Another Man’s Meat

Guess her age, and then a few words (in the comment section if possible) on what would you do to her. She would love to know. ;)

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No one is going below the 16 range right? Getting too dangerous no? She’s above SG’s legal age.

Okay guys. What about the part after guessing her age? Haha. that’s what the lady really wants to know.

i guess 20 yr old ..:)

well, will slowly finger her shaved pussy while sucking her breast,after that lay her down with butt facing doing her doggie while sm light spam on the butt.

hmm… i guess mid 30s…

put my right hand into her bra
my left hand on her critios
and we french?

19? Firstly, to remove the pressure caused by the cloth before giving a nudge near her pubes, and then proceed to discover what makes her real wet.

You can tell a girl’s age by looking at the hand and what shoes she’s wearing.. Well in this case :/
Well… What I wanna do? Let’s start with a slow sensual massage down her back, kissing her softly at the nape of her neck, touching places that she didn’t even know existed on her.. Tease her till she can’t take it anymore that she either takes over control or begs for release…

she looks prolly mid 20s?
would love to breathe down her neck and slowly go downwards without rushing. it’s always a pleasure to pleasure the girls first, before you receive it. :)

I would go with 20.
As for how would I continue I would be tied on a sofa with my hands behind me while she continue to tease me and slowly stripping off her bra. Once she is wet and I am hard enough she will come over and with her panties still on reverse cowgirl until I creampie her. Then we would just ger dressed for our date and continue at night ;)

Prolly ard 20?
I would slow the the pace, planting kiss in order from top to bottom, upon reach each strap, remove the two pieces of cloth that guards her modesty and then carry planting kiss till I open up that lovely oyster.
I would suck oh the pearl of heaven, and paint it until she would beg to have it pierced. And then commence the holy ritual of making love

Age: 24
What to do…hug her from behind, pull back that lovely hair and nibble those ears, then tilt her head back for a deep sloppy kiss.

Cup those oh so delectable breast screaming for attention and slowly stroke her at the same time till the sheets get all wet, or until she eats you up.

Happy Sunday!

Liquid Ecstasy

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