For all long journeys I took, I always chose the upper decks of buses and occasionally sit at the back when single passengers took up both seats. I guess that’s alright as long as the bus wasn’t too crowded, even I do that myself. Sitting alone at the back, there wasn’t much to see and I could focus on writing down my recounts for the ride.

Just as I thought nothing interesting would happen, a girl in her late 20s, wearing a floral tube top that has a knot around her chest to hold the translucent piece of cloth around, walked past the empty rows in front and sat right next to me. It did felt a little weird as there were so many seats, ‘lucky day’ surely didn’t come so easy right? But I wouldn’t say no to a pretty girl beside me.

She placed her large handbag on the floor and took out her iPad mini, opening a video app. She might just prefer this seat that I took before her, and so I didn’t not bother much with her. Back to my phone, whatever happening on my screen would have to be ‘decent’. Slowly, my mind ignored her prescence once the music in my ear placed me back on track.

Seamlessly, her hand with slender long fingers moved from her lap to my thighs and giving it a squeeze. I had not paid much attention to her face but I had no intention of judging her in that manner. Dirty thoughts flashed through my mind as the bold lady continued to ‘molest’ me. The short denim skirt she wore did not help either, as it rose dangerously to her upper thighs.

Girl: ‘How old are you?’

Me: ‘In my 20s?’

Girl: ‘Like older ladies?’

Me: ‘I don’t know.’

Girl: ‘It’s okay. You can tell me later.’

Tucking the iPad mini back in her bag, both her hands went to my jeans to unbuckle the belt, and pulled the zip down. I had totally no idea how to react, much less helping her to strip myself. The gentleness of her hand running up and down my thigh soon got me hard under the briefs, and as you guys would do, I let her did what she wanted.

I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled it down to my butt, while she settled my underwear at around the same height. We swapped our places to give her more concealment, to reduce the chances of anyone spotting our little ‘action’. I gave her the window seat while I took the aisle.

She wasted no time in giving my dick a gentle massage, stroking it without any signs of hurry. The focus on her face was a little amusing, I could tell she was stopping herself from going wild. Once she had got me hard and throbbing, I told her to hold nothing back and she almost laughed before her head dived down. Her mouth went over my dick, skipping the foreplay and took it in large strides. From the tip, down to the base, where stubble tickled her lips, and then back up again.

Her blowjob was those that I could use ‘out of the world’ to describe. She knew how to work her way around dicks, and the suction coupled with tongue glides, made it tough not to ejaculate prematurely. There was no need to hold her head down with that hardworking nature, sucking tirelessly, as though she was feeding off it.

My hands on her back reached under her arm that was closer to my body, slipping into a thick bra she wore underneath. It had felt ‘leathery’. Since I was already inside her bra, I gave her fleshy breast a few squeezes, sure to use my whole hand to give her a thorough massage. That petite girl was trying so hard not to let any moans escape through her busy mouth. I loved how pointy her nipples got and couldn’t stop tuning them.

Only after a full five minutes of teasing that she stopped to rest. She slid lower down on her seat and placed one knee on the empty seat in front, before resting her other leg on my lap. I yanked her skirt higher and saw a matching leather panties. It had an open-crotch design and I could spot juices glimmering between her pussy lips.

Without further ado, my fingers dived between the soft, wet folds and attacked her clit. In response to my relentless rubbing, my dick was given a tight grab and fierce pumps. Oh my, I almost lost it when she went so fast. The only thing I could do was to rub her faster to weaken her, that’s when her head fell backwards onto the handgrip, and moaned so ever softly.

My finger made its way in and she immediately shifted her hand over mine, pushing another finger in. So, two fingers were thrusting in and out of her, causing her juices to drip down the edge of the chair onto the ground. My dick had enough rest by then, but getting this stranger to climax was so much more meaningful. My tired hand did not stop until I felt her pussy contract to a point I couldn’t move my fingers.

Girl: ‘Just move your fingers, don’t need to go in and out.’

I did as she asked, watching her face closely. It was an agonising expression with an impending doom heading her way. Oh shit! her mouth said those words before she closed her legs together. I placed my arm at her knee and kept her legs apart, where she went into a fit and convulsed like a possessed being. The amount of cum that flowed out of her was unstoppable, it just kept flowing. Her skirt had a patch, but that was less of my concern. She was still shaing from the orgasm.

I had to pull my hand out before my fingers were crushed, and held her in my arms until she recovered. Her bright eyes stared at me and my bulge, which had returned to its tiny size from the scare.

Girl: ‘Sorry about that.’

Me: ‘It’s alright. As long as you’re fine.’

Her skirt and clothes were adjusted back to their position, leaving no evidence of our fun. I think she felt bad that I managed to make her cum first even though she initiated everything. When she had unzipped my jeans again, I did not stop her. My dick was wrestled out of its nest, and her mouth went over it again. This time, a hard suck and slippery tongue worked their magic behind the tightly sealed lips.

All I did was to lie back and relax, feeling my manhood get the royal treatment. The pace she chose was quite ideal, giving me a pleasant surprise when I felt the end coming. So she knew how to quicken the process, definitely not as simple as I thought. Her head kept bouncing on my groin until I was about to cum, and it was going to be a big one.

I whispered into her ears and she relaxed her lips, forcing her mouth so deep I could sense the contractions in her throat. That light stimulation at my tip had pushed me over the edge and my rod just started flushing its tube. Her skilled tongue identified the symptoms and retracted away, leavingmy shaft in her mouth. The circular motion around my little head kept the pulses going, squeezing every bit of cum out, while she continued sucking me dry. Oh what a way to die.

After I stopped with those jerky movements, her mouth left and her tongue did a quick clean up. I tucked my dick in and quickly wore my pants properly. It was such a special feeling that we felt, and I was sad that I might not get her number.

After I alighted and waved goodbye to her, my dick was already missing those lips. *buzz buzz* Yet another message from those few friends I have. But when I looked at the unknown number, I was filled with hope.

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