Welcome Back

After baby and I got into the cab, we kissed for a bit before composing ourselves, remembering not to give the uncle a free show. Once she lay her tired head on my shoulders, her hand immediately slid under my shirt, bouncing my fat tummy which she loved to poke. Slowly, it went south and went into my briefs, squeezing the semi-erected dick. To say I didn’t want it would be wrong, since it...

Old Friends

Me: ‘Hey! You’re Ginny right? I’m Jasper, remember me? From OBS?’ She paused for a moment before giving a delighted glee on her face. It was then everything came back to her, that night during OBS when we had to share a tent. But that’s another story to come. Ginny: ‘Yeah! I remember you!. So pai seh lo that night. You wanna sit here? I’m having lunch...


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