High Score

As the school bell rang after the last lesson of the day, Ricky went up to his biology teacher, Mrs. Koh, with an envelope. She had a stack of worksheets in her hands and the letter was dropped on top of it, while he asked her to look at it when she was free. Mrs. Koh did not think much of the gesture and made her way towards the staff room after giving him a smile, guessing that it was a personal note to thank her or perhaps to ask her some personal questions.

For two years, the 28-year-old teacher took Ricky’s class for biology, and was an ideal person for anyone to confide in. She basically acted as a counsellor to any students, highly respected for her dedication to getting good grades. On the other hand, Ricky was a quiet boy who did average for most of his subjects, particularly excelling in art and non-memory subjects. He had been one of the problem-free student she never had to worry about.

Back in the staff room, she freed her hands and tided her desk a little before getting into the chair, prepared to go through one of the most difficult paper she ever created for them. On top of the stack was the envelope, so she had to take a look at it first. Gliding the penknife across the flap, a word filled piece of paper showed itself. Holding it in her hand, she felt a harder piece of paper, similar to a photograph. Skipping the wordy sheet, the photo was pulled out behind it and she tucked it back instantly, shocked at what she just saw.

The quick glimpse was enough to scare her wits out, for it was a nude picture of herself, taken with her ex-boyfriend whose face wasn’t shown. The details regarding when and where the photo was shot resurfaced in her mind, and everything in her life suddenly became irrelevant.

Mrs. Koh is also known as Desiree.

Colleague: ‘Desiree, joining us for lunch?’
Desiree: ‘I have something on later. Won’t be joining you guys. So sorry.’
Colleague: ‘Alright then. See you tomorrow.’

The piece of paper with the words turned important and she frantically unfolded it. Upon reading just the top part, she understood what was happening. Ricky had stumbled upon her intimate photos on a picture sharing site, much like sggirls.com, and had reported all of the photos with her face a minute into the publication. All of her photos were removed within 15 minutes, but not before he made a download of everything related to her. Now, here came the time to ‘repay’ him for his quick-witted actions, or risk undoing what he did for her.

Mrs. Koh’s Christian name, Desiree, was shown clearly in the photo, tattooed across her heart. It could not be a worse mistake she made she was younger. Very quickly, she sent a text to the number written on the note, belonging to Ricky. And a few messages later, a ‘date’ was set up to start with the repayment for his act.

Worriedly, she walked towards the void deck a few minutes drive away, to see Ricky sitting at the table with books and foolscap laid on it. He waved at her and began packing his bag, ready to head for another place that was more private. It was only 2pm when they met, and there was no place she could imagine that was free of people. Even flats had people constantly walking about, doing daily chores and grocery shopping.

The walk to another block was in silence, until they reached the top most level of the flat, where a single unit was on the floor. The door was locked in chains and Ricky knew that particular unit was unoccupied, because it belonged to his family but remained unoccupied. Desiree did not know about that, and did not ask either.

Ricky: ‘Mrs. Koh, shall we start?’
Desiree: ‘Start with what? And don’t call be by that name.’
Ricky: ‘Okay then. Desiree, stand against this wall.’

With a height of 1.7m, he was slightly taller than his teacher and it made things a whole lot easier when he pulled himself close to her by her waist, brushing her hair aside and started making out with her. Desiree had no choice but to let him take advantage as he had indeed saved her. Things could be worse if more people had her photos and asked for the same thing. Instead, serving one would be better than more.

She kept her eyes tightly shut as she felt his hands moving up her skirt, tucking it underneath as he made his way to her panties. The smooth area of her panties between her crouch was made possible thanks to her ex-boyfriend, who paid for the IPL hair removal, making the hairless state permanent. Ricky couldn’t be more excited to feel up his teacher’s pussy, displaying such beauty to his touch. Her navy blue blouse was untucked from her skirt and unbuttoned, giving a feast to the seemingly innocent boy’s hand. The white lace layered strapless bra was tugged to her waist and her nipples were attacked by his mouth, hungrily licking and sucking on the sensitive tips.

Her body could not resist the energetic young man’s advances, making her moan softly with a totally different voice from her classes. For once, Ricky seen her soft side and his erection grew in response to the gentle shiver of her body. While her breasts received all his attention, his hands had pulled her pink cotton panties with sheer hemlines down to her knees, where it fell to her ankles and got kicked away.

Seeing how prepared she was, her bra was unclasped and flung to a side too, giving him full access to her body.

Ricky: ‘Desiree, how did you maintain your sexy body? I can’t get enough of it.’
Desiree: ‘I do it daily with my husband.’
Ricky: ‘Meaning that you will be even slimmer since you will be doing it often with me too?’
Desiree: ‘I don’t know.. ‘

Her innocent look turned Ricky on to the max and he took a step back to undo his long pants, whipping his dick out after his underwear reached his trousers at his feet. He brought her silky smooth hand to his hard on and she stroked it lightly, unsure of how sensitive he was or how he liked it to be done. His fingers returned to her pussy and he only used a little effort to slide his middle finger between her pussy lips, moving on to rub her swollen clit at high-speed.

Needless to say, Desiree was moaning louder and her breathing got faster. She had been fighting hard not to crumble to her knees. The urge to devour that piece of youthful rod was too strong even for her strong character. His fingers slowly dived lower between her legs and the first inch entered her body, driving her insane with temptation.

Giving in to his demands, she finally rested her chin on his shoulders, whispering into his ears and asking if he wanted a blowjob. There was no way he could say no, especially to this sweet looking body with a glimmering light pink lipstick on. A kiss to her ears was the answer.

They changed position to let him lean against the wall, and his trousers was removed completely. She squatted with her legs opened between his, and she brought the dick lower so she could admire it. Keeping her eyes on his expression, her mouth went to work, starting with a kiss on his tip. Keeping her lips pressed, she pulled his waist closer to her and the long piece of meat disappeared into her mouth. It did not stop until her mouth was near to his groin, and her head started moving up and down his shaft.

The well-trained tongue tracked along the veins on his penis, lubricating it while her head thrust at it mercilessly. Looking closely at her diligent student, he was high in the heavens with his eyes rolling behind his closed lids, and the roaming hands on her head showed her how much he wanted to fuck her mouth, but he controlled himself not to. Giving the young boy a satisfying blowjob was all she wanted, and he gladly received it without taking advantage – or rather, further advantage.

After five minutes of non-stop sucking, Ricky sobered up as his cock almost unloaded. She guessed that he knew and paused at the base, giving him a tight suck as train exited the tunnel. She stood up and his fingers returning to her pussy detected a trail of juices flowing down her legs. His teacher obviously needed more.

Ricky: ‘Desiree, can you stand at the railings?’

She went over and kept still, while he pulled at her waist to make her take two steps away from the railing. His feet nudged at her heels and she parted her legs shoulder width apart, bending her body to place her chest over the handrail. Never before she had so much privacy while in public, and it was getting so thrilling for her that she wanted him inside.

A few seconds later, her pussy got what she wished for and the tip entered her opening. With her eyes closed, she could feel his penis prying her tight hole apart and stroking along her vagina walls as it sunk deeper. In no time, he was fully parked in her slot and he was grunting without movements.

Desiree: ‘Is something wrong?’
Ricky: ‘It’s my first time.’
Desiree: ‘Really! Take your time then. I’m yours for now.’

It was amazing to feel his size inside her, it was almost the same thickness as her husband, but only longer. That extra length made all the difference and she wanted him to fuck her slowly, so the fun would last longer. Finally, after a minute of wait, she felt his hands on her thin waist and the hot rod began pumping.

Slurping in and out of her pussy, she could not help the erratic contractions of her body. Doing the same ‘squeeze’ felt extra good, but her mind was finding it harder to maintain the same pressure as he picked up his speed. Shoving his dick faster at her, his grip got tighter and her mind was drifting into a trance. He was moving at his fastest when she suddenly lost control of her orgasms and peed through the metal rails into the flight of stairs in front of her.

Seeing how crazy she got, Ricky fucked her with all his might, determined to get her addicted. Her pussy was wrapped so closely to his shaft, but her juices made things more slippery for him. Of course, for a first timer, he knew he might not last long. Less than five minutes into the intercourse, he felt the urge coming and went berserk after he realised no amount of relaxation or ‘Zen’ could delay his ejaculation.

Ricky: ‘Desiree, I think I am going to cum.’
Desiree: ‘Shoot inside me.’
Ricky: ‘But you will get pregnant.’
Desiree: ‘Don’t worry. I won’t.’

Since she had said so, he held nothing back as he grabbed her shoulders, driving his dick even deeper. The long strokes he did made her climax another time before the sudden pause in his hips. Desiree could feel her next orgasm coming and stood a little straighter, hands going onto his waist and holding it still. She started grinding her butt on his thighs where his dick was in a standstill mode, unsure whether to cum or not. Making that grinding action slowly built up her climax again and her vagina contracted desperately around his shaft, ready for the last lap.

As he needed a little more help to shoot, he began ramming his dick into her again and felt his muscles tightened, body going into overdrive. The warm cum fired into her pussy and the first shot hit her G-spot, sending her into a tremble while his rod continued unloading into her. The milking motion of her vagina kept squeezing him for more while she grabbed onto the handrail tighter, keeping her body stable while her body tried to overtake the pleasurable twin climax.

They stood in that position for at least two minutes, until she recovered and his balls were emptied. Very slowly, she stood back up and he pulled his dick out of her. Ricky went back to his bag against the wall and she followed, only to turn him around before he bent down for his belongings. Her knees touched the ground and her mouth went over his rod, giving him a few long suck before licking the skin around his shaft, cleaning him up. She had a taste of his cum and it was as familiar as her husband’s, sweet with a little bitterness.

Ricky: ‘You like it?’
Desiree: ‘Don’t want you to waste tissue.’

She went to her side and wore her bra back, adjusting her clothes before holding up her wet panties to him. She pulled opened his pockets and tucked it in, before turning away shyly to touch up her hair.

Ricky: ‘Thanks Mrs. Koh.’
Desiree: ‘Remember to call me by the right name in school. I can trust you right?’
Ricky: ‘Of course, I didn’t do all these to harm you.’

After the big clean up, she dropped him off at a nearby bus stop before returning home to her husband. The sex at night between the married couple had a little change, with more energy and a different sexual appreciation for her own body. Through the session, the physical impression of Ricky’s dick in her pussy made everything wilder, and her husband was more than happy to be on the receiving end.

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