Hmm.. where are we going now?’

Elaine: ‘You want to send me home? There’s a park there we can relax and have fun.’

Me: ‘Alright. Naughty girl, let’s just do that.’

We took a cab down to Sengkang and went to a park a few minutes walk from her flat. It was tiring with the field pack on, but the wait was worth it. We sat down on a stone bench and true enough, there wasn’t anyone around us even though it’s just 8pm.

Elaine leaned towards me and circled her hands around my bulge.

Elaine: ‘Naughty boy ah. See how hard you are already.’

Me: ‘Hehe. Will you will make me happy today?’

Without another word, she unbuttoned my trousers a little difficulty (her boyfriend is in NS now too), and pull my dick out of my undies. She started with slow and sensual strokes, while looking at my ‘high’ expression all the time. Of course my hands weren’t lazing around, I slipped my hand under her skirt and groped around. The little horny Elaine didn’t have panties on! All the way from Pasir Ris to Sengkang, and I didn’t know about it.

That made access easier, and my finger was already running up and down her slit. By then, her hands are tired of jerking and my belt is quickly undone. She took my hands and slipped it into her top;

Elaine: ‘Baby, let me suck you k? Just enjoy.’

She knelt on my boots and wrapped her little lips around my meat. It was heavenly, to feel her mouth after 2 weeks of NS. My dick couldn’t be any harder, she worked her mouth up and down, slowly going deeper and deeper down her throat. My hands were in her top, rubbing and pinching and twisting her nipples around. Her moans were cute, and seductive, it just got me harder and already preparing to cum.

Me: ‘Hey baby, I can’t take it anymore, I’m going to shoot le. Where do you want me to shoot?’

Elaine: ‘In my mouth? I want to drink it. For baby Jasper.’

She knew exactly what to do, increasing her speed of sucking and moving her mouth up and down, I was at the verge at no time. Spurting loads and loads of cum into her mouth, she was sucking it as hard as she could, I could feel my legs going jelly.

Me: ‘Elaine, you don’t have to drink it if you want to.’

Elaine: ‘Nah! Finished. Ahhhh…’

She really did swallow. Sitting back beside me, my hand went into her skirt and started to finger her. Her moans were quite loud though, not sure if anyone heard or were watching us. Her pussy was getting wet quickly and she does squirts. As she grabbed my arm tightly, her pussy walls tightened and a jet of juices could be felt on my palm, short but a lot. Hehe. It was my first time really fingering someone who squirts.

Elaine: ‘Baby Jasper, ready for round 2?’

Me: ‘When you are ready!’

This time, she sat beside me and started jerking my dick faster, up and down, using her juice as lubricant. My fingers weren’t resting, so were her hands. Interchanging between blowjobs and handjobs, my dick was hard in 2 minutes. Her high speed jerking could go for a long time, and having a pretty face in front of me, I could help but prepared to cum again.

Me: ‘Elaine! I’m cumming again le!’

She kept going until she felt my dick muscles squeeze tight. Covering her hand over the tip of dick, my cum shot into her hand. I was heaving and panting while her palm is still going around my now-super-sensitive dick.

Elaine: ‘A surprise for you!’

Her hand resumed jerking on my super soft and sensitive dick. I couldn’t stop myself from moaning, she pasted her lips on mine to muffle the sound while her hand continued. My legs were all going wobbly and my head was already resting on the bench.

Elaine whispered into my ears: ‘Round 3.’

Bending her body forward, she sucked my dick in the most sexy way. Her head bobbing up and down, playing and teasing my dick with her tongue. I was tired, but she wanted more. After a few seconds, she stopped.

Elaine: ‘Jasper, put your hands on my head, tell me what to do, how deep to go. I love you.’

Her mouth took my dick once again. This time, I pushed her head down slowly while the recoil was up to her control. Gradually, the time she spent choking on my dick was longer than the time she had to breath, but she was holding up fine. My speed increased and she was enjoying herself as well.

My hard but weak dick is now at her mercy. Having no more energy to control her blowjob, she went own-time-own-target and did what she did to her boyfriend. Going along with the blowjob, she combined handjob with it. After a good 15 minutes of non-stop sucking, I felt the blanks being loaded.

Me: ‘I’m cumming. Can’t take it le.’

All Elaine could give me was an ‘Umm’, signalling me to go on.

Her head stopped moving, and she was pushing her tongue as deep as she could into my peehole. Occasionally twirling around my little hard mushroom. Firing hard but little sperms, she helped me got them out by sucking real hard, making my legs even softer now.

Elaine wiped her mouth with wet tissues and cleaned me up nicely, making sure nothing was missed. Placing her hand on my soft little dick, she kept stroking it as if it’s a tired little bird – it was anyway. I was getting up again, but needed more time.

Elaine: ‘How? You like it? Haha. I’m tired le.’

Me: ‘How can I not like it. You did so much for me, while I only fingered you.’

Elaine: ‘Nevermind lah. You’re tired mah. Let me service you today lo. My boyfriend doesn’t treat me good also.’

Me: ‘Haha. You must make him as happy k? I love you! Really..’

Elaine: ‘Really? Okay. One last round for you. For making me so happy today.’

Without wasting anytime, she knelt in front of me again, and used her mouth to make sure I was really hard. Pulling up her shirt, she squeezed her boobs around my dick, and started bouncing them up and down. Her mouth wasn’t resting, she bent her head forward and positioned her mouth to suck me once every time my dick protruded out of her two medium sized boobs. Sort of like giving short sucking kisses, just on the dick head.

Saliva, cum and her juice were the lubricants of the day. In a long 20 minutes breast fuck, I unloaded onto her boobs. Being super horny then, she smeared my cum and whatever liquid all over her body before pulling her shirt down.

Elaine: ‘Happy? How is my skills?’

Me: ‘Super happy! You are very good. Your boyfriend is super lucky to have you lo. I want you too.’

Elaine: ‘Really?! Haha. Actually I also got no feelings for him le. I don’t do this for him anymore. We just meet and go out and eat and go home. I think he is cheating on me, that’s why I wanted to find someone better.’

Me: ‘Aiyo, ask him and find out. Don’t worry, Jasper is here for you.’

Elaine: ‘Hehe. Naughty boy, of course you will be there for me. I will be here for you when you feel horny too. Let’s clean up and go home ba. I think you’re super tired. Hehe.’

She took my now-really-soft dick and gave it a few licks with her tongue, and sucked on the tip to make sure nothing is left inside. Putting my little bird gently back into the nest, she buttoned up my pants for me, and gave it a little squeeze at my groin area. Holding her in my arms, I kissed her like long lost lovers.

I cleaned her up by putting her on the bench, and perking her legs up. Sitting on my bag, I gave her pussy some lovin’, her moans were soft, and cute. I played with her clit, sucked gently on her love hole, and used my nose to rub her pussy even more, my fingers were already inside fingering.

Me: ‘Hey baby, why the more I clean and wipe, the wetter it gets?’

Elaine: ‘You idiot lah. Don’t stop can? Keep going.’

I continued until she was in a little convulsion and squirted her juices into my mouth. It tasted sweet, and there weren’t any smell like Peiling’s (my ex). I kept licking her to make sure she felt happy too. But after about another two orgasms, she stopped me.

Elaine: ‘Hey Jasper, I think that’s enough for tonight. Thank you. You made me very happy today.’

Me: ‘You too. Want to meet tomorrow?’

Elaine: ‘Okay! This time, let’s go to a hotel so we don’t have to do it in public. Can?’

Me: ‘Yupp. Let’s go to a hotel tomorrow. I send you till your unit.’

Elaine: ‘Why? Later my family see you how?’

Me: ‘But you are not wearing any panties and bra, what if someone tries to do something to you?’

Elaine: ‘Haha. Ya hor. Okay lo. Send me up.’

We kissed again in the lift, while I am in my uniform. It was short but a fierce one.

Me: ‘Bye Elaine. I love you.’

Elaine: ‘Bye Jasper. I love you too.’

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