Bathtub Fun

Wendy was in the bathtub lathering herself when the door knocked violently, shocking her to a silence. One of her female friends who stayed over needed the toilet and she entered after Wendy told her it was unlocked. The intense odour of alcohol swarmed the room after Lilian flipped opened the toilet cover and went on to puke her guts out. There was little Wendy could do except to ask about her condition, only to get replies of being alright but drunk.

After Lilian relieved the nausea, she sat over the bowl and peed loudly, while looking about the bathroom. It was her first time inside since the BBQ started, and she spotted a thin, long shiny cylinder at the edge of the tub.

Lilian: ‘Are you masturbating?’

Wendy: ‘No.. Showering.’

Lilian: ‘Haha. Did you forget about the toy?’

Wendy: ‘Oh shit. Yeah. Don’t tell the girls k? It’s so awkward.’

Lilian: ‘Nah. I have something similar too. But I usually do it on bed.’

A flushing sound came and the shower curtains were suddenly pulled to the side. Lilian was bottom naked and had a reddish complexion. Clearly, her drunken state was in control of her. She stepped into the tub without warning and Wendy retracted her legs for her.

Wendy: ‘What are you doing?’

Lilian: ‘Getting a shower too?’

Wendy: ‘C’mon. You are drunk. I’ll let you wash up when I am done. Just wait at the toilet first can?’

Lilian: ‘No.. Let’s bath together.’

She leaned over to Wendy after the toy was brought into the waters. Wendy had no space to dodge and widened her legs so her knees wouldn’t hit her thighs. The hand with the toy was driven between Wendy’s legs and the soap made it easier to slip inside. Wendy tried hard to push her away but her gymnastic body would not budge no matter how much strength she used.

By then, Lilian’s face was right in front of hers and a long passionate kiss slowly drained all the resistance from Wendy. The softness and scent from her perfume was making Wendy weak, it was certainly much more sensual than kissing any guys.

Wendy: ‘Have you done it before?’

Lilian: ‘No. This is just for you.’

The kiss continued into a tongue fight and the vibrator entered her pussy without difficulty. Her wet camisole had exposed her erected nipples and Wendy felt her peaks hardened too. Lilian had one hand holding onto the edges of the tub for support, while the other was thrusting into Wendy with splashes.

Lilian (whispering): ‘Take over the toy.’

Wendy listened and replaced her hand over the base, forcing it in at an angle she loved. Her nipples were given some attention with twists and squeezes, turning her face even redder from the hot water bath. She could not believe that it was Lilian’s first time doing it to a girl, given the skills and momentum. Although she was enjoying the intimacy, there was still a little guilt doing it with a girl.

Wendy (whispering): ‘Why are you so good for a first timer?’

Lilian (whispering): ‘Because I am a girl, and I know exactly where it feels good.’

Of course, that totally made sense. Wendy’s mind was fully opened to her advances and let her drive her to orgasms, admitting with her body that it felt great. Once she had cummed twice, Lilian pushed her butt up and she supported herself, sitting at the width of the tub. She could not expect what was about to come.

Lilian remained sitting in the tub and proceeded to lick her pussy, making long but soft strokes along her slit. The toy was still pumping into her pussy with her other hand, and the next orgasm didn’t took long to surface. Wendy’s body trembled at the intense wave of pleasure that shot through her body. It was the combination of clit tease and vaginal stimulation that had made her climax so wildly. The whole girl-on-girl action was moving into an addiction for her.

After Wendy got too weak for anymore orgasms, she slipped back into the tub and Lilian glided along her butt to the other end, where the toy switched pussy and she started masturbating herself. The moans she gave off was turning Wendy on again, and it was only right she returned the favour too. She sat between Lilian’s legs that were hanging outside the tub, and pulled the toy away. A slight disappointment on her face was less needed when Wendy’s fingers pushed themselves into her pussy.

For the first time in her life, Wendy felt the insides of another vagina, and it was important to spot the difference. She took her time to stroke every area, forcing her hand so deep that Lilian found it hard to maintain her composure.

Lilian: ‘Just put your whole hand inside.’

Wendy: ‘Are you sure?! It’s going to hurt.’

Lilian: ‘I don’t think it is going to be that painful compared to giving birth.’

That was true. No matter how painful the entry, whatever happened inside would ease the pain. Wendy took a moment to soap her whole hand before gently sinking it below the water surface. Five fingers penetrated Lilian’s tight hole and her legs were desperately keeping itself opened for her. Inches by inches, her hand disappeared into her and Wendy could make out some parts of her vagina.

There was even enough space for ‘fisting’! Wasting no time, Wendy spent the next minute massaging Lilian’s clit so the pain would vanish, and began thrusting her fist. The screams that Lilian made was muffled with a small towel hanging beside the tub and Wendy’s hand was going through a hard time too. The pressure that enclosed around her during each orgasm was hurting, but in a soothing manner.

The splashes created was huge, and the girls were enjoying themselves to the fullest. Lilian’s hand around Wendy’s wrist was all that they needed to know that fisting was in fact more pleasurable. Only that Wendy wasn’t ready for it yet. Five minutes into the new position, Lilian grew tired fast and had to ask her to stop, before her pussy really tore from the vigorous masturbation. They both knew that it would be impossible to do it to themselves.

Lilian: ‘I don’t think my pussy can take it anymore. The size of your hand is good, panting.. too good that I might get addicted to.’

Wendy: ‘I felt you climaxing many times.’

Lilian: ‘Yeah. And it felt totally different from just fingering or sex.’

After Lilian had her rest, they bathed each other and had another few rounds of fingering and toy play, before leaving the bathroom in the sexiest nighties Wendy had. The rest of the girls were surprised at their close friendship and skipped the questions about what happened. The rest of the night was spent gossiping and having more actions under the bedsheets where Lilian and Wendy slept under.

A girl-girl relationship could be hard to understand at first. But the kind of fun they could have was special. Dicks would just be viewed as a living dildo, and having a male joining them meant less work, since the guy would be the one busy all the time. As ironic as the word ‘understanding’ could be, it was partially right to say the same sex would know each other best.

Cousin’s Intrusion

Ben took his usual shower in the afternoon despite hearing visitors in his house. His mum had invited her sister and daughters over for lunch but he paid no attention to them, determined to get his cool shower before he left for work. Halfway into the shower, he heard the door in his room open and closed, before some noises came about. He was just soaping himself midway. The sliding door suddenly glided quietly, and a girl in her twenties stepped right in without checking. The curtains had shielded his nude body in the bathtub and the moment she pulled it away, a scream almost gave him away. He cupped his soapy hands over her mouth and stepped out of the tub, holding her against the wall.

Ben: ‘Shh.. It’s just an accident. If you scream, they might think I tried to rape you or something.’

What he said made sense and she spit the foam that got into her mouth, onto the floor. It was her mistake that she did not check, barging into him in such embarrassing state. Although she had turned around to rinse her face, his body was negotiating to advance on his cousin. They had known each other for some time, but met only on gatherings and funerals. Her young body had caused an erection with those dirty thoughts, and she wasn’t that shy after all.

As soon as the towel wrapped her body, he pulled it off and turned her around, bringing her into the bathtub. Samantha almost screamed but his hand had silenced her again. A push sent her leaning against the wall and he made her sit in the tub. The overhead shower was still splashing water, and it had got her too wet to just run away. By then, he had made himself comfortable between her legs that stuck out of the ceramic tub.

Seamlessly, his fingers went to soap her pussy up and went into her before she was even horny. One of his hand rested on her chest to hold her down, and the other went to work, thrusting his fingers deep into her. Luckily, the running water had been splashing into her mouth, keeping her quiet while he satisfied his fingers. Most of the soap had been washed away after ten minutes, and the water in the tub got clearer.

He stopped teasing her pussy and grabbed her hands, getting her to stand before bending her back over.

Samantha: ‘Ben, please don’t.’

Ben: ‘Shh.. Don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy it.’

The dominance he displayed had indeed aroused her, explaining her effort to keep as quiet as possible. She wanted him to continue with his mistake, and especially loved how his cock twitched even though she wasn’t touching him. Her back leaned forward and he nudged her knees to kneel in the tub. Her butt was in the water that had filled to the brim, and his dick went underwater too. He got into position and tried to get his dick in, to no avail. She was too tight for him and he wasn’t too experienced in finding the entrance.

Her legs parted and Samantha reached for his warm dick, placing the tip at her pussy before she sat backwards instinctively. That was how much she wanted his cock. The instant he felt her vagina wrap around his dick, he couldn’t stop pumping, splashing water out of the tub.

Ben went insane with the thrill of doing his sweet looking cousin, and the new underwater sensation. She was so wet that her pussy went into overdrive from the fast, deep thrusts. Her first orgasm came when her butt slipped lower, making him adjust his hips to thrust upwards. The new direction had pushed her sensitive pussy over the edge and ended up with a draining climax.

Her weakness worried Ben and he stopped too, helping her out of the shower and into the bedroom, where she lay breathless. Her shaved pussy had never looked so yummy on his white bedsheets.

Samantha: ‘Ben, finish what you started. But you will have to do the work. I’m too tired.’

Do the work?! Why not! He jumped onto the bed and lifted her knees to her shoulders. His dick needed no guide this time, as it sank all the way in one stroke. A soft moan scare the shit out of him but thankfully, the TV outside was louder. Her surprised pussy clenched tightly around his dick as it slurped quickly in and out, sending her body into a series of shocks. The pleasure ringing in her head had numbed everything else, not even the incestuous act bothered her.

In less than five minutes of the furious sex, he was reaching his own climax. Now, for the moment of truth. He rammed with every bit of strength into her, until his load shot into Samantha, who went even crazier when she felt it. The cum had turned her into a little sex slave, wrapping her legs around his hips and pulling him towards herself. Ben was begging to stop as his dick went into hypersensitive mode, blasting waves of tickles across his body.

He fell on top of her and rolled to his sides, while she sat up to push the thick cum back into her pussy. After a while, she had went back to the shower to get dressed. Giving him the pair of panties she wore, he went back into bed while she left the room, to the voice of his mother apologising for her sleeping son.

A new secret has came about, and it would be the proudest thing to hide from the world.

Happy Ending.

Kate’s university exams were finally over and getting a part time job was her first goal to earn her own allowance. Having depended on her family for the course of three years, she knew she had to make a living herself from that point onwards. The only advertisements that she were attracted to were the high paying ones, claiming to provide up to 10k a month. Being an escort was a little too risky for her, although the pay was good. It took a few days of search before she found one that was slightly less sleazy, but she had to be in body contact.

She had taken massage training out of fun during her uni days, as she wanted to learn more about acupuncture and to improve her own health, especially during her exams. Now that everything is over, she decided to go for that and headed down to the shop house for an interview. Dressed in a simple spaghetti top and hot shorts, her strapless bra was creating an eye catching cleavage. The moment she walked in, the receptionist directed her to the second storey for a quick interview with the manager.

The manager looked no more than 30 with the tailored clothes she wore. She introduced herself as Amy and gave Kate a glance up and down in an agreeing nod.

Amy: ‘Your age?’

Kate: ’23.’

Amy: ‘Have you done anything like this before?’

Kate: ‘Nope. Do you need to see the certificate that I got from my massage class?’

Amy: ‘No need. Just show me your IC. You do understand that sometimes, the demands of the client might exceed the boundaries of normal massage right? No matter how decent our company appears to them. Are you prepared for that?’

Kate: ‘To what extend?’

Amy: ‘Well, that is where I have to conduct this fact find with you. So I can match the client’s needs to your comfort level. Are you a virgin?’

The conversation lasted for at least five minutes to find out more about Kate so Amy could narrow down the list of possible clients to suit her. It would only be right to do those checks instead of suffering negative feedbacks or worse, putting the girl in harm if she failed to meet their expectations.

Amy then looked at her computer screen for a while, before giving her an address. It was one of an executive suite at a condo and it would be her first client. She gave a second around of long brief to Kate and handed her a simple device with a red button.

Amy: ‘We will have someone send you to the place, and wait nearby for you. If you hit that panic button, the escort will immediately head up to the client’s place and pull you out of there. We are very particular about crossing limits, it is our principle.’

Kate took the device after thanking her and followed a man who came into the room after she spoke into the intercom. Throughout the journey, countless thoughts had crossed her mind and the man kept talking to her, assuring her safety and the company’s professionalism. Somehow, the whole trip felt shorter and she was soon at the doorstep of her first client. The escort had sent her up there and left after giving her two pills, a potent painkiller and a morning after, in case the worst happened.

Kate took a moment to compose herself, and pressed hard on the bell once. A man with a towel around his waist opened the door after a few seconds, immediately reaching his hand out and give hers a firm shake. He did not look as bad or desperate as she had expected of customers who would ask for such services.

Man: ‘Hi. I am Jackson. Wow! Look at you. 大姐 is really taking advantage of me. Always giving me new birds that look so good but always lack something.’

Kate: ‘Don’t worry Sir, I will not make you regret this.’

He gave her a smile and led her into his bathroom, which was truly a room size, with bathtub, toilet, standing shower, urinal and a bed with waterproofed cushions in the middle. He laid face down on the bed and asked her to do what she needed to without any specific instructions.

Kate: ‘Do you want me to remove my.. ‘

Jackson (turning his head to her): ‘Hmm.. for you, with that body of yours.. just remove what you are comfortable with.’

She was thankful for that graciousness and removed her spaghetti top and shorts, leaving her in the strapless black bra and a matching black laced panties. She did not take up anymore time making adjustments, after she tied her hair and started on the massage. With her body size and weight, it was tough on her to apply the pressure he wanted. So, he gave her a tip, that was to sit on him, and use her body weight. Seeing that it was a harmless suggestion, she did just that and her soft butt wriggled on his butt as she worked, turning him on for the first time with just a back massage.

She turned him over and continued down his body, but did not sit on top since it would be a little awkward. His dick did rise when she touched his inner thighs, but he knew what not to ask or do to those respectful girls who were just out to make a living. After about twenty minutes later, she was out of ideas and the massage was only a quarter way done.

Kate: ‘Jackson, sorry for this but I am quite new in this. So I am still learning.’

Jackson: ‘It’s okay lah. Can you wash me up with soap?’

That request was very new to her but it was one way to make up for her lack of skills. She removed her bra and panties, and then rinsed his body before starting to lather him up. Halfway through the thorough washing, Jackson gestured her for the remote control for the wall mounted TV and clicked on a Japanese video that showed a girl giving the royal bath treatment.

Jackson: ‘Can you do that for me? Just follow the TV. You can skip the sex part though.’

Her legs went over his arm and rubbed her pussy on it, going back and forth for both arms. Following the video closely, she was as turned on as the female in it and it was the part of the ‘treatment’ where she mounted on the guy for the sex part. Kate was a little lost when it started but she wanted to make sure she did as much as she could for her first client. It was a battle in her mind not to think for too long, and to convince herself to do what was happening on screen.

After stroking his dick for a while more with extra soap, she climbed on top of him and slipped his dick inside her pussy. Jackson had least expected any first timer to do that and was filled with admiration. The wetness of her pussy had confirmed his suspicion of her horniness and he gulped in the pleasant surprise entry.

Jackson: ‘I am your first customer right?’

Kate looked into his eyes and said nothing, but moved her hips along his groin, riding him in a gentle motion. He was very happy that this first timer was not too shy and even gave him what he had never hoped for. She had also found it pleasing when she saw how much he was enjoying her service.

As she fucked him in the most sensual position, she was also treated to some explosive orgasms from his dick that was considered big for her experience with guys. He was filling her pussy up with that long and thick warm meat. It had a mix of sexy and fun with the slipperiness and foam, while they basked in the pleasure that was filling up the room. Gradually, her moans went uncontrollably loud, drowning out the TV completely.

Kate: ‘Jackson, I see that you’re struggling. Are you cumming soon?’

Jackson: ‘Yeah. In a while.’

She gave a cute constipated look and his body just drew a large breath of air after her pussy made a downward stroke. She was squeezing her pussy to a point he was about to blow if she had not relaxed. Squeezing and relaxing herself, he could feel the blood being directed away from his dick so he could last longer. In his mind, she had earned the highest rating for a first timer and the tip he was going to give her was about to burst his budget.

Jackson: ‘Kate.. Kate. You can stop now. I’m about to cum.’

She nodded happily and got off him, taking the shower head from the wall to give his dick a quick wash. He was a little dumbfounded at the change of plan, and was almost afraid she was going to leave him in that situation.

Jackson: ‘Umm. Kate.. are you going to.. ‘

Kate reached her finger to his lips and hushed him. After she gave his dick a few strokes to wake him, he caught the sight of her her mouth going over his little head and knew that an awesome blowjob would finish the job. Her mouth was not that skilful compared to the penetrative sex, but she knew how to suck, with long strokes going up and down his shaft. It took him about five minutes before he held her head, while his hips jerked his cum into her mouth.

She remained in that position until he was completely dried, confirmed by her with a light vacuum in her mouth as she lifted her head away. A weird expression appeared on her face with some tongue action and she swallowed the load down in front of Jackson. Wow, he mouthed the exclamation.

Kate rinsed the soap off his body and then herself, before her phone went off in her bag at the living room. She wrapped herself quickly with a towel and made a dash for it, in case her escort thought something had gone wrong.

Man (on phone): ‘Kate, time is up.’

Kate (on phone): ‘Almost done. Ten minutes.’

She returned to the bathroom for her lingerie but everything was cleared from the room already. She waited outside the room opposite for Jackson to come out and in one hand, he was holding onto her black coloured set, and in the other was another set of pink Victoria’s Secret.

Jackson: ‘I want you to have this. For yourself. Please don’t wear it for your outcalls. It’s kind of expensive.’

Kate could never expect that and thanked him profusely before putting on the new set, that fitted her so well without giving her breasts that overwhelming squeeze. It was indeed in a class of its own. She spent the next few minutes in a hurry to put her clothes back on and applied a light red lipstick.

After she was done, Jackson sent her to the door with his wallet and called out to her after she wore her shoes. He opened his wallet and while counting the amount for her, she abruptly interrupted with a strong tug of his towel, beofre squatting down to give his semi-erected dick a full length outwards suck. She then left a kiss at the tip with an imprint of her lips on it, whispering ‘goodbye little one‘ to it.

Seeing what she did, he added another piece of blue note to the wad of cash. The lift dinged right that instant and she gave his balls a naughty squeeze before she grabbed the money and made her way.

Reporting back to the centre, her manager took forty percent of the initial price and gave her the rest of the day off. It was a standard procedure for the shop to let newbies think and consider if they liked what they had to do, which 70% of the girls never came back to work. But not Kate. She had plans in mind to improve her appearance, raising her class so that guys would desire for her in a less lustful way, making her part time job a little easier.

It was never easy to step into this job, but she knew she had to do it right. Now, numbers anyone?

Fun in the Showers

It was normal for baby and I to meet up on Saturdays, at my place. Only my grandma would be in, and occasionally my brother, after his RT in Tekong. But the showers are in my room, so it wouldn’t affect as well. It was one of those Saturday dates that we’ve decided to shower together for the first time, and I tell you, stripping each other was more fun than showering.

First her top over her head, then my top. Step two to reach around her back, while giving a whiff of her hair and unhooking her black coloured bra at the same time. Her hands then go around my waist, with her thumbs at the sides of my pants to pull it down for me. Well, it was a tighter shorts, but she did managed to get it off. And finally, her FBTs and panties together, dropping onto the floor after I slid it pass her knees. I guess that was the sexiest thing I’ve seen for the day.

We hopped into the showers and watered ourselves for a good long time. Who doesn’t like hot water running over their bodies on a cold morning? Especially on a day just for you and your love. It was about time to soap up when I started to worry about the water bills. You can say I’m childish, but I still love Johnsons and Johnsons baby bath. It was the scent that help me relive my childhood.

Soaping was fun. We were teasing each other, and everything that can be done on bed can be done in the showers too. I would be pinching her nipples, making her moan while she would take revenge, jerking me fast and hard. Never too much soap for us. As I’ve been fingering her to the heavens earlier on the bed, this was where she decided to help me release my army load. That moment we kissed, she pulled me to the wall, and took my dick in her hand.

Our height was quite similar, 163 and 160, not too much difficulty for any position. She placed my dick between her thighs and it was quite an out-of-the-world feeling to be in contact with a vagina this way. Not inside, but outside, right outside it and penetration wasn’t necessary. I took the chance to slide it along her slit, poking at her sensitive clit and she was responding nicely with her short and shallow quick breathes and tight clenched on my arms.

Baby then placed her feet together and formed a Y shape with her thighs and pussy. I pushed my dick into the meeting point of Y and she tip-toed in pleasure.

Baby: ‘Sensitive…’

I knew I hit the spot. The sensation between her thighs was awesome, it wasn’t too tight like sex, and it triggered both our soft spots. I began moving my dick in and out, and it felt quite similar to sex. Baby was moaning and hugging me tightly as I thrust on, kissing and pecking her from time to time. There wasn’t any accident, like unintentionally slipping into her. Cause her legs were tightly together, in fact, tighter as I went faster to reduce the sensitivity. I’m not sure if it worked though.

As I was about to near my climax, it felt too good to end. But I didn’t want us to spend anymore time in the showers. We’ve got a lot of cuddling to do. I pulled it out halfway, right about where my head touched her slit and spray the warm thick juice into that little space.

There wasn’t any water running over us, so she could feel the contrasting temperature as it flowed down her legs.

Baby: ‘It’s very warm.’

We washed up and cuddled on my bed for the rest of the day.What a lazy couple. Sometimes, a day of cuddles and kisses is better than a moment of climax.

I know this isn’t really sexy or fun to some of you out there. But I also know some had similar experiences, and I hope this could provide some knowledge about what couples can do, especially when one or both are virgins. If you want to have sex, make sure it’s someone worth giving it to. Try it, bound to love it.

This act of sex is also known as ‘intercrural sex’. Something like ‘sex’ between the thighs. Non-penetrative sex.