What If/s

How nice to have a girlfriend to satisfy your every needs. Let me create an imaginary girl, who would I hope be everyone of your desire and fantasies.

*tugging at Ivan’s shoulder*

Rinnie: ‘Hey, you awake yet? It’s 7am le. Work work!’

Rinnie had spent the night at Ivan’s place, her parents were out on a long holiday around the world. She came from a well-to-do family, had nothing to worry about since birth and was smarter than many girls her age. At just 18, she had graduated from poly with a Diploma with Merit for Psychological Studies.

Weighing at 40kg for a height of 160cm, she was the dream girl every guy would want to have. Usually dressed decently, jeans and shorts and tee, many a time she doesn’t wear anything below. Especially during dates with Ivan, she would be wearing a tube, and a skirt so short would show her cute lacy panties if the escalator is long enough.

Rinnie’s hand slowly went over Ivan’s waist and into his boxers, massaging his little brother. Ivan was an average guy with high self-control level, he was also born with a silver spoon. For his 21st birthday, his parents gotten him his very own apartment with a BMW. He had many girls after him, usually spending his time reading in the midst of everyday, girls would go up to him for numbers without fail. From secondary to sugar mummies, he could have any.

Ivan: ‘Okay okay, time to work.’

Work usually meant playtime in their schedule, without the need to work, they could spend most of the day doing anything they want. And here it begins.

Ivan slowly turned himself to lie flat on the bed, while Rinnie continued stroking his dick. Her other hand was grabbing Ivan’s arm, trying to get him to get her off as well. Her body was the hornier one, but he is the stronger one. As moans got louder from Ivan, Rinnie wrapped her legs around his hand, using his whole arm as a magic wand, stroking herself.

Uncontrollably, Rinnie started to jerk Ivan’s dick faster and he returned the favour by fingering her wet tight pussy. Both were moaning so loudly neighbours would complain if they were staying in a HDB flat. Soon, she wanted more from Ivan, but without his order, she was suppose to keep going. Since the beginning, Ivan was the master, and Rinnie was the slave. He had much control over himself than Rinnie, who could get horny for no apparent reason.

Ivan: ‘What would you do next?’

Without hesitation, she climbed on top of him, his dick in her hand, ready to make it disappear into her.

Ivan: ‘Wait. Don’t rush can? Tell me what you want now.’

Rinnie: ‘I want your dick in me now.’

Ivan: ‘Okay. Do what you want.’

She spread her pussy open wider and sat down, taking the whole length of the 5.6inch dick into her. Every thrust into her was the most orgasmic experience, his dick was the first and only one that hit her right at the end of her vagina, so deep and full.

She kept herself rocking over him, palms pressed on his abs, grinding and sliding back and forth. Ivan wasn’t all that satisfied, but nonetheless, he wanted her to be happy. Within minutes, Rinnie came for the third time and Ivan needed a change in position.

Hugging her, he pulled himself up and sat face to face with her. A gently peck on her lips and she fell onto her back, ready for Ivan to do his work. Moving his hips gently, his long hard dick started pounding on Rinnie’s hip, balls against pussy. Her moans became sobbing, from the joy and bodily reactions. She wasn’t getting tired for sure.

Pushing her legs up towards her breasts, she knew that to do, it was one of the times Ivan was so enthusiastic. Holding her own thighs, Ivan increased his speed of pounding, driving her wild and wet with orgasms. Her mind is blank, in a trance, wanting more. Ivan was cool, he knew how Rinnie loved sex, and slowly, he paced himself slower and still stuck deep into her.

Rinnie’s eyes were closed, breathing resumed to the slow and deep ones, her legs were now wide open on the bed. Sliding his body downwards, his tongue gave her clitoris a flick, and she twitched. Ivan felt special on this day, he wanted to give her a treat. Using his middle finger, he stuck it up her pussy, twisting and curling his finger, making her moan and keeping her wet.

With his tongue, he continued flicking her clit quickly, keeping up with his fingering. Her love juice flowed non-stop down his finger and onto his hand. As much as he could, he kept his mouth sucking on her hole with every orgasms she had. It was close to 8am when Rinnie finally collapsed from exhaustion.

Ivan wasn’t done yet. Climbing over her limp body once more, he slid his rock hard dick into her tiny hole, resumed pounding at an even faster speed. Her eyes were trying their best to open, but all she could do was to let Ivan have his own fun with her body. Sure, she didn’t had control, but she knew Ivan was having the most fun pleasuring her. Soft moans, heavy and loud breathing.

Rinnie: ‘Ivan, you like it?’

Hmm‘, Ivan murmured while suckling her breasts, dick still in her. With a heave and puff, Ivan went hyperspeed on the pounding of her already sore pussy. ‘Shooting le!’, it was a pleasant surprise as she felt his load entering her, pushed deep with every thrust she received. His every move was matched by her breathing, embracing all of his love into her. She was more than happy and felt fortunate, with a grin across her face, she took Ivan by the chin, while he rested his sweaty body on her, and kissed deep.

Ivan: ‘You leh? Like it? My service today good hor? Specially for you de.’

That couldn’t make Rinnie anymore happy. With a hug, she flipped him onto the bed and wriggled her body downwards to his juicy dick, with her dried cum over it. Taking it into her mouth, she went as deep as her mouth was, right down her throat. Her gag response was trained, trained from the long hours of blowjob she did for Ivan.

Licking, sucking, nibbling, gentle bites, balls fondling, slurping, gagging, it was her gift for Ivan. He simply laid back, closed his eyes and enjoyed. There was no sense of hurry nor tiredness. Most of the time, she would keep herself working by fingering and rubbing her own clit, pinching it for a long time before letting go.

Ivan: ‘Rin, I’m going to cum. I want to cum in your mouth.’

Giving no resistance to Ivan, she continued sucking, but this time, with her fingers wrapped around his long shaft, moving in synchronization with her mouth.


Ivan blew his load into her mouth, almost choking her, but she could handle it well. For she knows when is he shooting after the warning, and how to know when it would fire. Taking it all in her mouth, Rinnie waited for Ivan’s powerful dick to finish pumping the proteins. After he signaled to her he was done, she swallowed the whole load in one gulp, *gulp*.

Her work wasn’t over. Without lifting her head off his dick, she sucked his dickhead gently a few times, making sure everything is out. If there is anything left, she would swallow it again. And after the check, she would naughtily suck him hard on his now-sensitive penis.

Rinnie and Ivan had a lot in common, sex was a routine for their young bodies and age. Before breakfast, and before dinner. It was more than a workout. It was dessert time, showertime, TV time, cooking time. More reasons to have sex than anyone. And surprising, Rinnie was the one with raging hormones. How nice.

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