Welcome Back

After baby and I got into the cab, we kissed for a bit before composing ourselves, remembering not to give the uncle a free show. Once she lay her tired head on my shoulders, her hand immediately slid under my shirt, bouncing my fat tummy which she loved to poke. Slowly, it went south and went into my briefs, squeezing the semi-erected dick. To say I didn’t want it would be wrong, since it had been close to a week without unloading, I had to save up for her right? Her fingers held me firmly and stroked up and down to full length.

Sitting directly behind the driver is a good thing, but he could still spot if a head went missing. Most people out there would not expect baby’s flexibility to be that good. As we were sitting very closely, I was in the middle while she was pushed too close to the door. Her back arched forward and sank her mouth over my rod, giving no thought to the gagging sound at the back of her mouth. My pants were those draw-string type, so it could open up wide. As her mouth worked my magic stick, my hand went over her back and dived under her dress, too short that she had to wear a pair of boyshorts under. Slipping my fingers inside, I found her clit soon enough and began the vibration of my fingertips on it, occasionally giving a pinch or flick to earn the hard suck on my member,

The ride to her place wasn’t far, in fact, we were about five ten minutes away before I had to cum. With her trembling body pumping another wave of orgasm, I held her head and mouthed ‘shoot’ to her. Resuming her blowjob, she went slower and granted my shaft more saliva, and went until my legs buckled while churning out loads after loads of protein-rich goodness into her mouth, between those full lips. My finger then went so quickly in and out of her that she momentarily went very weak and swallowed the mouthful of cum without resistance. The cab stopped at her block and she left with her luggage, while I make my way home, smiling wide to myself.

I really missed you baby.

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