Shit Happens

Adam and Alicia was invited to a birthday party of a childhood friend whom had recently moved to another house. For ten years, they had gone to the same primary and secondary school, before their neighbour entered a poly too far from home.

At the party, bottles of booze were available and almost everyone was drunk. There were beers and hard liquor, sure to guarantee no one would go home sober. After all, three rooms in the deluxe suite were prepared to accommodate all the attendees. Once the usual card games turned boring, the little cliques got together and started playing crazier games, going for strip poker and simple gambling games to get people naked. Although there were a few who remained clothed, majority were semi-nude. There was no such thing as indecency in a room full of guys and girls in their twenties and thirties.

Alicia who was in another group got a dare to sit on another person’s lap butt naked, and since she drank way too much for her size, everything appeared fuzzy to her. In the end, her own brother was selected. Adam’s pants were off but he had his underwear on. The sexy lower half naked girl jumped onto his thighs and playfully grind on him, making her group laughed with her spontaneous merry making.

It didn’t get until she got wet herself, turned on by the poking tip that was teasing her pussy. Heck, his underwear was wet with her honey before she knew it. In the other part of the room, an even noisier group had gone all naked and a few couples were already fucking – in full view of others. That scene made her felt all comfortable about losing herself that night and did not thought much about getting naked as well.

Her brother, Adam, was too drunk and did not realised it was his sister soiling his undies. All he could make out from his semi-conscious mode was a girl, stripping herself down before kneeling between his legs. The next thing he knew? She began sucking him off. The drowsy state got worse when the pleasure hit his nerves. She was going down deep at times, and giving strong sucks with tongue action at others. His mind was awake for the heavenly sensation, but nothing more than that. Seeing how the dick in her mouth got harder, it was time to please herself.

She removed his shirt and hopped onto the couch he was sitting and lowered herself over his dick. That blood related genital felt specially fitting and she started riding him once it was snugly inside. The bouncing went on and on with his extended stamina from the alcohol, and Alicia was moaning wildly like the other girls who were getting pounded.

They moved to the queen sized bed and fucked in doggie style with another two couples. The girls had totally lost it, making out with one another while their men took them from the rear. It was pure domination, one that Alicia did not mind at all. Not long after, the guys went for a swap to ‘test’ the girls of their good friends, going in a merry-go-round on the bed until they returned to their respective girls.

Adam finally could no longer take his sister’s shrinking pussy and came deep inside her, falling onto the bed and drifting to sleep almost immediately. Alicia could feel the warming creampie and was too drunk as well, falling into her brother’s arms and making out with him until she was knocked out. By then, most of the people had either gone home, changed room or shifted to the sofas and chairs to sleep. Some were still fucking in the war zone of ‘dead’ bodies lying around.

In the middle of the night, Alicia woke up to rough fingers rubbing her pussy, getting her so wet in the least effort. Still hungry for sex, she climbed on top of him and sat over his dick, giving her brother another cowgirl until his load fired into her body again. This time, they remained quiet like another couple where a guy was busy licking the birthday girl. Alicia had squirted onto his body but they were too exhausted to care. She just collapsed on him once she climaxed. Right there, their privates were still connected and cum flowed into her pussy in a calming effect. She really had enjoyed herself this party, and she hoped her brother felt the same – no matter if he had boned any girl.

The next morning, they woke up to a pleasant sensation of their genitals still connected. But upon looking at who they had been fucking last night, they got a shock of their lives. They both quickly got dressed and went to separate rooms, acting normal as a contingency plan and leaving for home once they had given notice to their friends.

Paper could never hold a flame for eternity. That night, a private group chat shared all the intimate photos, and their fateful mistake was exposed. Now, wasn’t everyone surprised when they saw pictures and videos of Adam fucking his sister? Who was moaning so crazily, as though she love being fucked by family? Thankfully, everyone knew how to keep their mouth shut and the shit was never known to anyone outside the group.

To date, the siblings still lived together, but had adopted another lifestyle – drinking. Cause what happened when they were drunk, felt better than doing it wide awake

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