Bathtub Fun

Wendy was in the bathtub lathering herself when the door knocked violently, shocking her to a silence. One of her female friends who stayed over needed the toilet and she entered after Wendy told her it was unlocked. The intense odour of alcohol swarmed the room after Lilian flipped opened the toilet cover and went […]

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Cousin’s Intrusion

Ben took his usual shower in the afternoon despite hearing visitors in his house. His mum had invited her sister and daughters over for lunch but he paid no attention to them, determined to get his cool shower before he left for work. Halfway into the shower, he heard the door in his room open […]

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Happy Ending.

Kate’s university exams were finally over and getting a part time job was her first goal to earn her own allowance. Having depended on her family for the course of three years, she knew she had to make a living herself from that point onwards. The only advertisements that she were attracted to were the […]

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