Bikini Bottom

A message from Jess’ form teacher came through her phone as her last lesson ended, requesting to see her in the air-conditioned music room next to the hall. She went to the room after school and saw that Mr. Lee was marking papers, while his phone buzzed away by the stack.

Jess: ‘Mr. Lee, you wanted to see me?’

Mr. Lee: ‘Yes. Have a seat. I want to talk about your attire that you are in today.’

Jess: ‘What’s wrong with it?’

She had almost reached into her bag for the pack of cigarettes in the tense situation, but quickly switched to taking her phone out.

Mr. Lee: ‘Ms. Tay had told me about your bright coloured bra you wore today. She saw you a few times, and male students were looking at your chest. Don’t you think it’s inappropriate?’

Jess: ‘Mr. Lee, I am going to the beach with my classmates after school. That’s why I wore the bikini top under my shirt.’

Mr. Lee: ‘But you can change into it after you go home or something.’

Jess: ‘I don’t think it’s a big deal to wear it under the uniform.’

Mr. Lee had little idea about how to rebut his rebellious student. Jess was one of those whom had been on the watch list for misconduct along with many other rules that the school had, one of them being her outfit that consisted of short skirt and worn out white blouse.

Jess: ‘Mr. Lee, am I the only one who is marked? Cause Elizabeth and Janice also wore such bra before.’

Mr. Lee: ‘They are also on the list, you don’t have to worry about them. This is not the first time I have warned you, and I think the only way is to talk to your parents.’

Jess: ‘Huh. Can you don’t make a fuss out of this? What do you want me to do?’

Mr. Lee: ‘I don’t know how many more chances I can give. Even if I can, the other teachers will keep catching you too. Tell me, what will you do so such things won’t happen again?’

She sat quietly beside her physics teacher, filled with guilt about what she had put him through. Ever since she was in his form class, he had stood on his students’ side, assuring the discipline committee and teachers that they needed time, and so the class got leniency from his affirmation. Perhaps, she had done it so frequently that he was demanded to take actions against her.

The chair she was on did not have any hand rest or slide out tables, making it easy for her to see what he was doing. Also, the position they were in was away from the door, making it harder for people to look into the narrow glass panel. Gathering her courage, she walked for the door and twisted the lock, getting down on her knees in front of Mr. Lee’s feet.

Jess: ‘This is what I can do. Sorry for the trouble all these while.’

Mr. Lee was shocked at her position and quickly got up on his feet. Never would he want to be caught in such a situation that would jeopardise his livelihood. The thin sixteen years old girl began unbuttoning her blouse and the brightly coloured pink-white bikini bra revealed themselves to him. Seeing that he had jumped away from the chair, she hung onto his pants and dragged herself to his direction. While he was in front of her empty chair, she gave him a shove and sent him seated, almost knocking the chair over.

Mr. Lee: ‘Jess. Stop it. I won’t let you do that.’

She grabbed onto his belt and forced him down on his butt, ready to make her counter offer.

Jess: ‘If you don’t accept this, I will run out of the room and scream rape.’

Mr. Lee: ‘Jess, stop your nonsense.’

Jess: ‘You try running?’

He saw how disadvantaged he was in and remained on the chair, while her long fingers undid his pants. Once his underwear was halfway down his thighs, Jess got up and pulled him by his 4 inch unerected dick to the air sofa that was in the corner, slightly dusty. Mr. Lee was made to sit on it while she went on her knees again.

Her mouth needed no instructions as she lowered her head with her mouth opened, letting saliva drip onto his tip before she went down on him. Her small lips pressed tightly around his width and his dick sank into her mouth, sending his head backwards onto the headrest with a groan.

Mr. Lee: ‘I can give you an A for this.’

Jess: Mmm~

Her sweet mouth continued up and down his shaft, making him shiver whenever she tickled his tip with her tongue. It was interesting to her seeing how a grown man could fall so easily with just a blowjob, much less about what was about to come. She kept sucking him until his dick grew to a size she had difficulty containing it in her mouth, plus the amount pre-cum was making her swallow every few seconds. Mr. Lee by then was in a trance and possibly so horny that he might just rape her.

Jess stopped after another few minutes, ending the overwhelming oral sex Mr. Lee had ever received.

Mr. Lee: ‘Okay. I think that is enough. I know what to do now.’

Jess: ‘But I am not done.’

Mr. Lee: ‘What’s next?’

She removed her white shoes and stepped onto the sofa, before raising her skirt up to show him the matching bottoms she wore. It was the same pink-white stripped design, only that it was a tiny triangle that shielded her privates.

Mr. Lee: ‘You wear that to the beach?’

Jess: ‘No.. rolling her eyes I have a wrap skirt over it.’

Mr. Lee: ‘You just scared me.’

Jess: ‘You like what you saw?’

Mr. Lee nodded and she knew what to do next. She squatted over his lap and pushed the thongs to the side, before spreading her pussy lips apart for his entry. Slowly, her body descended down the 8 inched rod and the discomfort was showing on her face.

Mr. Leee: ‘Jess.. stop stop.’

Jess: ‘Why?’

Mr. Lee: ‘Let me help you.’

He stood up and placed her in doggie on the inflatable sofa, knees resting at the edge of the sofa while her body leaned onto the backrest. He went behind her and gave her pussy a lick, before using his tongue to slurp all the juices that was coating it. He couldn’t believe how wet she was even before he laid a finger on her.

Mr. Lee: ‘How did you get so wet without me touching you?’

Jess (shyly): ‘When I saw how big you were.. ‘

His tongue made it impossible for her to complete her sentence, and her back arched up and down with every lap he did. The attempts to poke into her love hole made her wetter and the desire for him to go inside became desperate.

Jess: ‘Mr. Lee, can you put it in now?’

Mr. Lee: ‘Good girl. At least you know how to ask.’

He angled his dick downwards for her tight cunt and gently pushed the tip in, stretching her opening to its limit. Too bad he could not see her eyes turning white from the sensational penetration, because her mind was barely holding it together with his size thrusting slowly inside her. The strokes he made was those long but gentle ones, stimulating the full length of her vagina as it stretched around him.

Jess (whispering): ‘Mr. Lee.. you are so big.. I can’t take it anymore.’

Mr. Lee (whispering): ‘I am just getting started.’

The moment he increased his speed, Jess went into her first orgasm and her body shook uncontrollably, contracting her pussy to a point Mr. Lee had to stop moving. It was definitely the tightest hole he visited. Once she recovered, he resumed pounding her, but from then on, there was no stopping even when she climaxed. The result was a chain of orgasms that resonated through her body for the whole duration of his rampage.

Her mind was begging for him to stop, yet her pussy was so hyped from the stimulation he was giving her. She had no idea what to expect when he came. The action lasted as long as she could remember, but she could never get enough of his dick. The long, powerful thrusts drove her insane and she kept moaning for him to go deeper and faster, until one time she asked him to stop, for her pussy was getting too sore.

Mr. Lee: ‘Have you had lunch?’

Jess: ‘Not yet. Why?’

Mr. Lee: ‘Cause it’s coming.’

Did he meant to finish it in her mouth? Or inside her where she could feel full the same? Anyway, that’s for him to decide later. For now, he was panting as he went all out pumping her, splashing juices all over his shirt and pants.

After what seemed like a long time, he finally slowed down and her pussy began to feel the intense heat building up. He pulled out of her after the last orgasm brought her into a fit, with her pussy squirting into the air once she laid on her back against the couch.

Jess: ‘Mr. Lee. I am so sorry for dirtying your clothes.’

Mr. Lee: ‘Dirty? I have never thought that anything from you was dirty. Come.’

His twitching dick was in front of her and his knees were by her hips, on the same sofa. She grabbed his rod and started jerking it, mouth sucking at the tip. He continued to make little thrusts at her face and used her lips for a shallow mouth fuck.

Mr. Lee: ‘I want you to swallow. Okay?’

Jess: Mmm~

One of Jess’ hands were stroking his erection, and the other fondled his balls. In less than two minutes, his hands went to her head and held her still, forcing his dick a little deeper into her mouth. It was still too shallow for her to choke, but the load of cum that coated her throat made it necessary for her to swallow as he cummed.

Two mouthful, three mouthful.. it took her five gulps to empty her mouth, and the last swallow came after he pushed her lower jaw upwards to use her lips to squeeze out any leftovers. Once his rifle was emptied, he wore his pants back sloppily and knelt before her again, giving her a soothing cunnilingus to relieve the ache between her legs.

His tongue worked tirelessly at the juvenile pussy, flicking her clit so quick that she climaxed intensely. By the time they were done, there was not much interest for her to go to the beach anymore. They rested on the couch while getting their clothes tidied, and the satisfying sex-in-school came to an end.

Jess: ‘Mr. Lee, I am not going to the beach anymore.’

Mr. Lee: ‘Why?’

Jess: ‘Too tired. But can I go to your place instead?’

Mr. Lee: ‘Hmm.. you don’t want to rest at home?’

Jess: ‘I can rest at your place.’

Mr. Lee: ‘But we won’t be resting much too. If you know what I mean.’

Jess: ‘I don’t mind.’

Mr. Lee left the room with the stack of papers he was supposed to mark and picked Jess up a distance away from school, before making their way to his place in his sedan, where his focus was put to the test with a masturbating school girl next to him.

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