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This entry is written in the point of view of a friend, a 26 year old lady who is still in a relationship with a dominant guy. This recount of hers touched my heart deeply, giving me an insight of a girl in a tormenting love life.

Just like every Sunday, I went to his house to spend time with him, although I know it was mostly for the sex he wanted. That day, he sat in the living room when I entered his place, and went to his room to put my belonging down. Right there on his bed was a wireless bullet, with its batteries laid out. I did not have to ask or initiate any conversation with him. I knew he would throw a fit if I questioned the reasons we were together.

Just so you guys know, ever since we got intimate, I had never wore panties, while allowed to keep my bra on when I had to wear revealing clothes. From a girl who had mostly shorts, jeans, t-shirts (polo tee included), his spare wardrobe had my second storage. But instead of my favourite clothes, it was a collection of low-cut, short dresses, skimpy tank tops, brightly coloured and boldly designed bras. So, you guys can imagine what I was demanded to wear during the times we were out.

I picked a sleeveless nude coloured lace blouse that did not have any lining under it, and a light pink bra to go with it. The surprise came when I put the bra on and realised he had removed the padding in the cups. Now, my nipples were poking out of the thin material. A black flare skirt went up my hips and I sat on the bed, trembling as I pushed the toy up my pussy. I wasn’t turned on at first, but the months of conditioning my mind had went through, easily linked the toy to lust, wetting my oussy even before I finished dressing. The wireless toy went in smoothly and I touched up on my make up before I went out of the room.

As soon as he saw me ready, he picked his bunch of keys and went out of the house, skipping any conversations with me. He was those type of guys had will need to unload before he admits your existence. God I wonder why I was still with him. I sat my pantyless butt on the hot seat and he hopped in after a cigarette, polluting the air I was breathing. My perfume was totally useless in his presence. We went for a quick lunch at the market in Beach Road, where NS guys went to get their goods.

It was obvious that he was there to parade me, walking beside with his hands around my waist, kissing me when there were people around. Oh, the vibrator was also buzzing between my legs, getting louder from the worn out parts in it. I knew no one could hear it, but my helpless flushed face attracted even more attention, especially from the older men who kept staring at my bra and legs. It was a visual rape I went through.

Although he had instructed me to put the vibrator on every time we met, I had never told him that my body was long used to the toy and it had minimal effect, merely causing discomfort when I walked for long distances. I guess it would be best if he did not know.

After a pointless walk in the ‘shopping’ area, we went back to his car and I knew where we were heading. Two blocks away exist a carpark, where he found it to be ideal for a mid-day romp. Little cars would pass the corner, and the opposite was nothing but taller trees.

The car stopped after a reverse and he exited the car to my side, acting all gentleman with the door open act. I did not even need to leave his car. I changed my position to kneel on the prickling seat for him to raise my skirt. The bullet was removed while its still buzzing, and thrown into the rear seats. As he took a step back to undo his pants, I sat straight and pulled my bra off, leaving my nipples exposed behind the lace. That was how vulnerable he has made me.

I went outside the car as demanded at times, adjusting my skirt before going over to the bonnet. I bent my body over the radiating hood and let my fingertips support my weight. Again, my skirt was flipped to my back and I opened my legs for him. He had gotten used to pressing my back down, but how I wished to tell him I could spread wider to be lower. Well, not like he would listen. His dry tip went into my pussy and he made a few shallow thrusts, before jabbing the full length into me.

It had definitely hurt, but that was how he liked it, to see me squirming in pain. As soon as his hips started pumping, the pain faded and it felt all better with his rod stroking my pussy. Of course, sex was still good, and I loved it when he went so fast at me, sinking his cock deep inside. My body was considered to be sensitive, I could cum a few times in under five minutes. It was something I was proud to have.

When I finally came from his hard thrusts, he would keep himself still inside of me, waiting for the waves of contractions to go away. After which, the rampage resumed and he would go all out at me. Occasionally, cars do drive by, but none of them had stopped in the vicinity. My mind went wild when he grabbed my ass with all his might, pumping me so hard and deep at the same time. I could tell he wanted to cum.

I intentionally squeezed my pussy tighter, which I seldom does as it would drive me insane as well. I moaned uncontrollably when my pussy felt his every veins and muscles brushing along my vagina, teasing every spot until my body could no longer take it. Yes, we had always done it without protection, because I went on the pill for him. I could not deny that I wanted sex. Even if I did, my body wouldn’t agree either.

For the last three minutes, he had been going all out on me, forcing himself so deep I almost peed. There was no much time left for him, and I wanted it to end. I had enough for today. A few minutes later, he slowed down and the thick jets of cum coated along my tunnel, warming me up to a daze. You know, the feeling when hot water rinsed down your body on a cold day? It was as close as I could describe. That false impression of love, him being the ideal man, would cause you to fall deeper into this sweet torment.

He pulled out after he was satisfied and I headed back into the car before anyone walked in on us. I did the usual clean up for him and myself, with the huge packet of baby wipes he kept in his car. That look at his tensed expression when I wiped his sensitive tip was priceless, usually, giving him my first giggle of the day.

Frankly speaking, I had thoughts of leaving him already, supposed I should belong to someone more worthy of me. Those oral skills I have gone through to pick up, painless anal sex, would definitely be more fun with someone better.

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