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Note: This entry has nothing sexual about it. You can treat it as a rant. The entry below is what I feel about the local erotic literature scene in Singapore and the topic of sex as portrayed in my stories. This is an independent view and does NOT represent what other bloggers feel.

In Singapore, the genre of erotic stories exists very lively underground, blogs like undertable999, theinnocentslut, are visited so frequently and had to be done without spying eyes, probably due to the fact that there are photos included in their write ups. The moment you step into any major bookstores in Singapore, you would see top sellers, and almost every category are displayed neatly on shelves. What about erotic storybooks?

When I was in Australia for my training (during NS), the erotica section is not hidden away, and better still, given a fair share of shelf space although in a corner of any book stores of all scales. Why can’t I find a publisher? Why can’t I print articles for sale? One reason would be that the media is controlled by the government, which is not a bad thing at all. We need to be constantly reminded of the bad things that’s happening around the world and be thankful for all the good things we had.

As the push to encourage our citizens to have more babies gets fundings, coverage, basically all the good things. And local writers have access to funds, publisher rights, subsidy, are the local sex bloggers doing anything shameful? For example, we got no choice but to either buy the hard and soft copy of ’50 Shades of Grey’ online, or through other not-so-glamourous ways of getting the PDFs.

This is not about getting money out what of I write, neither it’s unfairness that I felt. According to my site statistics, my page is getting about 1.5k views this month on average and others out there are getting more, I only have myself to blame for the lack of photos. But it’s something I did not want to leverage on too heavily.

Reading is good. You get the details, and my use of (limited) vocabulary words would open you to a few more words you don’t come across in your daily life. Doing what I do best, I am attempting to change how people get off, instead of pictures and videos, to really show that your mind is powerful and creative enough. So much so that you would invent pickup lines, be aware of the social dangers of sex and it’s unlawful exploitations, try out a few more positions, explore private spaces in our modern urban scape.

If you have came (no pun intended) to my site, it’s not about understanding the pervert keyboard warrior, you’re here to let me help you out in your private ‘alone time’ and I am grateful for that. I would love a studio apartment I can write in peace, organise photoshoots and help you guys get a better picture of what my stories are telling.

But look at the stereotype that erotica has in our society, it’s shunned, it’s quiet, it’s unspoken. Readership is one thing, open mindedness is another. Who are we to deny the public of such a subtle erotic content? Basically, reading erotic stories in public is no different from watching porn on the train. Why do we even need a warning that such contents are not suitable for the young? Surely, someone who can understand my complex writing structure would have a base in English and comprehension level would protect those who should not be reading. Adults should even know better what they’re reading.

Is it better for them to explore sex physically first? Or to ‘accidentally’ stumble upon my site (a bit arrogant here I admit) and get an idea before crossing the line?

Do anything, don’t get caught.
Get caught act blur say sorry.
When all fails, prepare to go DB.

That was what my BMT Encik told me and it still applies. Just that DB would probably mean a holiday in a Changi chalet (prison). Casual sex, tempting, accessible. Underage sex, illegal, but still a fetish for many. Rape, always fantasised about, but illegal. BDSM, scary, but sounds fun. Any other kind of fantasies, a dark secret for many but not impossible.

Fashion has changed how people dressed, and it played a huge part in temptation. And more daring outfits are still being innovated everyday. Food itself is a pleasure, and we kiss with where we eat, just that we are ‘tasting’ without really eating. Lingerie (which should be under ‘Fashion’), had evolved, and the thrill of imaging what lies under is still a hobby for many. Then we have the emotional side. Pain, someone somehow discovered it would go well with pleasure, so there we have it. Something we hate, plus something we like, turns into something we lust.

Love is not lust, and vice versa. All of us are destined to live, fall in love, get married, have kids. But what about lust? Does it have a cycle? YOLO (You Only Live Once) ya know? Sex for me, falls under play. And since young, children had ben playing (not sexually of course). We know the fun of getting what we can’t and when we get it, indulge in it. Now, here comes the ‘climax’ of my entry.

Glad to say, the reward system in our society worked. When you do well in school, you get bursaries, monetary rewards. When you get an answer right, you get a chocolate, food rewards. As you grow, you get applauses, hugs, recognition, promotion, in short, emotional rewards. We are conditioned to look at the final outcome and work for it. Sure, sometimes the process is enjoyable, but most of the time, tiring and exhaustive. So, we invented ways to make the process more enjoyable, and on top of that, still retains the emotional satisfaction at the end. I shall skip the process of love making as you would notice the tiring part and the satisfaction part is actually how sex is.

Thus, the ‘forbidden fruit’ term is coined. Guys go after girls, guys seek to ‘eat’ outside, girls seek to escape possessive boyfriends through extreme means (flinging outside their relationships), teachers leverage on their power to grade in exchange for something. Suddenly someone very much older/ younger of the opposite sex seemed fun to chase.

It’s all for the rewards. A mental ‘getaway’ in exchange for a few nanoseconds (for guys) of pleasure. There’s never an outlet where you can get a reward equivalent of your hard work you put in. Except for sex. It’s worth it and we all know it.

So, let this genre of literature spread. Erotica is nothing to be shameful of, and those who could not (or yet to have) access (to) sex are most vulnerable. The fruit itself is sex. Curiosity might kill the cat, for those who are virgins reading my site could get tempted, but along with that, is the preparedness they have to be sure of.

Girls, don’t be in a hurry to lose your virginity. Guys, don’t be jerks and be in a hurry to get virgins deflowered. As forbidden as it is, and as fun as it might sound, there’s no turning back. A simple SMS to an underage ‘you want sex?’ and you can be jailed. I’ve known some very adventurous dudes who have partners willing to go on film, and I can safely say, their sex life is awesome. The level of trust, faithfulness (no matter how much or little), the lines that they draw to protect their personal lives, they are all accounted for.

It takes only one side to be responsible, and everyone is safe. No jail time, no fear, although there could be a tremendous amount of guilt which I trust they can handle or offload in their ways. My final word for everyone reading, don’t let one moment of pleasure ruin your future. Imagine you have to find someone to settle down all over again, imagine you found an awesome guy who made you wish you had saved your virginity for, imagine a life with no risk of STD and have a partner for sex anytime you want (married couples if you quite get it). I’m ignoring the ideal situation of ‘my partner should accept my past and blah blah blah’, that rarely happens and even if it does, there would be some thing you wished you could undo.


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Great article. It is strange that there are still Countries that will censor this type of material. That it is better to do the act than read an erotic story. Strange indeed.

Singapore actually is pretty lax about creative works, putting such genre of literature under ‘art’ and only enforce minimal control so long it does not intrude daily access to casual, beneficial articles online.

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