Only PE shirt

Elaine got dressed in her school PE shirt and went down to meet me. It was our first meeting and it was to be done below her flat. Her long PE shirt and the unknowns below her shirt really turned me on. ‘Is she wearing her shorts? Or is it just panties?’ – that thought kept running through my mind.

Elaine: ‘Hi Jasper!’

Me: ‘Wow, you looked slimmer than your weight lah. Bluff me.’

Elaine: ‘Where got? Really mah. Haha. You want come up to my place? No one is at home leh.’

Me: ‘Haha. Naughty girl. Okay lo. Really no one ah?’

Elaine took my hand and pulled me towards the elevator, quickly pushed ’10’ and held both my hands, looking at me. Slowly, she lifted her shirt up and reveal a tiny black lacy panties. Holding onto my shoulders, she took her panties off as quickly as she could. All these while, the lift is moving up to her floor, and to make things more exciting, the lifts have these little windows that people can look into.


The lift reached level 10 and she held my hands and pulled me along, hands under and over my arms like my girlfriend. She pushed a door and entered. I was a little scared that she was tricking me into meeting her boyfriend.

Elaine: ‘Come, sit down. I want to give you a treat.’

Her ez-link card was on the table, ‘1995’. It was a picture of her, looking quite cute. Knowing she was only 15, it turned me on even more, well, which guy wouldn’t? With both her hands, she pulled my pants and let it slide onto the floor. Pulling my boxers next, she didn’t totally pulled it off, but low enough to expose my hard pink dick.

I met Elaine on a social site. We chatted for sometime, and she was attached. Her boyfriend’s status is pretty intimidating though, NS, 22 years old. She reads this blog, and she loves it. Haha. That’s how we became kinky smses mate. Oh well, back to her house.

She cupped her mouth over the head and sucked on it gently, it was soothing and comfortable. I really felt like a king then. Her mouth gently creating a vacuum while her lips run up and down my shaft. It wasn’t very deep, but arousing. I couldn’t keep my hands still and slid it into her collar and down her PE shirt. There was no bra, her breasts were firm and full. Of course, her nipples were already waiting for my fingers to play with them.

Forming a C shape with my hand, I covered her breast and massaged, kneading them around. Soon, I took my fingers and rolled her nipples around. Both sides, alternating as she kept going on with the blowjob. Her suction became stronger as she played with my balls. She knew when I was shooting, and she knew it’s coming soon.

Without slowing down, she wrapped her fingers around my long shaft and stroked it while continuing to suck the head. In less than ten minutes, the load unleashed andĀ spurtedĀ into her mouth, with every pump of her hand, my cock forced every drop out, all into her mouth.

*hmm* Elaine showed me her cum-filled mouth before closing and swallowed everything down her throat. She got up and pushed me back onto her sofa. ‘What is she up to now?’ Apparently, it wasn’t over. She pulled her PE shirt off and went back on her knees between my legs.

Elaine: ‘One more!’

Without hesitation, she went back to sucking.

Me: ‘You not tired meh?’

Elaine shook her head with my dick in her mouth. This time, she was more energetic and sucked even faster, it was about two minutes before my little brother got harder like before. This time, she pushed her head deeper and paused while her throat and tongue worked on my shaft. She wasn’t gagging, and it seems that her training with her boyfriend went well.

My whole shaft was super wet with her saliva when she pulled it out of her mouth. Taking it between her hands, she stroked me fast without mercy. Somehow, her sexy body was forcing me to shoot soon.

Me: ‘I’m shooting le, can suck me? And and.. come onto the sofa, lie on my legs. I want to touch you and make you feel good too.’

She climbed onto the sofa and lie on my thighs while continue sucking me while I ran my hand under her shirt and rubbed her cleanly shaved pussy. She was getting wet and horny as I continue to rub her faster as she sucked me harder. Within seconds I shot into her mouth without warning. She sucked in all in without complains and lie on her back, resting her head on my thighs.

Elaine gave me an ‘ahh’ and swallow for the second time. I continue to rub and finger her until she fell asleep on my leg. After two hours, I woke up from my sleep and she was awake then, making some noodles for both of us.

Elaine: ‘Got enjoy yourself?’

Me: ‘Yupp! You’re the best!’

Elaine: ‘Of course lah. Eat le then you have to go le, my parents coming home le.’

Me: ‘Okay!’

We ate and touched around before she couldn’t resist but give me a handjob to taste my cum again before sending me off. And I returned the favour by getting a taste of her too. How I wish I had a photo of her. 15 years old, 163cm, 49kg. Slim, pretty, sexy and horny. Dreams come true.

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