Pretty Girl

Shilin: ‘You want to go upstairs? I think my cousin is inside, give you a chance to be with pretty girl.’

Me: ‘Lol, sounds so nice. You need to handle the crowd here. I go upstairs first, anything call me.’

Shilin: ‘Thanks man.’

*knock knock* she opened the door a few seconds later.

Me: ‘Uhh.. Silin asked me to shower and rest here, cause the crowd downstairs is too big.’

Siying: ‘Okay. Just.. make yourself comfortable. You staying overnight?’

Me: ‘Yeah. I’m going to stay tonight.’

It was Shilin’s twenty-first birthday, and I had to clean myself up in the other room since the bigger room is filled with visitors. Took my bag into the showers and washed up before changing into a fresh set of clothes. I couldn’t get the image of her cousin, outside, dressed in yellow top and shorts. Long, flowy hair down to her waist, her face was one you could fantasize with, an angelic one.

Soon, I was done and was ready for an entry on my iTouch, half-hornified. Whilst typing away, she began showing interest in the long passage I was typing.

Siying: ‘Ehh.. iTouch can sms meh?’

Me: ‘No lah. I’m typing a blog.’

Siying: ‘Ohh.. what blog is it? Your personal one?’

Me: ‘Yeahh. I write adult stories.’ *I wasn’t quite sure if she should know anymore.*

Siying: ‘I got read a lot leh. Which blog do you write in?’

I was quite sure that she wouldn’t be interested in a horny guy who writes stories to get off, I gave her my URL, typed on her iTouch.

Siying: ‘OMG, you’re the writer? I love your stories. Umm.. very.. realistic.’

Me: ‘Haha. Thanks man.’

Siying: ‘What are you writing now? Tell me leh.’

Me: ‘I’m writing a story about you lo. Haha.’

Siying: ‘Hmm.. are you open minded?’

Me: ‘I suppose I am quite open minded. Why?’

Siying: ‘Let’s have a little fun.’

I was shocked, it was also now I’ve realised her downblouse that was gapping wide open for me to see. She sat herself backwards on the bed and I took her face close to my mouth, kissing lightly. Her tongue slowly pry my lips open and we were enjoying a tongue fight then. My hands were running up her thighs, rubbing her pussy through her denim shorts.

*hmm* Her moans were muffled by the kiss. Taking a break, she locked the door and got naked, requesting me to do the same too. Crawling onto the bed, she went into a doggie position. With my knees, I waddled behind her and prepared to penetrate her.

Me: ‘Are you a virgin?’

Siying: ‘No. I gave my first time to my ex. You mind?’

Me: ‘Nono, just asking.’

With a slight smile, I pushed my dick into her semi-wet pussy. With her nod, I started moving my hips like the wheels of a train. Slowly, and got faster. Her pussy wasn’t small, it was a perfect fit for my dick. The vagina walls weren’t too tight, the amount of juices weren’t too much, her moans were subtle too. It was as though we were fucking a body made for each other.

We didn’t wanted to waste too much time changing position, with her body slapping her pussy back against my forward thrust, I had my share of pleasure and wanted to unload soon – in case someone knocks. Putting her hand on her ass, she pointed to her ass.

Siying: ‘Can shoot inside? Just put the head of your dick in and shoot.’

Me: ‘Okay. I’ll do it.’

The pounding resumed and the slapping got louder, it wasn’t even twelve minutes in her perfect pussy before I had to pull it out, forced it into her ass and pumped a couple of inches into her before unloading. It was satisfying, the pulling out of my dick feels like a suck to clear whatever was remaining inside. And once my dick popped out of her ass, the thick cum started flowing out.

Siying: ‘You’re good.’

The clean up was easy, and we spent most of the night talking about our fantasies, even got me penning down some inspirations from her too. Goodnight Siying.

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