Cousin’s Intrusion

Ben took his usual shower in the afternoon despite hearing visitors in his house. His mum had invited her sister and daughters over for lunch but he paid no attention to them, determined to get his cool shower before he left for work. Halfway into the shower, he heard the door in his room open and closed, before some noises came about. He was just soaping himself midway. The sliding door suddenly glided quietly, and a girl in her twenties stepped right in without checking. The curtains had shielded his nude body in the bathtub and the moment she pulled it away, a scream almost gave him away. He cupped his soapy hands over her mouth and stepped out of the tub, holding her against the wall.

Ben: ‘Shh.. It’s just an accident. If you scream, they might think I tried to rape you or something.’

What he said made sense and she spit the foam that got into her mouth, onto the floor. It was her mistake that she did not check, barging into him in such embarrassing state. Although she had turned around to rinse her face, his body was negotiating to advance on his cousin. They had known each other for some time, but met only on gatherings and funerals. Her young body had caused an erection with those dirty thoughts, and she wasn’t that shy after all.

As soon as the towel wrapped her body, he pulled it off and turned her around, bringing her into the bathtub. Samantha almost screamed but his hand had silenced her again. A push sent her leaning against the wall and he made her sit in the tub. The overhead shower was still splashing water, and it had got her too wet to just run away. By then, he had made himself comfortable between her legs that stuck out of the ceramic tub.

Seamlessly, his fingers went to soap her pussy up and went into her before she was even horny. One of his hand rested on her chest to hold her down, and the other went to work, thrusting his fingers deep into her. Luckily, the running water had been splashing into her mouth, keeping her quiet while he satisfied his fingers. Most of the soap had been washed away after ten minutes, and the water in the tub got clearer.

He stopped teasing her pussy and grabbed her hands, getting her to stand before bending her back over.

Samantha: ‘Ben, please don’t.’

Ben: ‘Shh.. Don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy it.’

The dominance he displayed had indeed aroused her, explaining her effort to keep as quiet as possible. She wanted him to continue with his mistake, and especially loved how his cock twitched even though she wasn’t touching him. Her back leaned forward and he nudged her knees to kneel in the tub. Her butt was in the water that had filled to the brim, and his dick went underwater too. He got into position and tried to get his dick in, to no avail. She was too tight for him and he wasn’t too experienced in finding the entrance.

Her legs parted and Samantha reached for his warm dick, placing the tip at her pussy before she sat backwards instinctively. That was how much she wanted his cock. The instant he felt her vagina wrap around his dick, he couldn’t stop pumping, splashing water out of the tub.

Ben went insane with the thrill of doing his sweet looking cousin, and the new underwater sensation. She was so wet that her pussy went into overdrive from the fast, deep thrusts. Her first orgasm came when her butt slipped lower, making him adjust his hips to thrust upwards. The new direction had pushed her sensitive pussy over the edge and ended up with a draining climax.

Her weakness worried Ben and he stopped too, helping her out of the shower and into the bedroom, where she lay breathless. Her shaved pussy had never looked so yummy on his white bedsheets.

Samantha: ‘Ben, finish what you started. But you will have to do the work. I’m too tired.’

Do the work?! Why not! He jumped onto the bed and lifted her knees to her shoulders. His dick needed no guide this time, as it sank all the way in one stroke. A soft moan scare the shit out of him but thankfully, the TV outside was louder. Her surprised pussy clenched tightly around his dick as it slurped quickly in and out, sending her body into a series of shocks. The pleasure ringing in her head had numbed everything else, not even the incestuous act bothered her.

In less than five minutes of the furious sex, he was reaching his own climax. Now, for the moment of truth. He rammed with every bit of strength into her, until his load shot into Samantha, who went even crazier when she felt it. The cum had turned her into a little sex slave, wrapping her legs around his hips and pulling him towards herself. Ben was begging to stop as his dick went into hypersensitive mode, blasting waves of tickles across his body.

He fell on top of her and rolled to his sides, while she sat up to push the thick cum back into her pussy. After a while, she had went back to the shower to get dressed. Giving him the pair of panties she wore, he went back into bed while she left the room, to the voice of his mother apologising for her sleeping son.

A new secret has came about, and it would be the proudest thing to hide from the world.

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