Next to You

What would u do to a girl, if she’s next to you, naked?

Slipping under blanket, baby’s bare body touched my back. Despite the cold rainy weather, the air conditioning still blasted at 20 degrees above our heads, making the bed the warmest spot with our two bodies on it. As I turned my body to face her, she made the same move and turned away from me. So I placed my hand on her waist and slowly went around to press her onto my chest, making sure she kept herself warm with my heat.

Having a higher-than-normal body temperature is helpful too, my hand was soon on her supple breast, rolling her nipples lightly between my fingers. It was such a turn on to feel her hips grinding and her back arching from the subtle pleasure. With her roaming hand on her butt, it was facing right at my little one, rising slowly to the occasion for a wild night.

Baby (whispering): ‘You’re making me wet.. ‘

Gently, her legs opened scissors style and was leaning onto me. With my fingers darting down south, it was her clit that was not yet moist. So, probing between her ‘flaps’, I rubbed for lubrication where it was needed most, for a teasingly subtle clit-massage. As my fingers stroke up and down, her breathing increased in speed and there were more juices flowing too. Finally, she had to push my finger in and in, it disappeared, feeling her entrance against the rough surface of my army-worn digits. It was the wriggling inside her that could stir her hormones up madly.

With the longest finger within, I couldn’t help but started a scrapping motion, against where her g-spot was. In mere minutes, her thighs tightened around me and held on as her body gave a little shiver, with more wetness flowing out of that little love hole. How could she lie naked in front of me and not be tempted to advance?

Pushing her ass out towards me, I lowered my boxers and slid the small head along the direction of her slit, going up and down, till her hands came to my waist and gave it a tug towards herself. Forcing the meat stick in, between her pussy was one of the best sensation I could ever describe. It wasn’t ‘virgin’ tight, but rather, soft, comfy fit. I could feel how her pussy was pry open by my love stick, accepted not because of the force, but rather how the love hole was designed, just enough to receive what her love gave – his body.

Gradually, my hips was bouncing against her bottom, trying my best to savour the slopping penetration that heightened my senses. I knew that the more slippery it get, the faster I will cum. Nonetheless, she was all ready to get all of my love into her. Gathering my last bit of energy for the night, my hand pushed her stomach towards me and the final deep thrust was all that was to trigger a continuous spurts of hot thick cum that poured freely into her womb. And as the waves die down, I had to bite my lips as I pulled the spent rod of sensitivity out, leaving a trail of white goo alone her tunnel.

Knowing baby was all exhausted from the sex that was the last straw for her busy day, she was already lying still while I watched how that bit of my sperms trickled down her pussy, onto the lips and along her thigh, till it was soaked by my sheets. At last, the grandfather clock in my house struck two and whatever couldn’t dry, dried as I hugged baby close to sleep.

Goodnight baby <3!

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