Different Tips

Man: ‘Hey there. Just want to let you know you did a great job serving food. Totally made our day.’

Jacob: ‘No problem man. Hope you enjoyed the food.’

Man: ‘We really did. Mind if I ask you for your number? We just moved into Singapore and thought it would be great for someone like you to show us around.’

Jacob felt a little list as it was the first time a customer had asked him to leave his contact. Not that it went against any company’s policy, since there wasn’t such an extensive contract for a simple part time job. He gave his number behind the receipt for them and the Caucasian couple left the table stacked with plates.

The lady with that appreciative gentle looked like his wife from every angle, holding hands, occasional kisses, he was glad he made a new friend. Although he was attracted to the slim figure of his wife, Jacob did a good job hiding his glances. Furthermore, she got a spaghetti top that was layered around her neckline, giving him a spectacular downblouse view when he handed them his number.

The next few days past quietly, with messages coming in from Damien, the guy who asked for him. Jacob was asked to bring them around the Marina Bay Sands after their work. He was thrilled about being a tour guide and such, most importantly to have a chance for a rest.

The three of them spent the day walking and eating in the bustling town area, until nightfall came and drained their tired feet to weakness. An unexpected invitation to spend the night with Damien and his wife truly confused Jacob. Did they get so close to such extend? He made a few calls back home and affirmed them that he could spend the night out.

In the posh Fullerton Hotel, a twin room was allocated to them with a queen size bed and a single bed. Perhaps the Caucasian couple really wanted him to get a rest while learning more about Singapore. The couple went for a shower first and he waited while on his phone, playing some pointless games. As the shower went silent, Susan, walked out in a towel around her body, boobs spilling out with the nipples just an inch away from exposing themselves. The burly man followed behind and asked Jacob to go for a quick rinse.

He washed himself clean and left the bathroom, only to see Susan on the queen sized bed, top naked. Her lower half was covered under the bedsheets, but Jacob did not mention anything. He quietly went to his bed fully clothed, until she invited him to her bed.

Susan: ‘Jacob, Damien made me promise that I would make you happy. So I have a promise to keep.’

Jacob: ‘Where is he?’

Susan: ‘He went to get something from the front desk.’

Seeing that it was the husband that initiated this, a gleeful expression changed his mood for the night. His pants was removed promptly and she helped with getting those clothes out of the way. Just before they got started, Damien entered the room and saw Jacob lying on the bed, resting comfortably on the pillow.

Damien: ‘Jacob, just enjoy yourself tonight yeah? My wife is good.’

Jacob responded with a nod and closed his eyes, feeling the trained hands running down his body, revealing his erection under the blanket to her. Before he could react, her mouth was over his dick and sucking him diligently. It was probably easy for her to execute the deep throat move since Asians weren’t that ‘big’. Part of him was glad for that, but another part wished he was bigger. Susan worked on his rod by going all the way down, forming a suction before she pulled out with her tongue gliding along the underside of his penis. It was unbelievable that he had managed to give this ‘exotic’ treatment a try.

After she was done prepping his dick, Susan took a break and toyed with his twitching dick, playing it with her hands. She had such a beautiful figure comparable to porn stars, and it was definitely his lucky day. A few minutes of rest later, she climbed over his groin and kept her knees on the bed, sitting down over his manhood until it was fully embedded. A gasp from Jacob made her excited, asking for an explanation for the sudden breath.

Jacob: ‘You’re very tight.’

Susan: ‘Glad you like it.’

Pushing on his chest, she began riding him and moaning sensually, going a little too loud for his liking. Was she really feeling good? Or just a gesture to make him feel good? She saw the confusion in his face and whispered into his ears, ‘Damien and I haven’t done it since a month ago, that’s why you feel so big in me’.

So, that’s why. He remained relaxed as she continued bouncing on top, until she orgasmed with a gentle leak of juices down his balls. That shivering girl on his body, never seemed so sexy until now. She slid herself off his legs and resumed the blowjob over his dripping wet dick, while her butt stuck out of the bed in doggie.

At that instance, Damien, whom had been sitting on Jacob’s single bed facing away from them, got up and went behind her. He gave Jacob a wink and rammed his cock into her, forcing her to go down deep on the rod in her mouth to hide the moans. Damien continued to pump at her hard and fast, while her mouth was guided by the momentum to keep going.

Damien: ‘She’s hardworking yeah? Go ahead and use your hands to guide her.’

Hearing that, his hands went into her hair and pushed her deeper, going balls deep. There was no choking from her, just ferocity once she heard that command. The next five minutes went truly wild with the two men abusing her holes, until Damien waved to Jacob for a break.

Thinking that he had enough of sharing, Jacob pulled his hands away while Damien exited her pussy. He flipped her over to her back and signalled Jacob over to his side. Swapping positions, Damien sunk his dick into her mouth in 69 and laid on her pelvic area, spreading her butt open. That tight anus exposed itself to Jacob, whose dick was still as hard as before.

Damien: ‘Ever done anal?’

Jacob: ‘Nope.’

Damien: ‘Then put it in here. She’s wet enough.’

He angled himself lower before pushing the tip in, feeling how her butt hole relaxed itself. The inward stroke gave Susan a jerking surprise but her face was well buried in Damien’s groin.

Damien: ‘Yeah. Fuck her man.’

Jacob began thrusting into her tight anus and groaned uncontrollable as the erratic contraction teased his dick. Damien straightened his arms to move his face out of the vigorous hips of Jacob, and continued fucking his wife’s mouth in missionary. The duo made her groaned uncontrollably, keeping her full mouth busy. With the overwhelming tightness, Jacob could not last much longer and he told Damien about it.

Jacob: ‘I can’t take her anymore. She’s too much.’

Damien: ‘Let’s change positions. You can unload in her mouth.’

Jacob: ‘Are you sure?’

Damien: ‘Yeah. She’ll be fine.’

They changed roles and Jacob took her mouth, sinking his dick as deep as he could. Within three minutes, his hips stopped moving with the rod all the way down her throat, before he let off a loud groan and unleashing his seeds into her. Susan sucked on his tip for some time, while swallowing non-stop. Jacob was finally worn out with the hot wife and Damien was about to finish in her pussy. About five minutes later, Susan moaned in ecstasy as she felt her husband’s cum filling her up, warming her womb.

He too, pulled out and rested on her side, helping her massage her clit. With the threesome coming to an end, Jacob was asked to sleep with his wife while Damien went out for more night activities. At about three in the morning, Damien returned with a teenage girl and started fucking in the single bed while Jacob and his wife were asleep.

Jacob was once again surprised when he was invited to do the girl after Damien was done. Needless to say, he helped himself to the drunk girl and fucked both their minds out. The sleep resumed after two rounds, and morning came shortly with silence in the room.

In Jacob’s arms was the sweet looking stranger Damien picked up, and his phone in his hand. He stealthily did a quick scan through the photo and video apps, rewarded with nude pictures of the girl in compromising positions. He left the bed and packed the room a little, stumbling on an envelope with a message that thanked him for the day and another invite to their place some time in the future, along with the slip of paper was a stack of money, close to a thousand dollars.

No matter how Jacob thought about Damien and his wife, he considered himself very luckily to have met him. Since that sleeping girl was the greatest gift he ever received. After that night, the girl had a special relationship with the three of them, although partly bounded by a blackmail agreement.

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