Bathtub Fun

Wendy was in the bathtub lathering herself when the door knocked violently, shocking her to a silence. One of her female friends who stayed over needed the toilet and she entered after Wendy told her it was unlocked. The intense odour of alcohol swarmed the room after Lilian flipped opened the toilet cover and went on to puke her guts out. There was little Wendy could do except to ask about her condition, only to get replies of being alright but drunk.

After Lilian relieved the nausea, she sat over the bowl and peed loudly, while looking about the bathroom. It was her first time inside since the BBQ started, and she spotted a thin, long shiny cylinder at the edge of the tub.

Lilian: ‘Are you masturbating?’

Wendy: ‘No.. Showering.’

Lilian: ‘Haha. Did you forget about the toy?’

Wendy: ‘Oh shit. Yeah. Don’t tell the girls k? It’s so awkward.’

Lilian: ‘Nah. I have something similar too. But I usually do it on bed.’

A flushing sound came and the shower curtains were suddenly pulled to the side. Lilian was bottom naked and had a reddish complexion. Clearly, her drunken state was in control of her. She stepped into the tub without warning and Wendy retracted her legs for her.

Wendy: ‘What are you doing?’

Lilian: ‘Getting a shower too?’

Wendy: ‘C’mon. You are drunk. I’ll let you wash up when I am done. Just wait at the toilet first can?’

Lilian: ‘No.. Let’s bath together.’

She leaned over to Wendy after the toy was brought into the waters. Wendy had no space to dodge and widened her legs so her knees wouldn’t hit her thighs. The hand with the toy was driven between Wendy’s legs and the soap made it easier to slip inside. Wendy tried hard to push her away but her gymnastic body would not budge no matter how much strength she used.

By then, Lilian’s face was right in front of hers and a long passionate kiss slowly drained all the resistance from Wendy. The softness and scent from her perfume was making Wendy weak, it was certainly much more sensual than kissing any guys.

Wendy: ‘Have you done it before?’

Lilian: ‘No. This is just for you.’

The kiss continued into a tongue fight and the vibrator entered her pussy without difficulty. Her wet camisole had exposed her erected nipples and Wendy felt her peaks hardened too. Lilian had one hand holding onto the edges of the tub for support, while the other was thrusting into Wendy with splashes.

Lilian (whispering): ‘Take over the toy.’

Wendy listened and replaced her hand over the base, forcing it in at an angle she loved. Her nipples were given some attention with twists and squeezes, turning her face even redder from the hot water bath. She could not believe that it was Lilian’s first time doing it to a girl, given the skills and momentum. Although she was enjoying the intimacy, there was still a little guilt doing it with a girl.

Wendy (whispering): ‘Why are you so good for a first timer?’

Lilian (whispering): ‘Because I am a girl, and I know exactly where it feels good.’

Of course, that totally made sense. Wendy’s mind was fully opened to her advances and let her drive her to orgasms, admitting with her body that it felt great. Once she had cummed twice, Lilian pushed her butt up and she supported herself, sitting at the width of the tub. She could not expect what was about to come.

Lilian remained sitting in the tub and proceeded to lick her pussy, making long but soft strokes along her slit. The toy was still pumping into her pussy with her other hand, and the next orgasm didn’t took long to surface. Wendy’s body trembled at the intense wave of pleasure that shot through her body. It was the combination of clit tease and vaginal stimulation that had made her climax so wildly. The whole girl-on-girl action was moving into an addiction for her.

After Wendy got too weak for anymore orgasms, she slipped back into the tub and Lilian glided along her butt to the other end, where the toy switched pussy and she started masturbating herself. The moans she gave off was turning Wendy on again, and it was only right she returned the favour too. She sat between Lilian’s legs that were hanging outside the tub, and pulled the toy away. A slight disappointment on her face was less needed when Wendy’s fingers pushed themselves into her pussy.

For the first time in her life, Wendy felt the insides of another vagina, and it was important to spot the difference. She took her time to stroke every area, forcing her hand so deep that Lilian found it hard to maintain her composure.

Lilian: ‘Just put your whole hand inside.’

Wendy: ‘Are you sure?! It’s going to hurt.’

Lilian: ‘I don’t think it is going to be that painful compared to giving birth.’

That was true. No matter how painful the entry, whatever happened inside would ease the pain. Wendy took a moment to soap her whole hand before gently sinking it below the water surface. Five fingers penetrated Lilian’s tight hole and her legs were desperately keeping itself opened for her. Inches by inches, her hand disappeared into her and Wendy could make out some parts of her vagina.

There was even enough space for ‘fisting’! Wasting no time, Wendy spent the next minute massaging Lilian’s clit so the pain would vanish, and began thrusting her fist. The screams that Lilian made was muffled with a small towel hanging beside the tub and Wendy’s hand was going through a hard time too. The pressure that enclosed around her during each orgasm was hurting, but in a soothing manner.

The splashes created was huge, and the girls were enjoying themselves to the fullest. Lilian’s hand around Wendy’s wrist was all that they needed to know that fisting was in fact more pleasurable. Only that Wendy wasn’t ready for it yet. Five minutes into the new position, Lilian grew tired fast and had to ask her to stop, before her pussy really tore from the vigorous masturbation. They both knew that it would be impossible to do it to themselves.

Lilian: ‘I don’t think my pussy can take it anymore. The size of your hand is good, panting.. too good that I might get addicted to.’

Wendy: ‘I felt you climaxing many times.’

Lilian: ‘Yeah. And it felt totally different from just fingering or sex.’

After Lilian had her rest, they bathed each other and had another few rounds of fingering and toy play, before leaving the bathroom in the sexiest nighties Wendy had. The rest of the girls were surprised at their close friendship and skipped the questions about what happened. The rest of the night was spent gossiping and having more actions under the bedsheets where Lilian and Wendy slept under.

A girl-girl relationship could be hard to understand at first. But the kind of fun they could have was special. Dicks would just be viewed as a living dildo, and having a male joining them meant less work, since the guy would be the one busy all the time. As ironic as the word ‘understanding’ could be, it was partially right to say the same sex would know each other best.

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